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Trump Was Just The Victim Of A Disturbing Act Of Obama Sabotage

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  1. CaptTurbo says:

    The irresponsible media is the bane of freedom.

    1. ONTIME says:

      Watchdogs for freedom are in short supply these days…….

    2. maxx says:

      The irresponsible media is the propaganda arm of the dumocRat party.

      1. reggie says:

        and sorry zzz, wish he would die, soros and the new world order. This is a battle for our very existence as we know it. Going back at least as far as killery’s senior thesis on saul alinsky, our children have been repeatedly brain washed, and now we have a huge deprogramming issue on our hands. The snowflakes are doing exactly what they’ve been taught to do. No questions asked, no understanding, just obey.

        1. Joanne says:

          I so agree with you; you couldn’t have said it any better. It begins in the schools and that’s why they don’t want school choice. They want total control of what is taught even as the schools are failing and gross money is wasted and misused!

        2. Unfortunately, his son would succeed him and he’s just as much of a lard-aSSS commie as his father.

          1. reggie says:

            You mean that ugly little creature alexander? Strikes me as a (fill in the blank).

    3. nickRay says:

      Because the irresponsible media reported, accurately, that, among other things, Flynn lied outright to Pence about a national security issue and that The Donald grabs women’s pussies and brags about it, I suppose. There is nothing more irresponsible than the truth, is that right?

      1. franscott says:

        Let’s see now, nickRay, liberal mummy, and you want to talk accurately. OK, President Trump talked some gutter talk over a decade ago and you want to make more of it then what it is. YOU HAVE TALKED MUCH gutter talk as I have and so as everyone else on the earth. But no, liar Flynn did NOT lie to Pence about any national security issues. Flynn said he did not recall talking to Russia about “sanctions” that had been put on Russia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You poor little liberal Pussy but you really do need to stop lying.

  2. rtryon says:

    If I had been elected President, not knowing what professional politicians know I would have been willing to encourage a man I wanted to appoint to use his current connections to learn more to advise me after appointment. I would not have thought that I was asking someone to do a crime, to those who easily misread the intent of the law to civilians to avoid negotiating as representatives of the nation! Some folks want to take law out of context of reason and misuse it to even contend that the President was an accomplice.

    That being so, Pres.Trump can’t come to the defense without hurting himself! But,I can do it. I am just an 84 year old that can see the evil lurking and condemn it. Now Trump has to reappoint but have no contact to be used against him. The bad guys don’t care. Their job is to destroy President Trump!

    1. Infantboy says:

      If this crap the Demos keep bringing up continues we white people who support Trump should declare war on the liberals and commies and put them all in concentration camps where they can be tried and inprisoned or hung. I for one am sick of all this marching and crap from the lunies.

      1. rtryon says:

        Unfortunately, your response is just what the liberals, many of which are commies and don’t even know it, want you to say! It plays into their hand! How? It makes us appear to be more insane than they are for thinking so extremely before each has his/her long day in Court! Rarely do they fail to hide themselves from the truth. Worse, they teach the children that you want to hurt them too and try hard to get you to prove it so they can make you an example of hate instead of one fed up with bureaucratic-constipation!

      2. Fredrick Rehders says:

        Well then, fill your hand and make a stand! Flynn had to resign and in so doing, he put the ball in The President’s hands. Do not be surprised if President Trump rejects the resignation. Perhaps, a graduate of any military academy, is and should be held to the highest standard of honor and honesty, that exists. He is either an asset or a liability, to the president and none of us Great Unwashed Deploreables has the unvarnished information to make that call

    2. Btty says:

      Totally agree. Trump has got to get rid of anyone that has a connection to Obama or Killary that also has a connection to classified information! Dump them and replace with his own people who will be loyal. This crap has got to stop sooner than later. Someone has to put a sock in chuck Schumer’s mouth! Seeing what they did to Flynn wasn’t only a disgrace it’s a huge blow to this administration! He was just the sort of man we needed.

  3. marlene says:

    This absolutely proves, beyond any doubt, that Flynn IS the right man for the job. President Trump, TEAR UP THAT RESIGNATION! Do not let the Obamanables win.

      1. linda spliedt says:

        Please Mr. Trump…tear up Flynn’s resignation ! Don’t let the swamp win !!!

    1. nickRay says:

      what on earth are you talking about? According to both conway and spicer flynn was canned because he lied to Pence about his phone call with the russians. What does that have to do with Obama or clinton? (Hint. the correct answer is nothing.) Its kind of hilarious ,in a sad way to watch the pissante hacks who write this drivel for the rightwing blogosphere still going on about Clinton and Obama. They – and apparently many of you – will be surprised to learn that Obama is no longer president and that Hilary has been out of public service for going on 4 years now. All of Trump’s many wounds are self inflicted. Duh. I know y’all are not used to confronting uncomfortable facts, (that why the trumpettes invented “alternate” ones) and blogs like these are designed to ensure that that never happens. But still people. Have some self respect!

