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This Whistleblower Could Bring Down Barack Obama

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  1. lighteredknot says:

    Will birds migrate North in the winter? No these violations will never be released, the establishment would not allow it.

  2. Bayside GolfClub says:

    It leads directly to obama/jarret/soros and their illegal musbrohood alliance… Which is basically ‘the democrat party’…

    1. Peter says:

      But nothing will happen. That’s the suckiest part of it. Who’s going to report it, the media? Hah ha ha ha! Good luck on that one!

      1. Ken Cox says:

        We just have to keep the democrats out of any elected or appointed office. They don’t care about Americans they seem to like to coddle illegals and radical jihadist. Attached is a copy of a democrat.

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          I sure hope that was photo shopped. If not, someone broke their neck for that photo unless it was a contortionist. LOL

        2. ernldo says:

          We may yet need to kill quite a few….

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            been locked and loaded for 8 years

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      The dream Dr. King had was wonderful. Everyone should have a equal chance at life. To bad the BO Brotherhood turned it into a nightmare.

      1. william couch says:

        Yes, Agreed!! I was at the march in DC in ’63…. But those 2 plus waters and others have killed it for them.. LBJ was another

          1. Brenda Sinclair says:


          2. John says:

            Kennedy got killed because he was gong to put us back on the gold standard, the only democrat I would have supported even if he was a scumbag husband

          3. Tom G says:

            Yes ,and the first thing LBJ ,did on the plane ride back from Dallas ,after Kennedy was killed and LBJ sworn in as the new POTUS was to nix Kennedy’s bill to to put us back on the gold standard , true , look it up. Apparently the Feds , did not want to give up it’s power.

          4. Dave Workman says:

            In a video JFK said he wanted to investigate the Federal Reserve , 7 days later he was dead ! I remember that day very well .

          5. william couch says:

            I think he was complicit

          6. ernldo says:

            EVERY member of the pathetic Warren Commission , and the entire traitor media was complicit. Have any of you ever read the final opinion? A single (magic) bullet fired by Lee H Oswald hit kennedy in the back, exited below his throat, entered Governor Connelly (front seat) in the back, exited his ribs, entered his leg, exited below or above the knee, did a U TURN, gained altitude and then took the top of JFK’s head off….Right, I’m with liar the press…sounds possible.

          7. mustangsallyann says:

            Wasn’t that report filled with a huge load of pooh. They must think we’re a country of idjiots.

          8. william couch says:

            Watch the tape again,, watch the driver,, his right hand goes around his neck and Kennedy’s head fly’s back.. That’s when Jackie goes to the trunk to retrieve his brains.. The driver put a .45 in johns left side of his head.

          9. mustangsallyann says:

            Holy cow, I’m going to have to do a frame by frame viewing. If true, what a horrible tragedy, as well as enlightenment of just how evil our government actually is, now as well as in the past..

          10. william couch says:

            It goes by so fast everyone misses it.. look for the glint of light when all hell breaks loose, just before the driver takes off

          11. mustangsallyann says:

            I’ve a little more experience with investigation, including on video. My dad was a private investigator at one time and I used to help him on cases, criminal and civil. He also did work for the Fed’s. He knew why the Challenger failed before they even announced it, just by the video that was taken. Then I earned degrees in Criminal law and Psych., just to expand my knowledge. Thanks for the particular tip you mentioned, I’ll go over it over and over until I can I.D. everything. It all really makes me angry. These people are put in a position of trust and that’s what they do with it. This world and our country is so full of evil, I envy those that still retain their innocence. God bless you and yours. Sallyann

          12. william couch says:

            I hope you see it the way I’ve seen it.. some video’s like on the AHC ch,, don’t show this part.. The way I saw it,, it was just a lucky shot.

          13. Eve Wiegert says:

            W/Madam Nu

          14. Tumblindice58 says:

            In a recent documentary LBJ’s mistress was saying he told her the night before it happened that LBJ was pissed off and said he was gonna have the SOB killed for embarrassing him, Don’t know if its true but in the greedy world of politics I tend to keep an open mind!

          15. Hammer the Bar'stewards says:

            Was it not LBJ who said that by giving the Blacks a few handouts that “It will keep those n*ggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years”

          16. bytheway4 says:

            hammer, you are so right.

          17. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

            Yep, & they Have….Pathetic !!!

          18. Jim says:

            Yes it was Johnson who said that and unfortunately hey fell for it hook line and sinker. Obama never did a thing for anybody except those fucken ragheads.

          19. Tumblindice58 says:

            Yep and his vision is 25% fulfilled, Its amazing how many people would rather take a handout over a handup!

          20. ernldo says:

            Blacks are too ignorant to see LBJ destroyed negro America with those “handouts”…

          21. mustangsallyann says:

            It sure was.

          22. Mike W says:

            And the left gives him credit for signing an equal rights amendment – what they fail to realize is that the Republicans embarrassed him into signing it he did not want to. When you look back at all the equal rights proposals it was the Republicans who were fighting for them the Democrats were dead set against them.
            Another thing they won’t talk about :
            Abraham Lincoln assassinated by a Democrat. John Fitzgerald Kennedy assassinated by a Democrat ( a Democrat who turned Communist). Martin Luther King Jr. assassinated by a Democrat. But they spin it so it’s the Republicans that are the haters.
            Hillary Clinton said she loves Democrats because “most are not very educated and they are easily manipulated.” They still voted for her – so I guess she’s right.

          23. william couch says:

            A hateful old man!!

          24. bytheway4 says:

            LBJ had JFK killed (CIA) because he thought that he should have been president so he had the job done, he also liked young boys, the SS use to bring the boys in late at nite for the murderer, L.BJ.

          25. mustangsallyann says:

            There’s also documented proof, now released as enough years have gone by to do anything about it, that every war we’ve been involved in was planned and set up by the government by lying to citizen’s, all just for money. War makes more money for our country than anything else. Humans don’t rule the world, for most their god is a little green piece of paper. Losing people to obtain it means nothing to them. Disgusting.

          26. ernldo says:

            Demotards led us into every war and police action of the 20th century….

