Tucker Carlson Destroys The Left's Views On Immigration - Great American Daily
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  1. mowmtn says:

    TO Donald Trump:::::::: It appears that every time something good is about to happen, you now, when you have a great dream you are on your own boat sailing the Bahamas, welp ! thats when some Democrap will say or yell at you snapping you right out of that dream. All Dems. are hereby placed on order, that unless you can back up what you say and be sure the American Public really gives a crap before yu hard pressed reporters start screaming this or that cause you can find your self called on the carpet. Yopu push all the buttons you want to President Trump because by and far the people want you as president, So stand tall Sir and go about draing the swamp. fire all Obamanites and replace them with your own people or just do away with that job that Obama setup to spy on all committees that he, OBAMA, created to begin with. Don’t worry about what us Republicans may think, clean house dammit, Clean house and do it now.. the Obamanites are still trying to pull the strings and as long as you allow Obama to be comfortable, he and his cronies will destroy you.

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