      1. marlene says:

        Hey, you disrespectful twit – you couldn’t be more wrong if you were a liberal. Do some more research on the FACTS this time, if it doesn’t stress your small mind! BTW – learn to read!

      2. CHUCKIE2 says:

        Quite funny how when an ostrich hides it’s head in the sand the ass takes the place of where the head once was! Stop will see more!

      3. Pat Robertson says:

        Flynne may have just replied to Russian Amd. ref. sanctions..”.everything on table.” End of discussion.
        Yes,…….technically he discussed sanctions but in no way promised anything from Trump administration
        His honorable resignation was just to allow Trump to get on with more pressing matters Flynn realized the media would not let go on attempts to undermine Trump administration
        As Trump said today.. the media treated Flynne disgracefully

        More important question to be answered is…Who is behind the leaks coming out of CIA and FBI?….These are top secret information available to around 5 people in these groups….
        My guess is an Obama lackey still in the administration…there to undermine and hold up Trump governing by leaking information that takes up the media attention and more importantly to discredit Trump

        These people need to be found…named publically then prosecuted as this is a Federal crime

        1. linda spliedt says:

          Amen !!! Right on !

        2. Charles thompson says:

          How many individuals would have access to phone transcripts? Couldn’t be too many, I would think. Trump needs to do a sting operation. A phone call with misinformation made at a time when known people have access. Then see who leaks the dummy info.

          1. Pat Robertson says:

            Trump tried that Charles. He held a meeting… did not even tell his long time assistant… and the meeting got leaked

            Someone has access to his phone calls … perhaps in .CIA… and leaking the info

            This is a deliberate attempt to undermine his Presidency… and since only 5 people in whole government ( all Obama holdovers since Dems. Holding up their replacements ) have the security clearance to do this… I think you’d have to start with them

            Since this a Fedreral crime… what ever it takes … find who it is and prosecute !!

        3. George says:

          Investigation underway. This ‘leak’ was also in violation of the Espionage Act. Heads will roll.

      4. jbjmskeels says:

        Are you one of soros paid rioters dickweed?

      5. Tom Cook says:

        Did you even read the article? It said that he committed NO CRIME. Learn to read.

        1. franscott says:

          Not sure who you are speaking about when you say there was no crime. Flynn committed NO crime but the leaker most certainly committed a crime.

        2. nickRay says:

          Of course I read the article. And whosaid Glynn committed a crime? This article is ridiculous. Obama had nothing to do with Flynn’s firing. He lied to Pence about doing something he shouldn’t and embarrassing the President, so he was fired. Who says so? Trump, Spicer and Conway. Why is this so hard to understand?

      6. mangins says:


      7. franscott says:

        Are you truly living in the real world………………Obama and Hillary are still doing their evil and being their usual corrupt selves. Both should have a noose around their necks.

        1. nickRay says:

          OK I get that you’re paranoid about “evil” Obama and Hillary, whatever that might mran, but what does that have to do with the fact that Conway, Spicer and Trump himself say Flynn was fired for lying to Pence??? Unless you’re saying Trump is an Obama=Hillary stooge. Is that what you’re saying?

          1. franscott says:

            OK nickray, I am not paranoid about anything, unlike you, I must say. Flynn did lie to Pence………………and that has nothing to do with the corrupt snakes called Hillary or Obama. Now you try to have a nice day!!!!!! And try not to cry yourself to sleep tonight.

          2. nickRay says:

            Evil? Nooses? Thank you for making my point about your paranoia fran. And I sleep like a log, secure in the knowledge that you are the best the wackobird right has got. there’s hope for the country yet!

          3. franscott says:

            Yeah! Look who is behaving like a fool.

          4. nickRay says:

            you have a mirror, right Fran?

          5. franscott says:

            Liar a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ole nickRay, Pussy liberal.

          6. nickRay says:

            poor Fran. Got a computer but not a clue. Projects her personal failings and inadequacies onto others so as not to admit them, then resorts to name calling because deep inside she knows thats the very best she can do. If you were a decent human being I’d feel some pity for Fran. As it it however…well…yanno…

          7. franscott says:

            Speaking about yourself, little tiny one, not me! YOU are WHO you are speaking about.

          8. franscott says:

            Old Pussy NickRay just lying and running his mouth. A liberal full of the devil but my God reins, he reins over the evil corrupt liberals who support Muslims and he reins over the evil corrupt Muslims. Poor nickRay is very over-matched both with me and certainly with my God. Now, little tiny Pussy thing, have a nice evening. such a small thing that you have and it shows when you respond. Yeah, I like the alpha-males like Obama, never liked the Pussy cry babies.

          9. gopache says:

            You have a mask, right?

          10. nickRay says:

            I do. It was cold out there. The difference here being I can -and do- take my mask off. Fran’s stuck the face of a hypocrite and a bigot. There’s no taking off who and what you are.

