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Trump Drove Democrats and the Media Crazy With This One Tweet

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  1. tarheel61 says:

    Surely you didn’t expect the truth . ” You can’t handle the truth!”

  2. bj veteran says:

    I do not understand why they can’t just do upgrades, which are a lot cheaper than a new plane. Question in point is the BUFF(B-52) which has been in service since the fifties, with many upgrades, and is still a very good weapons platform. I’m just saying

  3. Liam Burns says:

    The more aircraft are used, the more fatigued the airframe gets. The aircraft compress and expand with every flight, after a couple of hundred or thousand sorties over a 20-30 period, the airframe just gets “tired”, and the chance for failure increases. Military aviation and civilian aviation are two very different animals, things are done every day with military aircraft that civilian airliners just don’t do. Air Force One, starts out with a civilian-type airframe, but quickly becomes 100% military. It resembles the civilian 747 in appearance only, underneath that skin is a flying fortress of weapons and defense measures, classified communications equipment and whatever else the Pentagon deems necessary.

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