          27. mustangsallyann says:

            You’re correct and making money was the goal of every war we’ve been in. Nor did they care one bit about the necessity of lying to the people to get the support they needed, in order to go forward with their plans. Then they wonder why so many questioned their involvement with 9/11. I never want to think that was a possibility but do understand why some that know the truth of our history and wars may have questioned it. I just pray that no one, especially in our government, could be so evil as to support something so horrible.

          28. Lasher says:

            Are you kidding? All the evidence points toward the Zionist “neocons” who control our country and our government.

          29. mustangsallyann says:

            You have every right to your opinion. My info comes from tons of research, including supporting documents only released to the public in the last couple years. As your avatar is a white supremacy dual communist flag, I know your opinion stands hard and fast as long as it supports white superiority, so nothing will change your ideas even if on video or having proof otherwise placed in your hand. And being a white, independent conservative female, I don’t say that as a minority that it upsets. But imo, it destroys every bit of credibility and respect I might have initially given to your posts. You don’t have the ability to be objective so can’t have an honest discussion, again just my opinion.

            As far as MLK, I’ve heard some of what you have and yes, it upset me. I haven’t heard or read anything pertaining to his last night so I’ll have to do more research on that. But with the ability to be objective, I choose not to throw the baby out with the bath water. Name one person you know that was or is perfect. As a whole, he did do some very good things. I know it’s a fact that once MLK was assassinated, all of the rioting and protesting stopped, but I don’t think anyone has proof that he encouraged or caused them. He sure wasn’t paying people to go to other states to do so and as we see now, those idjiots don’t always need encouragement by anyone to behave like arse’s.

            To address the last of your posts that I’ll respond to, yes I missed Sharpton and although I owe you no explanation, I’m on chemo which messes with your memory. It’s called chemo brain but even with that, I’m still more alert and aware than most who aren’t taking anything, and I’ll even add you to that list. You delude yourself into thinking you’re above anyone if not fortunate enough to be born to a white woman. It’s a total falsehood and just as I’ve told others that Obama joining BLM was no different than a white pres. joining the KKK, your standing with that nasty flag puts you in that very same category. I’ve no doubt in regard to that assumption and it being why you feel the necessity to keep your other posts private. So think what you will, as I already stated, that’s your right. I’ll not respond again since you’ve nothing more to say that I’ve one bit of interest in.

            Whether it will help or not, God bless you.

          30. Lasher says:

            Believe me, Sally, I know much, much more about things than you do, so let’s just leave it at that.

          31. Lasher says:

            It was Zionist Jews who did that.

          32. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

            Yes !!! He was EVIL !!! …. to the core !!!!

          33. Tom G says:

            You got that right , he was the devil with a southern accent . We can thank him for getting us in the vietnam war , The Tonkin ,incident was made up , never happened but it gave LBJ a reason to go hog wild into vietnam , and pad his pockets with tons of american taxpayer dollars ( defense contracts ), and protect the interests of his wife’s family in their rubber plantations over there.

      2. Tony Rowell says:

        Soros, Obama and Clinton are main ones I want to see ind jail

        1. I care says:

          I m with you
          Snowden was right

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            Yes he was, I hope it happens

          2. Mike W says:

            Snowden was right, Assange has been right – President Trump has been right – the Washington establishment and main stream media want to destroy them all.
            Obama said in a speech “the only ones who fear the truth are those with something to hide.” His supporters all jumped and cheered. Then he spent millions trying to make sure all of his records were sealed. I dunno – sounds like he has something to hide to me – but all of this appears to have gone right over the left’s head.

          3. mustangsallyann says:

            I don’t think anything went over the Dem’s heads. I think they knew the truth all along but just didn’t care. They knew that by screaming racist to those that disagreed would make them slink away. It did work for years but they made the mistake of overusing to the point it finally backfired and people stopped caring about being called names. They should’ve remembered the story about the little boy that called wolf one too many times.

        2. John says:

          Jail? The punishment for the crime of treason in the office of president is quite clear on the punishment for that.

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            That’s fine death is even better, wish I could fire the shot

          2. ernldo says:

            I’d love to pull the lever….

          3. Tony Rowell says:

            yep,,, that would really charge his battery

          4. mustangsallyann says:

            No one’s been executed for treason since 1961, so it’s doubtful they’d do it now. Especially if it meant executing Obama or Clinton, even if they deserved it.

        3. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

          In GITMO….&, Lose the Damned Keys !!!!!

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            that would be good and maybe let them taste a little waterboarding first hand

          2. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

            Oh, YES !!! … Most Deserving !!! They are The Most Deplorable bunch !!!

          3. Tony Rowell says:

            let Oliver North do it, he said he has done many

        4. Mary Lynne Godwin says:

          Actually George Bush and Kissinger are at the top of the pile of evil people. Called One a World Government. And check out Bilderbergers for the whole story.

      3. mustangsallyann says:

        Mr. King is turning over in his grave. He practiced peaceful solutions and in the last 2 – 3 years the violence that both Obama and Clinton are enabling and encouraging, have dishonored and disrespected all of his hard work. He gave his life to save their communities while his successors have only tried to destroy them, as well as everything else they could get their hand’s on. Obama, Clinton, Holder and Jackson should all be ashamed. They couldn’t establish their own positive legacy so they did everything they could to destroy MLK’s legacy instead.

        1. Kathleen J Chansley says:

          Sharpton needs to be included in that list.

          1. mustangsallyann says:

            Oops, I thought I listed him. I must’ve gotten distracted. ;o)

          2. Lasher says:

            It would certainly seem so.

          3. ernldo says:

            I added the douche…

          4. mustangsallyann says:

            As did I as soon as I realized I’d missed him.

          5. Kathleen J Chansley says:

            Thank you Sir for adding the evil, lying black bass!!!

        2. Lasher says:

          “Mr. King?” Do you mean the drunkard who used his organization’s (SCLC) money to pay for white whores whom he would physically beat, and did so the night before he got his due? That “Mr. King?” Mr. King who drunkenly blubbered “I’m fu-king for the Lord” and “I ain’t no nigger tonight” on his last night on earth? Mr. King who attended the Monteagle Tenn. school for communist agitators? Mr.King who took credit for the “Dream” speech that was actually written for him by his New York Jewish “handler,” Stanley Levison That Mr. King? Mr. King whose non-violence always created riots and civil disobedience? Mr. King who was always surrounded by Jewish communists? That one? Shame on you!