          11. franscott says:

            Oh, how I love to make fools of liberals just because it is so easy to do.

          12. nickRay says:

            thats the great advantage liberals have over bottom feeding reactionaries like you. They don’t have to make fools of you. You’re downright eager to do it yourselves, as you’ve demonstrated so convincingly on this thread.

          13. franscott says:

            The only fool talking here is yourself and you have already proven that one but now Pussy liberal man, try to have a nice evening.

          14. nickRay says:

            Pussy? You mean that part of a woman’s anatomy your hero brags about grabbing? Is that what you’re talking about? Are you some kind of freak who wants him to grab yours?

          15. franscott says:

            Ole nickRay, the Pussy of the century just wishing he could be like the alpha-male Donald Trump. Now try to have a nice evening!

          16. nickRay says:

            Donald Trump, alpha male? The man who blamed the generals after a raid he ordered went badly wrong? The man who mocked a disabled reporter on national TV? The man who inherited his pile from daddy and has lied about it ever since? The man who has to buy his wives because he can’t win a woman’s love? The man who took 5 draft deferments because he was too much of a coward to go to Vietnam? That Donald Trump? The man who has to degrade woman, sexualize children and tried (and failed) to intimidate an old woman out of her home so he could build a parking lot for is failed casino? the Donald Trump with the tiny tiny hands? That Donald Trump? Thats your definition of an alpha male??? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

          17. franscott says:

            Every word out of nickRay’s mouth is a lie about D. Trump. Trump did not BLAME any generals at all for anything. That is something Obama would do AFTER he fired them. DUH! What are you talking about fool? The was first set up by Obama, Trump carried it out and it was a great success as General Mattis said on national TV that it was. Trump got a loan from his Dad for a few thousand dollars and made himself rich. He DID NOT inherit a “PILE” from his Dad, Liar! Trump behaved toward the lying reporter as he does and did toward anyone he disagreed with, Liar. Trump has bought NONE of his wives so prove it liar. He did not intimidate any old woman, he paid her BIG bucks, again you are a liar. He has NEVER sexualized children, sorry ass liar and he DOES NOT degrade women. Yep, he is an alpha-male and you are a lying Pussy! And anyone who knows what is going on knows you are a liar. Now lie on Pussy, but try to have a nice evening.!!!!

          18. gopache says:

            No, the one who has no balls. You know… the one who hates America

          19. nickRay says:

            Say what you will about Tiny Hands Donald, he sure hates America. Even the Israelis noticed:

      8. franscott says:

        And Nickray, the liar cause every word out of his mouth is a lie about D. Trump. Too bad loser!

  4. OleDad48 says:

    Another molehill made into a mountain by an irresponsible press. NBC belatedly reports “there was nothing illegal done” — after the nation lost Flynn to the fight. Vigilance and non-stop support is required to help Trump wrestle the Alinsky Democrat monster to the ground.

    For 8 years the Alinsky press has made Obama’s mountains of illegalities and overreaches into molehills of disinterest. We may have already reached the tipping point, but Hillary’s defeat gives us one more chance to back away from the Marxist cliff. How hard are we willing to fight for the US Constitution?

    1. Jane12 says:

      I am willing to kill a libtard for it.

  5. kate777 says:

    If the Progressives, Leftist, Liberals got the government they want they would still be bickering and via for Power as they are malcontents by nature. It would do them good to have the type of government they want then perhaps they would be satisfied but they would not as they would be crying foul even then. We the People must stay on guard for those who would relish the Fall of the U.S., the Fall of our Republic U.S. Constitution as they Are Still Among us. They daily plot and daily smear whoever they can as they hate Freedoms, they Hate the U.S. as it is. For over 200 years this country has been unique as our form of government is the only one in existence. Socialism hit the U.S. in form of the Affordable Care Act in 2009/2010 and was passed Only by the Democrat Party as no Republican voted for the bill. Now we have an opportunity to turn that Socialist bill into ashes and I hope it goes soon. No sir, the fight to keep our country unique is not over.

    1. homegirl says:

      Oh Katie, it goes back all the way to 1937 with the passage of the Social Security Act, clearly a social welfare program, followed by unemployment insurance, Section 8 housing vouchers and food stamps. You have a big boulder to push up the mountain if you are going to purge the USA of “socialism.”
      Almost forgot public education which has been around for more than 120 years.

  6. ONTIME says:

    Flynn and the allegations against him might have been defensible but his inability to present this info to VP Pence truthfully was the lynch pin of the resignation…the President was left with no choice……This Flynn issue represents just how deep the land mine disruptors left by obama and his thugs go and the means they will use to undermine and overthrow this Trump administration….I would suggest a purge and use the left’s own tactics against them…Keeping this Representative Republic alive and well was never said to be a easy task….

  7. bub says:

    Problem is, with tweets alone, Trump can’t explain a complex situation like this to the masses. And with no unbiased media to go to, he has a problem. If he had a friendly outlet with a large audience, he should have gone to the people with the facts, and keep Flynn in. Flynn did not lie to Pence. He simply left out some comments he made with the Russian ‘ambassador’ that the sanction situation would be easier once Trump got in place. It turned out not so insignificant as he thought, and caused Pence to speak out incorrectly. Maybe Pence made a premature assumption. Maybe the subject didn’t come up with Pence before he spoke to thje media. Maybe it did, but it was done with very little importance placed on it, and Flynn didn’t bring it up.
    If Pence *did* bring it up with Flynn before his media talk, and was asking a question of Flynn about the subject, and Flynn did not tell him the whole thing, then Flynn didn’t do his job, and he got what he should have.
    Who knows but them??? It looks bad from any angle, and they *do* have to get their game on. They know the scheming liars that they are up against. Trump needs to very actively root out the leaks and the schemers from his workforce. I’d love to help, as I’m sure a lot here would, too.
    He and some conservative Billionaires need to start a new network, too, using both old OTA/Cable/Sat blended with latest new technologies, all rolled together. I’d love to help with that one, too.

  8. cathylovesyou says:

    The Flynn situation I agree is part the New (not so new) Obama Gang with O as the leader of this Alinsky followers as well as trainee’s. They are some 32000 strong already and growing rapid designed to take down the United States in other words continuing Obama’s plans of destruction of our country. Why did he stay in Washington ?? Right to run the Obama Gang.

    1. Milo Thompson says:

      I sense a IQ of around 102 am I right?

      1. cathylovesyou says:

        I don’t know you should know your own IQ. Remember studying doesn’t help an IQ,but don’t worry you’ll be OK

  9. Robert Pollard says:

    Trump messed up. He should go get him and re-hire him. That’ll piss Michael Moore off really bad. Who said by the way, they’re not done. They’re going after the rest of Trumps cabinet. There’s some nasty communists like him and Obama working behind the scenes to hurt Trump any way they can.

    1. jemb says:

      Obama even admitted he would do whatever he could to discredit and cause President Trump’s failure. Now, however he and his group of haters are fighting EVERY cabinet appointment in an effort to delay progress while trying to find a way to Impeach him.

      1. Highland26 says:

        I agree, but why did Flynn give them the ammunition?

        1. jemb says:

          Remember – none of this is proven yet – we should have waited for the original official transcripts (unaltered) before chastising him.

      2. Robert Pollard says:

        Yep. I’ve read documents that say Obama is 2 miles away in a house with a machine gun nest outside directing about 30,000 activists.

    2. Highland26 says:

      The man couldn’t remember discussing sanctions. Why not? Something is very fishy here.

    3. Btty says:

      Put Lindsay Graham and McCain right there at the top.

      1. Jim says:

        I live and vote in SC . Will look forward to ousting that establishment turd!

        1. Btty says:

          I pray you’re successful Jim!

  10. Hugo Sam says:

    If the Intelligence community knows that much of conversations, then it should be a cakewalk to identify the seditious, traitorous ‘leaks’ that promoted this wrong on Gen. Flynn. Then President Trump can, should and absolutely must use his famous phrase. “You’re Fired” and then pursue prosecution of all involved for every single possible law violation.

  11. ICorps says:

    It’s understandable that Trump does not want to have a potentially vulnerable target in his administration, but he has allowed the Left to dismantle his staff, and that’s a very bad, a very dangerous, and much worse, a very disappointing precedent.

    Trump’s concession will not reduce or relieve leftist attack and pressure on him or his staff in any way; rather, his concession and the Left’s success will do nothing other than encourage even more and and even worse attacks.

    Very bad decision, Mr. President!

  12. joesulla says:

    I’m all for Trump and those he chooses for his administration. That being said, YOU CAN’T LIE to your superiors, admit that you lied, and expect to keep your job; especially when the seat you occupy isn’t even warm yet. What in Gods name was Flynn thinking? Don’t all these people know they are under an electron microscope. They should tattoo this on their foreheads, “Don’t do stupid shit.” Its that easy

  13. Blue says:

    I despise the Dems, and everything they stand for, but the issue seems to be, did Flynn lie, and it looks like he did So no pity, but virtually every member of the Obama administration is a liar, including the bastard former president. However, I do expect a Republican to be held to a higher standard.

  14. AdjunctGeorge says:

    You cannot fire civil servants easily but you can remove their security clearances. You need to take their security clearances once you find out who leaked the information.

  15. BrokedownMarine says:

    I am so disappointed that Gen Flynn resigned, this is only going to give insurgents from the Obama administration encouragement to undermine the Trump administration. I think Trump should go in and get rid of any Obama leftovers! They talked about some Monday night massacre when he got rid of that Sally Yates, he should give them something to talk about. Going after Gen Flynn was just the beginning, I agree he should not have misled Pence but he is a super patriot and to think that some mealy mouth POS can accomplish this is horrible!