          1. Kathleen J Chansley says:

            I have always felt the same way about Mr. King. The history of this man and his supposed “Dream” has been a lie from the very beginning. Our government was blackmailed into giving this man a legal holiday. Shameful.. You are the first one that sounds like me about Mr. King.

          2. Lasher says:

            All it takes is a little investigating and research on this stupid tool of the International, Zionist, communist Jews to find out the truth about him and how he was a willing dupe of those anti-American traitors. King enjoyed the benefits of being the figurehead for those sinister people who molded and guided him most of his life. He was definitely not a true Christian. A Christian would never have taken part in the sex orgies and other drunken activities King did. He and his communist entourage were constantly surveilled by the FBI, and his hotel accommodations were always bugged by them. The government was ever aware of all his activities, but for their own reasons, probably political, they never publicized them. At any rate, you and I both can see what most Americans either can’t, or won’t, see about this ridiculously transparent figure who has been virtually canonized by the Zionist-Jewish media. Anyone who studies all the information that is out there on King has all the facts necessary to understand just who, and what, he was in reality.

      4. Tumblindice58 says:

        Dave you know what they say about giving certain folks a uniform! He didn’t have any business touring the White House much less gaining the office, Maybe President Trump can employ the services of Cess, Pool and Drain attorneys at law and get to draining the swamp! LOL

    2. Brenda Sinclair says:


      1. Annie says:

        I always said Obummer looks like, “Howdy Doody”! He’s George Soros’ puppet, too! But the fraud in jail next to the Clintons & Soros!

        1. Tina says:

          This male was in office long enough to force the USA into financial ruin, but to afford lavish vacations and banks full of $$$ for himself. God knows this man’s heart and it is doubtful that this male, and all who believe in him and follow him, will change their minds and bow down before GOD, and repent during the Millennium.

          1. John says:

            Male? Homosexual with his transman moochela, at least say it, we’re no longer being politically correct, lol

          2. Tina says:

            John? I slipped up and did refer to obama as a man one time in my comment, but I certainly didn’t intend to because I have never thought of him as a MAN. Also, I almost never spell his last name with an initial cap because he deserves no respect. No, sweetie! I have never supported political correctness. That is for those who put man ahead of God. I am not perfect by any means, but I am not interested in the traditions of men. I do my best to follow the Commandments of God. I am glad you brought that to my attention though because it probably appears to others the way it appeared to you. I will be more careful now.

          3. mustangsallyann says:

            Amen. I too put God before anyone and anything. He comes before my hubby, children and any manmade laws. If it dishonors or breaks the Commandments of God, I won’t do it and will willingly face any consequence this earth can hand out. How lovely to meet another obedient sister here. God bless you.

        2. Susan says:

          OMG I have always thought he looked like a black Howdy Doody. How funny someone else thinks the same.

        3. John_209 says:

          This also looks like Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine. What, Me Worry?

        4. ekim says:

          That’s Alfred E Newmans look alike !

        5. ernldo says:

          I’d rather not feed any of them. Hang the pigs!

      2. grafra102 says:


  3. Mike W says:

    I wish Obama would come clean and say who he really is and where he came from. If you haven’t seen the video below you should take a few minutes and do so. The guy in the photo on the left below is Muhammed Sabuh. That picture was taken in the 1960’s. He was the leader of a small cult from Indonesia called SUBUH. He does look familiar doesn’t he?

    1. Tomahawk says:

      Everyone needs to see this.

      1. Mike W says:

        This story is over 2 years old. You’ll never hear about it on CNN

    2. Dave Nettles says:

      This Subuh cult goes way farther back than anyone realizes, like clear back to the 60’s. If I’m right about the Zodiac Killer, it’s possible he could have been connected, that is if Philip Author Thompson is the guy, because he goes to the CIA & M6 via Mike May, and Ian Spiro, through Nixon.

    3. Brenda Sinclair says:

      wow seems obammie the moo-slummie boy was a muslim set-up against america, it was planned by the muslim brotherhood to infiltrate americas classifed documents americaqns can you not see the truth yet?

      1. mustangsallyann says:

        Many never will because they don’t want to.

    4. mustangsallyann says:

      The way he cocks and lifts his head is identical. Dang, how he sits, hand’s clasped, shoulders lowered, everything. If the head was lopped out of the photo, you still couldn’t miss it.

  4. Donald Haddock says:

    I believe this is the information that Rep. Nunes shared with the President. Obviously the Democrats had already received this Info via the Letter from Freedom Watch. They are trying to Block Nunes from going further by attacking Nunes through the complacent Mainstream Press. But it’s obvious that the whole Russian thing is a smoke screen to Block this info of Spying on American Citizens from seeing the light of day and exposing the Obama Administration for Spying on Judges, Republican operatives, and the incoming Trump Administration. It’s obvious to anybody with a pulse that the Obama People were and are operating a criminal enterprise within and now outside the White House and Government..

    1. gooojooo1 says:

      with dnc firing all their staff it appears the hacking was internal not the russians

      1. David in MA says:

        But, now the DNC has cut loose these people they can seek immunity to testify.

      2. Mike W says:

        Or they know the shoe is about to drop on Obama and the Clintons and they are trying to purge themselves of anyone having anything to do with either. So they can later say “hey it wasn’t us”.

        1. I care says:

          It was that real BIG CAN OF WORMS TRUMP OPEN…….. GO TRUMP

      3. Brenda Sinclair says:

        HOW SMART YOU ARE IT WAS TWO DNC EMPLOYEES seth rich, eric braveman, both murdered, seth rich was the one to sent information to julian [email protected], who in turn sent out of hillarys emails and john podestas , huma, weiner, obama and his tranny male wife michael, they used russia as a smoke screen to cover up the murders of seth eric judge scalia and many others all murdered in 2016 known to obama and clintons. russia got flasely accused but the poor fools fell for the lies

        1. Mike W says:

          Obama was soooo smart – he wrote 2 autobiographies before anyone ever heard of him. In them he openly admitted his past drug use. Then the “editor of the Harvard Law Review” said no when asked about prior drug use on his bar application. He had to surrender his law license when it was exposed that he had lied on that bar application. And the liberals think that the guy who built a multi billion dollar empire that employs about 34,000 people is an idiot. 😉

          1. nicholsda says:

            He also lied by omission on that application. Failed to note that he was also known as Barry S.