  16. Darlene Pundt says:

    it was because he lied and covered up to his boss, Mike Pence. we don’t need that. he couldn’t be trusted to tell the truth.

    1. jug says:

      “They” say he lied!
      Trust “them”?
      Hell no!
      Dirty rotten commiecrats accuse the opposition of exactly what they, themselves are doing! Always been so.

  17. longshorts3 says:

    Things have gotten so bad with all the alphabet news agencies, that it just isn’t worth watching or listening to them anymore. Misinformation, lies, and outright misrepresentation of any fact deemed “unacceptable” to the liberals have disgusted me. Those who believe implicitly in the garbage “news” are fools and “sheeple”. I stopped watching the TV and listening to radio news long ago (around the time Obama was sworn in and had his left hand over his heart and had to have the ceremony re-done later).

  18. Toni Woodbury says:

    Can’t Trump reinstate him and can’t Flynn re-accept now that the allegations have been proven false? That is what we want. That is what we voted for, and our votes won. Since the allegations were deliberately false, those who made them up should be sued. The Left can’t be allowed to keep on with their lying and their making intimidating threats and getting away with it.

  19. William Anderson says:

    He lied to VP Pence about what he talked about. This is disloyalty to the President. Any administration should fire anyone for that

    1. cat says:

      Unfortunately I would probably be fired from my job for doing something like that. But it still makes me sad. Just think, we could have had a president who got away with lying like a rug about using a secret computer system while Secretary of State, and running a pay-for play scheme through the family charity. Double standard.

  20. Richard says:

    This is actually a heartening sign. It shows Trump is being targeted by the Deep State, which shows he’s not another CIA sock-puppet. God willing, he’ll allow the remaining evidence in the JFK assassination to be released later this year, and the American people will finally awaken to the sad fact that our government was stolen from us in 1963 and never returned.

  21. granny_forUSA says:

    The watchdogs are so thorough….HOW COME they did not discover that Obama was born in Kenya, because 25% of the politicians knew he was not a legal USA citizen…….OH, that’s right the watchdogs are liberals and they don’t want to tell the truth when it came to the DEMORATS………

  22. Loretta says:

    Trump needs to drain the swamp. Fire all those in security positions who were there under Obama. Get new people in. How can he trust anyone of these people. And if he can’t trust them how can he govern?

  23. seasidaisy says:

    I hope Trump can stand strong and deflect all that is coming his way. I wish he didn’t accept Flynn’s resignation. He needs to forget about the media, realize he has his supporters, who are not swayed by these sneaks and start firing and cleaning up the whole lot of that group (including the state department). He needs to keep a close circle of loyal team members with important positions around him rather than try to “make friends” or appease the neo cons/dems who obviously are hoping to impeach him at the first opportunity.

  24. C Michaels says:

    Wow these vermin in the media and those in DC will stoop as low as you can go.

    But we knew that already…. didn’t we. Nothing but liars, cheats, traitors and vermin in The DC Swamp.
    And throw in Pedophiles, child rapists and other assorted sexual deviants.

  25. Gloria D. says:

    PRESIDENT TRUMP is on to their deceiving acts. Fire all the OBAMA leftovers now!! Get rid of every last one of them. Start fresh!! What OBAMA Soros and Hillary are doing is criminal..LOCK THEM UP!!! They’re behind this mess.

  26. ted towny says:

    We may have to arm up if this crap doesn’t end. The leftist communist lovers aren’t going to quit, ever!

    1. Milo Thompson says:

      I sense a IQ of around 102 am I right?

  27. cat says:

    Trump & staff need to stick together & not fall for any of this cr*p, root out the leakers & saboteurs as soon as the department heads are in position (one reason Dems have been stalling on Cabinet confirmations), and carry on fulfilling the agenda. Don’t throw them a bone, don’t flinch.
    Spicer & Miller have been doing well at press grillings; President Trump just signed a bill to ease restrictions on drilling, and it’s roundup time for foreign criminals. Moving right along..
    Might also be a good idea for him to address We the People on TV the way Reagan used to do. No peanut gallery, no questions, just the president talking to the people. We need to support him, pray for him, his family, his administration.
    “No weapon formed against him shall prevail, and every accusing tongue shall be proven false.” Isaiah 54:17

  28. Caren says:

    People need to stop watching all liberal news period, even local. Take them down!

    1. Bob N says:

      I don’t watch TV news or read newspapers. I skim through Yahoo News to see what is being talked about. I read articles from Fox News, World Net Daily, and Arutz Sheva (Israeli National News) websites. I live way out in the county and don’t care about all the BS going on in the city so I don’t watch the local news.

  29. DirtyDaveyDownEast says:

    A pile-on? Witch hunt would be more to the point.

    The hunt is on by the leftist ideologues for any itty bitty detail that can be blown all out of proportion by fake news organizations.

    Where have all the newsmen gone?
    Long time passing.
    Where have all the newsmen gone?
    Long time ago.

    Where have all the newsmen gone?
    Gone to fakes news every one.
    When will they ever learn?
    When will they ever learn?


  30. grouchyroan says:

    as our society grows over the years there are millions that don’t remember the communist movement in america, they saw early on it would be too hard to just overcome so the movement shifted, or continued, to attack from within. slowly over the years they have become a part of our society, chipping away at our freedom that our ancestors fought and died for. does anyone have to declare they are not now or have never been a member of any organization that has tried to overthrow our government. we had lots of politicians back in the 40s and 50s that tried to stop this but were unsuccessful. the smear campaigns and media attacks on President Trump seem to be following the same lines, work from with in, sneak in like slimy little creatures and plant ideas and damage reputations until you weaken the very government that stands between us and communism or muslim statehood. its pathetic that even the trump haters can’t see the danger in what they are doing, the job of running the country was going to be hard to begin with after the obama years, but with all the crap going on it has got to be nearly impossible to concentrate on the important issues.

    1. Milo Thompson says:

      I sense a IQ of around 120 am I right?

    2. reggie says:

      Thank you for the info. Sad, isn’t it.

  31. dennodog says:

    It’s time to reopen the birther issue, the illegal servers, Benghazi, clinton(s) foundations, speech fees,child porn and the lolita express accusations, voter fraud,and all of the other criminal enterprises that were “left behind” when obama and his gang of misfits left DC. Prosecute and inter.

    1. Bob N says:

      The birther issue is useless. Indonesia doesn’t allow duel citizenship. Obama had to give up any other citizenship he had when he became an Indonesian Citizen. Obama went to college here as an Indonesian Citizen. If he was born an Natural Born Citizen in Hawaii, it doesn’t matter unless he had his U.S. Citizenship reinstated. Where is Obama’s U.S. Citizenship Reinstatement Certificate?

  32. Ken Schneider says:

    May Be if the Demo Got there Butts Up. Just Useless

  33. Jmanjo says:

    We are absolutely fed up with the damn media thinking that they run our country! It is time for someone to rein them in! The bully commentators on the Sunday news shows on down need to be taken down a notch! They are not judges, not congressmen, mostly not lawyers, and very rude!

    1. Bob N says:

      After watching the so-called news shows they aren’t journalist either. Most of them don’t investigate a story before they report it and are found to be false later on. NBC and CNN have both been caught reporting edited stories to fit their agenda. It’s time that the F.C.C. starts fining these news media outlets that knowingly report false news. The F.C.C. should also require that these talk shows (20/20, Inside Edition, Good Morning America, Today, etc.) be required to investigate their stories before airing them.

    2. Milo Thompson says:

      I sense a IQ of around 89 am I right?

      1. Jmanjo says:

        We’re sensing you have an IQ of about 4! Go away!

  34. Mike with the Silver Star says:

    Hillary did a lot worse enabling Russia to get their hands on our Uranium, where was her resignation?

    1. Bob N says:

      According to the liberals, possibly talking to the Russians about sanctions is worst than giving the Russians Uranium.

    2. franscott says:

      Yes, but ole Hillary and Obama was paid very well for that uranium they sold Putin. Obama went in 8 years from being worth approximately $1 million to being worth $43 million. Yep Russia gave Hill and Obama lots of pocket change for that uranium.

  35. tjt says:

    Makes one wonder why anyone would be willing to live under the unbelievably despicable microscope of soul diminishing eyes of the corrupt press and entrenched liberal animals.