          2. mustangsallyann says:

            Thanks so much. I was always curious as to why he lost his license. :o)

        2. Lasher says:

          Isn’t it odd that there are so many Jews involved in all this mysterious business? Nah!

        3. mustangsallyann says:

          It’s unbelievable how many people that have been murdered or found mysteriously dead, that have been tied to the Clintons. Then add the fact that they are all treated as isolated incident’s so they can walk away clean and you know they’ve got someone aiding and abetting. It’s not something that just anyone can accomplish, I’ve no doubt they’ve sold their soul’s to satan. If there ever are any charges, they’ll be charged as serial killer’s. It makes one wonder how Chelsea would feel if it was proved that they actually killed her bio father as has been suspected. Thank God for not allowing her to become president.

    2. Dave Nettles says:

      My word is “Devin, you’ve had my back before, so now we’ve got yours”

    3. Tony Rowell says:

      in an attempt to overthrow he US government, they should be executed

    4. John says:

      which is why they killed one (SCJ Scalia) and wisked away all evidence before an autopsy could be preformed

      1. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

        From the moment I heard he had died…I said “He was MURDERED “!!! It was just too weird! He was a GOOD MAN !!!

  5. drbhelthi says:

    The George H. W. Bush/CIA/MOSSAD have control of Florida, not the Dem party. Remember, Bush Sr. emerged from his cover in October to announce that he would vote for H. Clinton. It was Bush/CIA who hired the Muslim Brotherhood to fight Russian troops in Afghanistan. As VP to Reagan, Bush restored the Muslim Brotherhood to the USGov payroll in 1984, per former DOJ attorney, John Loftus, in his book, “America´s NAZI Secret,” p. 26.

    1. kodster says:

      Go back even further in your digging. Who finances the Muslim Brotherhood, to export and impose their version of Islam on the rest of the world, through jihad? None other than Saudi Arabia.

      1. Dave Nettles says:

        The real backers of 911.

  6. Les Gulledge says:

    Do it. NOW. follow it to the end…. Obama then hang his sorry ass out to dry for 20 years.

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Read my post from 20 minutes ago and do some research, it looks real possible, as well as a few other birds that never got jailed.

    2. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

      NO…for LIFE…NO LESS !!!!!

  7. Les Gulledge says:

    It leads to the top and should prove Nobama and clan the next candidates for federal prison for 20 years. Nuff said. DO it. Michelle is also complicit.

    1. Annie says:

      You mean, “Manchelle”!

      1. Les Gulledge says:

        Sorry for the typo…guys… Michael seems to be more correct. Thanks…

    2. Joanie Dornak Wharff says:

      They ALL Belong in GITMO …PERIOD !!!!!

  8. SouthernPatriot says:

    Maybe it just wishful thinking on my part, but I sure hope someone brings down the Liar-in-Chief/Nazi-in-Chief ASAP. If they need a recorder and body guards, I can get them, including ex-special forces and Navy seals. Let it be so!

  9. game50 says:

    TAKE OBAMA down to knees … after all that where he likes to be … he also like to bend forward too.

  10. LeRoy H Beltz says:

    This should be brought forth ,this should go to Trey Gowdy Americans know now that this did happen and they will try to cover it up

    1. Dave Nettles says:

      Yeah, like all Clinton body bags.

      1. Brenda Sinclair says:

        true 0ver 150 body-bags and not one arrest very strange cover-ups

  11. Tomahawk says:

    Anyone smell an accident or suicide coming up, or is it just me? I wish this guy luck, ’cause he’s gonna need it.

    1. Tina says:

      God is at work here people. Prophesy always has, it is, and shall continue to be fulfilled. GOD IS STILL IN CHARGE. GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN and although satan is a powerful entity, GOD is ALL POWERFUL. Satan know his destiny, but he is running full force to drag as many of GOD’S chldren into the pit with him as he possibly can. God has give us free choice. We must not listen to the propaganda being spilled in an attempt to bring President Trump down. The Truth shall set you free. I feel that Obama and his gang will never be free. It is written that when HE is ready, GOD is going to bring them down with full force. Do not be deceived. We are living in the 5th Trump now. Antichrist will be kicked out of Heaven and land on earth in Jerusalem at the 6th Trump and then Jesus Christ will come at the 7th Trump, or the fartherest one out. SATAN will only be allowed to gather all that he can for only 5 months, our calendar, since GOD had to narrow his days on earth. If HE had not, then the very ELECT might be convinced that ANTICHRIST is really JESUS CHRIST. Do not be deceived. Read Revelation 12. (KJV)

  12. Dave Nettles says:

    I believe it goes much farther than this even. I feel the spay agencies have messed with just about every American in some manner, myself included. So, I fully support Devin in his effort

  13. Reverend1 says:

    They’ll sit on the information as usual. Crooks.

  14. ONTIME says:

    I would like to see and hear this info but it sounds like certain death for anyone who does….maybe we are finally ready to expose and prosecute this historical hoax called Barry Sotero…..

  15. william couch says:

    But they talk about taking him down,,,,,, they only dream!! The spook has a tephlon back..

  16. kbmiller says:

    They will unless there’s incriminating evidence on them.

  17. edward gamils says:

    These two POS’s need to be put on trial and then put in prison for life. Now it appears that if you are high in government and have lots of pay off money you are above the law.

  18. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:

    Well we must not lose what we have now. We must work to hold our WHITE HOUSE AND EVERY THING THAT WE GOT THIS PAST ELECTION.

  19. Robrage says:

    The Crime Inc. crew in D.C. makes Al Capone look like Mother Teresa. It isn’t a swamp in D.C. it’s a cesspool.

  20. Janthony132 says:

    I hope that our President has access to all of this information, or at least the D”OJ and for God sake – Act on it! It’s no secret that the FBI Director is dirt, so is his deputy. Start the swamp clean up here with indictments.

  21. I care says:

    Well I bet they been in hiding

  22. lorenz genovich says:

    This stuff is too hot, if Congress sits on it, it is complicit to this orwellian scheme and the whole bandwagon deserves a severe reaction from the we the people

  23. ReaperHD says:

    Why don’t you quit telling me how all this BULLSH!T is gonna bring down OBLOZO and this BULLSHIT is gonna send hITLERY to jail and present something and do it. Tired of your FRICKIN LIES and the headlines that just sell articles. FUCKEN DO SOMETHING AND STOP LYING.

  24. Warren says:

    Now the Traitors in Congress will be showing their hands.

  25. Tim Wilde says:

    Someone has to wade through the rampant corruption in DC and get to the truth!! Clearly there are many implicated in the continuous and relentless lawlessness that has become our government. Or the truth would be in the forefront already! Seriously courageous individuals are what is needed! If there are any left? Is the million dollar question?

  26. Lewis says:

    The liberals will either kill him or buy him off wanna bet?

  27. My4x4 says:

    That information will never see the light of day, in fact it has probably already “disappeared” like everything else that proves the demonazi’s are out of control and are the real criminals doing the spying. If he didn’t make copies of the information he had then it most certainly “got misplaced and cannot be found” as expected.

  28. harpo49 says:

    lets get it out there and put that lying piece of s**t in jail where that commie muslim bas***d belongs
    and take that other liar hog hilly with him and while your at it take ducky durbin the useless lying b**tard from Illinois with them

  29. Ron says:



      1. Ron says:


        The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts –
        Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 › the-isr…
        Jul 26, 2016 · The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and

        1. dfinch says:

          It’s how you said it Ron. Why don’t you just grit your teeth and spit all over yourself. Anti-American…really? My God happened 50 years ago. Israel has always been our ally. Communication was sent to move their location and the Liberty claimed they never got the communication. Israel didn’t get off scott free. They paid compensation with interest. Look at Vietnam. They killed 58,000 and today we’re doing all kind of business with them. You probably still call these folks Gooks. Get over it.

          1. Ron says:


          2. Ron says:


          3. Ron says:


  30. kassa1 says:

    It’s amazing to see how stupid the agencies we pay for are anti American or are to stupid to see that their being used to bring down this country, and their children’s future. Many are as stupid as those who followed Hitler’s and Stalin!

  31. jennyVT says:

    I cannot believe that Montgomery is still alive . We know that all others who have evidence against Obama/Clintons have been murdered. I hope he finds protection .

  32. Nate B Willden says:

    Send them all to gitmo for a vacation.

  33. Cm Foureau says:

    For the sake of the Nation this information needs to be brought to the forefront and given to the public and let them see just how the democrats have raped this nation and committed so many wrongs and broke so many laws and I believe that murder is also in evolved in this mess also . Now if you can find anyone with the balls to take this proof and go to a Judge that is honest and get with some honest media people and lay the information out so all the people involved can be prosecuted this nation and all it stands for can get through this terrible time in this countries History. Drain the swamp and President Trump should be allowed to put the hose in the swamp and turn on the drain pump. God bless America.

  34. ter334 says:

    I wonder if there are any people in DC and the media that believe the govt has to obey the Constitution and other laws applicable to them, such as the Hatch Act ? Otherwise they become outlaws with Congress acting like an outlaw gang. The elected and appointed, the judges, all are so focused on staying in office they now operate PC is the way things are supposed to work so they can get re-elected. And like a bunch of communists the political party is what they answer to instead of the voters. They represent the party to the voters instead of representing the voters in the process called governing the nation. The election of Trump has rung their bell and been a shock to the PC system of “governing”. And has exposed just how little they believe or know about America. How shallow and plain old political hacks that think their job is to get re-elected and indulge themselves in the perks they have rewarded themselves with. There should be no conservatives or liberals in DC, just Americans, with the president a native born American. They need to ask themselves not what the party or the govt can do for them, but what they can do for America to keep it as a beacon of hope for freedom in the world. Millions of people in the world live under tyrants, have no rights, have no freedom and our govt including the courts seem to be driven to take we the people down to the tyrant level! The election of 2016 is the beginning of America’s exodus from a banker ruled govt. Money did not buy the office of the president this time like petrodollars did in 2008. Political chaos exists in DC. To end this chaos people in positions of authority in all branches need to abandon the idea they are rulers and come to grips with the reality they are all public servants and do what is best for America!

  35. ter334 says:

    Personally I like the idea of making America a great place to live. For myself, family friends and neighbors. And I think we as a nation can do it as soon as we get the millstone called govt, called PC off our necks and backs. If the courts think sharia law is so great that they want open border, one world govt here should pack their bags and move to one of the many places where sharia law is the law of the land. Then they could participate in discrimination of women, beheading of innocent people and become muslim, the state religion!. It should be remembered that it is muslims that have declared a jihad, a holy war, against the US and other places.

  36. ter334 says:

    The three big PCs are entrenched in DC. Political Corruption, political chaos and political correctness!

  37. Bob Stewart says:

    If immunity has been granted and congress won’t act, the information should be turned over to friendly media. Don’t hold your breath waiting for congress to act.

  38. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

    The Washington cabal is so corrupted, we could investigate till Hell freezes over and never find our way through the maze they have created to cover their tracks! Their lies and stonewalling at every turn make it impossible to get to the truth. Too bad J. Edgar Hoover isn’t still around. He may have been a bit of a tyrant, but at least he had a modicum of honesty about him.

  39. Queenchallenger says:

    HUGE! Obama Aid, Evelyn Farkas, asst. defense secretary under Obama on MSNBC: We Fervently Gathered Intel on TRUMP!

  40. Rodger K. Shull says:

    QUIT TALKING ABOUT IT, an do it, take him the the rest down, an call me when you have, put that tax payer money were your mouth is, let have more DO an Less TALK

  41. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Well, quit talking an do it, arrest them all an try them for their crimes, an the punish them, lets stop all of the TALKING , an start DOING

  42. Rodger K. Shull says:

    Well take him down an bring all the rest of his treasonous minions with him, have a bundle trial of all of them, the need to stop talking an start doing it the an should be the FOCUS.

  43. BadWhisky says:

    We continue to hear these claims and yet, nothing. The closest we have gotten is the women who was on NBC last week who had been a part of the whole thing bragging about it to the liberal journalist….

  44. David Renaud says:

    You know obama spied on Trump…….Obama was a worthless president and he knew Trump was a better man.