  36. Sandy Hensley says:

    Since before Obama took office we all knew the liberal media was working for the liberal party and things got worse after he took the election and remember that behind doors meeting Obama had with all the liberal party and ALL THE LIBERAL MEDIA ONLY INCLUDING NEWSPAPERS AND MAGAIZNES & NO CONSERVATIVE MEDIA AND NO REPUBLICANS WERE ALLOWED THE DOOR WAS SHUT IN THEIR FACES and no one at the meeting was allowed to bring in phones or records or anything else and the little meeting lasted about 4 hours and when it ended not one person would tell what the meeting behind closed doors was about but instead Republicans were being attacked for some liberal BS which of course changed the subject fast , the liberal media’s does that every time their protecting the liberal party and Obama & Clinton and even the liberal thugs who are destroying our country and when liberal groups were killing our police the liberal media & the liberal party & Obama and Clinton was on the side of the killers ! In case no one remembers Obama didn’t want to have anything to do with Republicans at all not even speak to them and neither did his loyal liberal party so Republicans had the door slammed in their faces by Obama and the liberal party till the end of his first term in office and in that space of time liberals ran through a lot of liberal BS for their liberal agenda and the mess they call Obama care , and then Republicans took over the house and senate and Obama still gave the Republican party the finger and went over their heads FOR EVERYTHING HE WANTED HE NEVER WENT TO EITHER HOUSE EVER HE JUST PICKED UP HIS PEN AND WROTE ONE EXECUTIVE ORDER AFTER THE OTHER AND I THINK TRUMP SHOULD DO THE SAME TO GET PHOTO VOTER ID MADE THE LAW OF THE LAND IN EVERY STATE AND HE NEEDS TO DO IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and do investigations in not just the 3 recount states but all across our country because liberal voter fraud has been reported all over our country just like it was in both of Obama’s elections but the difference is this time Obama and the liberal party & the liberal media knew all about the liberal voter fraud and most likely had a hand in it just like this election it was so clear Clinton and Obama & the liberal media & the liberal party were positive they won the election before the election even started and Obama was so sure he put Clinton’s picture up front in the White House and Clinton and most of the liberal party and liberal media said they went to bed about 10:00 PM because they thought Clinton and the liberal party had already won the election but they weren’t looking at the polls all day they were talking about the first woman president its a miracle they weren’t measuring for curtains for Clinton and the next morning THEY ALL REACTED THE SAME WAY PISSED OFF AND COULDN’T BELIEVE TRUMP & REPUBLICANS WON THE ELECTION and the liberal states Trump and Republicans picked up made them even more crazy if that’s possible so the liberal media started the voter fraud drum’s beating and all day election day everyone one of the liberal media kept saying if Trump and Republicans win there will be riots and protest in the streets and like magic they were in the streets of course it wasn’t organized but they had some great anti-Trump signs made up not like they just got a piece of paper and wrote on it they all had signs and the liberal media knew liberals were going to do it before they even hit the streets and then the morning after a NBC morning anchor said its time to over throw our government and again like magic that’s what they were doing by 2 or 3 PM of course none of it was planned it was a bunch of good old boys and girls out their protesting & rioting and the liberal media again knew everything that was going to happen before it even started man they must be able to read liberals minds NOT , the liberal media is just another part of the liberal party their owned by the liberal party and get their talking points everyday from Obama and the liberal party . Did you notice the liberal media keeps saying a majority of the American people want Trump out of office they just keep repeating it but here’s a news flash for the liberal media & their liberal party & Obama & Clinton and the liberal thugs on the streets all that massive liberal voter fraud all across this country isn’t real votes AND THEY DON’T COUNT and the same for both of Obama’s election which I have no doubt liberals had massive liberal voter fraud in both which put him in the white house he didn’t win it they stole the election and Obama lost the popular vote in 200 and 2012 which no one really knows about since the liberal media NEVER REPORTED IT AT ALL except CNN which gave it 2 or 3 minutes and they said thank God for the electoral college and it was never mentioned again and by the looks of the other liberals on the liberal panel Wolf wasn’t suppose to say even that so most likely liberal loon’s have no idea Obama lost the popular vote in both elections because they get all their brain washing from the liberal media only. This guy was everything the liberal media and the liberal party hated and they start cooking up liberal BS as soon as his name was mentioned . We can’t keep letting the liberal media and the liberal party and those liberal thugs bully us around anymore its time we took a stand and like I’ve said a million times the only way our voices will be heard is if we hurt liberals in an area they love even more then themselves their bank accounts so its time for all of us to have a organized boycott of everything liberals are a part of own and everything you can think of boycott it start petitions , boycott liberal Hollywood which includes TV programs and movies and the liberal music industry but not country music and the few Republicans in the other music and boycott liberal businesses all of them and lets go after everything that’s liberals for a good long time because right now their acting like it sickens them thinking about us watching their movies which Ben Affleck said not to long ago and he said the same about Republican stars he’s had to work with well Ben doesn’t have to worry about this Republican household spending their hard earned dirty money to see or buy his movies anymore and if I see him on TV I turn the channel, liberals think they don’t need our dirty money they can make it fine on only liberal audiences and liberal customers so lets let them have their dream come true and boycott the hell out of all of them for a very long time ! Its time we show them we don’t need them but can they say the same thing , I’ll say no and its time to hurt them badly like the liberal boycotts that had all of Trumps daughters line of clothes removed from everywhere , its time we stand up and fight back the only way we know how because we’re not brain dead thugs like the liberal thugs in the streets we can make them hurt badly just by keeping our wallets closed and our TV off ! If you don’t agree that’s fine its America and you have the right to your freedom of speech and the right to make your own choices unlike liberals which think they all have to think and speak and do everything a like but my wallet is going to remain closed ! Sorry about it being so long but I get so pissed off and this guy was a soldier and should have never been treated like he was trash !

  37. Fernando A. Canales says:

    This is going to get ugly ,liberals just won’t stop using all methods to bring down the new trump movement
    the fake patriots are angry at the fact that Trump is putting America first
    but i believe Trump and company have the support of the majority of the American people ,before this country gets completely infested with global ideology ,if not then God help us all

  38. reggie says:

    Go after every one of these pieces of garbage, sue the hell out of them, and any other rule of law that can be legally done. Keep them in courts for years. No more resignations. Period. Everytime that n past president tries something with his cronies, go after them immediately. Have a Czar of f. u.

    1. Bob N says:

      In the last couple weeks Obama was in office, he made some quick shifts in positions of of some of his people to key jobs. WHY? Trump needs to move those people to mundane jobs and put his own people in those positions. After being checked out, President Trump can then decide what to do with them.

    2. Milo Thompson says:

      I sense a IQ of around 112 am I right?

      1. reggie says:

        Hmmm, don’t know. All I know is that my Intolerance Quotient has gone through the roof. Am no longer willing to look the other way or to remain neutral.

  39. Name says:

    Fire all the Obama left-overs immediately!

  40. CHUCKIE2 says:

    What the hell is Trump thinking!! This was a perfect situation to stand his ground and expose the garbage the Left wants to do. Flynn did nothing that was illegal!!! He was a citizen at the time of the alleged conversations and had no official Government position, The NSA spyed on his conversations which they cannot do without a Court Order…the spying was illegal! There are other pieces of evidence that lend credence that the whole situation was a bogus setup to destroy Flynn and indirectly Trump.
    Trump should teare up Flynn’s resignation and reinstate him immediately!!! Nothing but a complete investigation into the exact order of events with names of Flynn’s accusers and documents/tapes/videos to back what they allege. Put the accusers’s feet on the fire and investigate THEM!!! If it be proven that this whole scenario is manufactured and a hack job to damage Trump, then let it be exposed and FIRE!!! the ones responsible!! Drain the swamp of these bastards!!!! Trump needs to make a 180 and fight back!!! Start investigating the ILLEGAL leaks by our spy agencies of sensitive information and those responsible for doing it. This is a MAJOR national security risk that must be dealt with. Mr. Trump, return Flynn to his job and expose the truth!!

  41. myworld5 says:


  42. ONTIME says:

    Did the gov agency that taped that conversation have a court order…what law was broken and didn’t Halfast B’Ob the “unknown” have talks with hammass and Iran prior to his election in “08”…………..???…….Who Specifically Leaked this Info?

  43. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Fire all those sons a bitches. Everyone already knew we have a bunch of lying ease dropping bastards more intent on spying on Americans than doing the job they are paid to do, fire every damned one of them. When you do finally catch that bastard or bastards that has been leaking give the bastards the death penalty. That should make sure the next bunch who want to spy on Americans and use their findings for political purposes will think about levitating before doing it again.

  44. Milo Thompson says:

    FAKE NEWS, guys duh. Same dumb stuff my mom read

  45. M. D'Souza says:

    The holdovers who are BHO’s loyalists should have been the FIRST ONES to be fired before Gen. Flynn’s resignation was accepted (or fired).
    Next to be cast aside are the mischief mongers of the FAKE MEDIA. They should not be given any importance until they report the truth & not let them distort the news.
    Beware of the BHO’s Shadow Government that’s 2 miles from the White House, waiting like hawks to sabotage Pres. Trump’s administration.
    BHO’s paid agitators are the ones who disrupt the meetings where Congressmen speak to their constituents, and wherever the Conservative speakers are invited to speak at the universities. That’s not free speech. Treat them like thugs that they are.

  46. Ahujekim says:

    Flynn is the right many for national security. Trump should be prosecuting NSA and CIA personnel for leaking classified information. Trump should re-appoint Flynn.

  47. Charles thompson says:

    Someone please explain how a seasoned intelligence officer could not remember what he discussed with an ambassador, and why he would allegedly lie to Pence, and why he resigned so quickly? Something’s rotten in Denmark.

  48. Ahujekim says:

    So, why does not President Trump require the NSA to use their trove of metadata to identify the leakers, and provide the evidence to the Dept. of Justice to enable indictments and prosecutions? The NSA has the data! It is not hard to determine who sent what to whomever. Once the metadata is examined, the leakers will be “toast” both figuratively, and hopefully literally!

  49. cp123 says:

    The thing Flynn did wrong was nothing illegal. He was dismissed for not making a full disclosure to Pence and then Trump. They then no longer trusted him. end of story.

  50. denphi16 says:

    There are two phases of what has taken place in America over the last few months. The first phase
    is the POLITICAL CIVIL WAR where against all odds and the establishment Americans decided to make
    a real change in the direction of our country.
    The second phase is what I have labeled POLITICAL TERRORISM. There was never a doubt
    in my mind that Obama would not go quietly and would continue his dream of destroying the
    America that I have known for 65 years and the nation that my parents handed over to me
    for safe keeping.
    I also know that I am not alone with these thoughts.

  51. William M Durham says:

    the obama trash and the clinton crybabies still working for the fed govt should all be cleaned out, fired

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