  45. TexRancher says:

    If we are to have any trust in government and justice, the evidence should speak loud and clear and if it leads to Obama and Hillary, so be it. They should be held responsible for their actions including prosecution!

    1. Ron says:


  46. Kendall Stephenson says:

    I see your headlines, but where are your articles? Is it “FAKE NEWS”? I’m guessing the text is up there with your lying head, where the sun don’t shine. Crooked lying politicians and journalist should be held accountable for their treason and be executed, slowly. I’m not hateful or blood thirsty, I just looking for justus.
    If you found a Black Widow spider crawling on your baby in his crib, would you leave it there? You are capable of much more damage than a little spider. Look at the damage you have already done.

  47. Ron says:


    The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty — Paul Craig Roberts –
    Paul Craig Roberts › 2016/07/26 › the-isr…
    Jul 26, 2016 · The Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty Paul Craig Roberts Introduction: For a number of years Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chief of Naval Operations and

    1. mustangsallyann says:

      You have two choices. You obey God and be home with Him forever, or you ignore Him and spend eternity away from Him. He says we’re to love Israel and the Jewish and let Him be their judge, not that we’re to judge them over obedience to Him. I know what my decision is.

      1. Ron says:


        1. mustangsallyann says:

          First, I’m not Jewish, I’m a Christian, Baptist to be exact. Now, just the fact that many Jewish don’t believe in Jesus is in direct conflict with God’s word and they’ll have to answer for that alone. Anyone that knows the Bible knows that, so they’re already choosing to sin against God right there and I already know they’ll be punished. God knows who’s obedient to Him and who’s not. However, He still said it’s for Him to deal with, not me, you or anyone else. When He wants them gone, they’ll be gone. No, He doesn’t support killers or Hollywood but He doesn’t support any sin, like your name calling and screeching for no good reason at all. Each person chooses how much they choose to sin, or how much they don’t. Just like we don’t have carp to watch in our home, we also choose to obey the word of God. It doesn’t matter what I think, it matters what He thinks. You need to have a long chat with God yourself and see if you can change His mind. Until then, I don’t care what you think, I’ll stay obedient to Him. So what kind of movies do you watch??

          1. Ron says:

            I will pray for you. But the truth is the truth. I know my words are harsh but they are true. I hate to see my country being destroyed

          2. mustangsallyann says:

            I’ll pass. I’m pretty sure I’m better off without you praying on my account. I also hate our country being destroyed but know God will protect me for my obedience with the same fierceness He always has.

          3. mustangsallyann says:

            If you say you’ll pray for me because you read I was on chemo, thank you. If it’s because you think I don’t know what I’m doing in my relationship with Jesus and God, I’m fine, I’ll handle that. I also hate our country being destroyed but know God will protect His children and He has them in every country on earth, including Israel. This world was never intended to be permanent and if you put anyone or any land before God, you violate His #1 Commandment. To break any Commandment is to break the first, it’s inclusive. It doesn’t matter what truths we know, what He knows is all that’s important. We see a mile, He sees everything. The proof is easy to see if people desire it and can handle blatant honesty. If we knew what we were doing, don’t you think we’d have solved it all by now? Of course we would but humans are too selfish for that to happen. Hence, God’s purpose in guiding us, even when we don’t understand why it has to happen a certain way. Trust Him, He’ll help with the anger. But remember, He won’t excuse our sin because of the sins of another. We will all be responsible for all we do and as far as God sees it, a sin, is a sin, is a sin, they are equal.

          4. Buck says:

            May the LORD watch over you sally and heal your body . With the LORD any thing is possible. My blessing on the nation of Israel and my blessing on the people of Israel. May the LORD bless the United States of America and may he bless you Sally .
            Buck ??⚔?? 100% disabled Vietnam veteran Christian Right wing republican life time member NRA and friend to Israel.

          5. Ron says:

            Buck you are a phony. America has been a killing machine for killer Jews the last 17 years . Look at the property we destroyed. The two most hated countries on our planet are Israel and United States.So you were in Vietnam .Again a war that was costly and stupid. We should have bomb Israel for the USS LIBERTY. Vietnam never attack one of our ships and kill our troops. Vietnam was no threat to America. AMERICA CREATED TERRORISM IN THE WORLD. I feel sorry Sally but I also feel sorry for all the Americans who lost loved one in wars started by evil dangerous Jews! PLEASE RUSSIA BOMB ISRAEL !

          6. Ron says:


            …Many women are lured to work in Israel under false pretense and are then forced into the sex industry. While many are reportedly aware that they will be working as sex workers, they are not aware they will be subject to violent and exploitative environments, working seven days a week and up to 18 hours a day for extremely low salaries or no salaries at all. Many are subjected to other serious human rights violations, including rape, deprivation of their liberty, and debt-bondage. Women forced to work as sex workers are reportedly also frequently subjected to threats of abuse and even murder. Half the women interviewed by the Hotline for Migrant Workers were effectively incarcerated by their “pimps” and, according to a 2003 survey, almost half of all women “sold” to pimps reported that policemen were among their clients.

            According to a report by the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry on the Trafficking in Women (Summary Report) issued in early 2005, some 3,000 to 5,000 women are brought annually into Israel and forced to work as sex workers and some 10,000 were estimated to be currently in the country…

            Most of the women known to have been trafficked into Israel are from Ukraine, Moldova, Uzbekistan, and Russia, and are brought into Israel through the Egyptian-Israeli border. In the course of their journey, many are reportedly raped before traffickers sell them for $8,000-$10,000… 1

          7. mustangsallyann says:

            Thank you Buck and may God bless and protect you and yours also. I too am a friend to Israel which doesn’t endear a small faction to us these days it seems. I’m just so sorry you had to deal with the attacks you did and I saw them all last night after going over the history of the one you know that I speak of. Jesus warned us that Christians and Jews would be dealt with that way in the end. satan disguises himself well and we have to recognize it. We’re now watching the final prophesies come to fruition, right before our eyes. But as would should, we can only pray for them to learn the truth. If God has heartburn with Israel, that’s His call to make, not ours.

            Thanks so much for your service. My hubby and I are both AF vet’s but I could never view us as I do those that were in combat. It breaks my heart that upon returning home, you all were treated as you were and then after promising it would never happen again, people are treating those coming home now the exact same way. I spend a lot of time at our VA since I’m in treatment there and always have someone talk with me about the treatment they’ve been given from ordinary citizen’s now that they’re home. We spend a lot of time just praying with them and their futures. When I ever get strong enough I’ll be there full time. Nothing makes me happier than my bio family and the family of military vet’s we’ve also adopted.

            I know you’re strong, God stands beside you. Don’t let someone out of control ever make you question His word or your actions. May God heal you in everything as well. I’m not supposed to be here now and He’s shocked everyone with my outcome. What better way to honor our Father than to be able to say we survived through Him and nothing else. My doc’s have witnessed miracles with me, huge one’s that they’ve found substantial enough to document in my records. When that happens, God knows we’re doing just what He’s planned for us. His perfect will for our purpose here. :o)

            God bless and protect you and yours always. Amen. Sallyann

          8. Buck says:

            Thank you Sally. I get attacked once to three times a week by Muslims or Nazi type . I closed my own history because of a troll who followed me around. And I’m sure would still if I opened it back up. . Gets tiresome having these people making the comments that they do but I reckon it’s life. May the LORD watch over you and yours and keep you safe in the hard times to come. Buck ??⚔?? 100% disabled Vietnam veteran Christian Right wing republican lifetime member NRA and friend to Israel

          9. mustangsallyann says:

            Thankfully God protects me from most of them. Even if they start with a rant, they calm down by the 2nd communication. That’s when I get time to check the history and boy was I shocked when seeing that one. It’s enough that I’ll forego the kindness and put a halt to it immediately in the future. Some can be just a bit frustrated and I’ll make allowances with them, as they need that patience and it’s my calling to do so. Others speak from a place so full of darkness and once I discover that, I let God take completely over. He stops it much quicker than I can. Isn’t He a wonderful Father. Not that I never get angry but I do my best to make certain it doesn’t happen often. In any case, you know you’ve a sister and friend always, right here.
            I hope you have a great day, peaceful, calm and filled with love and warmth. I’m headed to my newly 6 year old granddaughter’s birthday party. It’s her last one, I told her she had to cut it out, she’s making me and mommy older. LOL We always have so much fun together and she’s just as goofy, she comes by it honestly. I’m sure we’ll be chatting again. God is working hard to put His children together now. Just one more promise He made as the return of Jesus comes closer. It’s so nice we’ve someone to count on, that will always keep His promises. God bless you. Sallyann

          10. Buck says:

            Thank you for your kind words. Buck ??⚔?? 100% disabled Vietnam veteran Christian Right wing republican lifetime member NRA and friend to Israel

          11. Ron says:

            Sorry to hear about your cancer. My wife and I are both survivors of cancer. But Israel killed our people and are responsible for millions of others deaths . We have been killing humans in the Middle East for 17 years for Jews. GOD WOULD NEVER APPROVE. Our country is under deadly Jewish control. Our crooked government is under deadly Jewish control. GOD DOES NOT APPROVE. Reverend Bill Graham spoke of Jews and the stranglehold on America. Below is part of Helen Thomas interview after Jews attack her. GOD IS IN MY HEART AND LOVES ME!

            She spoke to Playboy at length about the situation in Palestine, her feelings on American support of Israel, and her take on Jews.

            But her most controversial comments echoed ones she’s made before about the influence of Jews in American life, which have contributed to her name being stripped from journalism awards.

            “[The Jews are] using their power, and they have power in every direction,” she told Playboy. “Power over the White House, power over Congress … Everybody is in the pocket of the Israeli lobbies, which are funded by wealthy supporters, including those from Hollywood. Same thing with the financial markets. There’s total control … It isn’t the 2 percent. It’s real power when you own the White House, when you own these other places in terms of your political persuasion. Of course they have power. [To the interviewer] You don’t deny that. You’re Jewish, aren’t you?”

          12. mustangsallyann says:

            No, I’m not Jewish. I told you, I’m a Baptist Christian and I follow the teaching’s in the KJV Bible. Although it really wouldn’t matter what my religion, I’d obey God’s word over any man’s teachings. If I were Jewish I wouldn’t be a good one, as Jesus is the only way to God and most Jew’s don’t acknowledge Him as the son of God. I know they’ll answer for it but also know if I’m to obey God, it isn’t my place to judge or punish them. I know they don’t want to acknowledge Jesus as they’d have to face that they took His life. On the flip side, I also know Jewish people that do believe in Jesus and are truly obedient to God.

            As far as the ME, you’re not going to like what I say but it’s the truth. Once again, it’s due to the Jew’s disobeying God. When God ordered the total destruction of the Canaanites and Amalekites, which were the direct descendant’s of islam, He did so because He knew they’d sway people from God in the future with their ungodly, false teaching’s and actions. He knew in not doing so, we’d be right where we are today. Since children return to God, He knew it would save their children while ridding the world of the evil they’d bring to it. Israelites disobeyed, kept the women and children for their purposes and we now see the outcome of that disobedience. It was God’s will to save us from that but as we were promised our own free will, He then left us to deal with the consequences. Had God’s will had been followed, radical islam wouldn’t exist at all.

            I’ve no doubt God loves you and you have Him in your heart. He knows perfection is impossible for all of us. But when you speak on those things you speak more of your feelings than you do of God’s teachings and how He feels. I don’t ever presume to I know what God’s thinking or will change His mind about in the future. I can’t and that’s our difference. My choice of program is the 700 Club with Pat Robertson as He follows scripture more than anyone I’ve ever heard. While he has a close relationship with Reverend Bill Graham, Pat also follows the Bible over everything else, so they obviously don’t agree on everything. But do I believe they both belong to our Father? You bet I do and if I’m wrong, it’s for God to sort out in the end, not me.

            I’ll explain something about me that may help with more understanding of my stance. I’ve the spiritual gift’s of visions, dreams and premonitions and have had them since I was toddler, as far as memory serves both me and my family. God, the Holy Spirit, showed me my cancer just for one small example, but I’ve also been allowed to see much, much more. I knew the muslim brotherhood were terrorists before The U.S. found out who they really were, except O of course. He knew what they were and their agenda all along. I was shown that 2 years before they were ever in the picture. I’ve also been shown the outcome of many of the things transpiring now. I knew who O was the first time I saw him as well. I’ve actually known my purpose here since I was 5 years old and have stayed on that path throughout most of my life. Yes, I argued with God, rebelled at times and didn’t always like those gifts as they aren’t much fun for the most part, but I always quickly came back to where I was supposed to be. I couldn’t exist without God at my side so finally accepted all of it once I knew it was never going away. At that point I had to learn to be objective, obey Him as much as is humanly possible or seeing what I did would’ve made me crazy. It’s what they call coming to the end of yourself and living for nothing other than Him and His direction. That’s when you no longer live for yourself, you exist for Him only, heart, body and soul. I view this world as a temporary condition and people as either His children or the children of evil. While I mourn for the loss of all children, I rejoice as I know where they’ve been taken and it’s the most glorious place we’ll ever be. It made me love every person on earth as much as my own family, as long as they were God’s children and He shows me who they are very quickly. It’s hard for most to understand, humans are selfish so most don’t have the ability to do the same. But once that’s ingrained inside of you, there’s no going back, ever. Not that I’d want to even if I could.

            That said, why would I lie to you about my religion, knowing that doing so is a sin and dishonor’s God. I don’t have anything to hide as I don’t care what others think about me, how our Father sees me is my only concern, as it should be for everyone. Just because someone doesn’t agree with all that you say, doesn’t automatically mean they’re Jewish. Some of us just take God’s word more seriously than others. It doesn’t mean one’s bad and the other isn’t. It just means we all grow at a different pace.

            May Jesus and God bless and protect you and yours always. Sallyann

          13. Ron says:

            Sally the 700 Club is a brainwashing bunch of losers. Back up and look how far America’s gone backwards. USA 20 trillion dollars in debt ? Jews filthy rich. Use reality and common sense . We are in serious trouble and our children are in danger. JFK knew this and the Jews killed him and his brother.

          14. mustangsallyann says:

            I’m a huge advocate of researching. No matter who I listen to, if it isn’t supported with scripture in the Bible, they lose credibility with me quickly and I do research everything. I may not agree with all of Pat’s personal opinion’s, but not once have I heard or seen Him misquote the Bible. His charities are untouchable, the best in the world and the #s are available to the public anytime you want to see behind the scenes and know where your money goes to. Last year over 98.5% of donations all went to the needy and because of how much they’ve done over the years, they were also awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. But most importantly, when I got cancer, moved back across country to again be near our children and wasn’t able to go to any church regularly, it was Jesus that sent me to them. That was in 2013 and it wasn’t a disappointment. Not to mention, with all of the media lies, it’s the only place to get news that aren’t based on lies and supposition. If you’re looking toward any man for all of your answers, you’re putting another before God which violates the 1st Commandment. I don’t view any of them that way, hence my lack of need for the name calling and insulting of the others.

            I’m sure you know the scripture about judgement. We’ll be judged by the same measure we’ve judged others. It’s wonderful instruction from God as He knows that being too judgmental clouds us from many truths, in essence, it takes our ability to learn further. I told you, I’ve a wonderful relationship with God and the first time He sent me one of His messenger’s, I was only 5. It was when I was told my purpose here. I go straight to the top for my true answers, He guides me to stay and listen, and when I shouldn’t. I know there’s danger in our midst’s, I know it involves all of us. But I also know God will continue to bless and fiercely protect me and my family, just as He always has. If obedient, there’s nothing to fear. If you heed the Bible, it’s unavoidable. Fear comes from satan, not God. If you’re a Christian, you’re a target. Jesus warned that we’d be, so we could prepare. I also know God will bring me and my family home before the worst of it. Just like He promised He wouldn’t allow me to suffer with the cancer and He has kept His word.

            My expiration date was in Feb of this year. Those I were in the hardest part of our treatments with, are sadly no longer here. In my case the doc’s are amazed, I’m strong, still plugging forward and with no suffering like most go through. I’ve received stellar care, including necessary trial drugs that ins. normally refuses to pay for, although when dx’d, we’d lost our insurance due to O. Not one dime has come from any government assistance. Close to 2 million $$ that have cost us out of pocket less than 10 grand so far. All of it has been a blessing from God. I could even tell you more but you’ve finally convinced me it wouldn’t matter. Your mind’s made up with everything and that’s how it will stay. I assure you, anything I’ve mentioned about scripture, such as God’s instructions with the Canaanites, didn’t come from Pat Robertson. I don’t watch to learn the Bible, I don’t need anyone for that. But I love watching the miracles of children drinking healthy water, being housed, clothed and fed and I also love praying collectively for all of those in need. It makes me happy that God has blessed us so we can bless others. So you follow the Lord in the way you think is right and I’ll continue to do the same. If you provide scripture that supports your stance, I’ll be happy to read it. I’ll do the same if you don’t know where the things I’ve brought up are located as well. I assumed you’d already know it ,but if in error, I’ll happily post it. I guess this is all I can say to support my unyielding obedience to His word and I will post the scripture to support that.

            John 12:25

            “He that loveth his life shall lose it; and he that hateth his life in this world shall keep it unto life eternal.”

            Matthew 16:25

            24Then Jesus told His disciples, “If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me. 25For whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. 26What will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul? Or what can a man give in exchange for his soul?…
            Have a great evening and God bless you.

  48. ONLYJB1 says:

    I pray everyday that one day a group of our politicians will grow a pair of cajones and take care of the corruption within!

  49. ernldo says:

    Of course bathhouse Barry was behind the spying. The president is the ONLY person that can order surveillance without a judges signed order.

  50. Ron says:

    There is so much crime committed in America by pieces of shit at the top that the American people are getting use to it.Many crimes are vary serious including murder. Crooked politicians,cops on all level , judges,layers and so on are destroying America. And all this is all fueled by Jews and other capitalist pigs who are ANTI AMERICAN AND ANTI CHRIST.

    This is why the FBI protected criminals (DISNEY-COPS AND OTHERS) to help them frame me for a felony and so many other crimes in Orange Co Fl. Folks the CIA-FBI-SS and other crooked agencies in our crooked government are the real terrorist to fear along with the dangerous Jews who own them. You have no idea what kind of danger your children will face in the near future. Your country is under attack from with-in and in serious trouble and danger today and it will get worse. History does not lie about ANTI AMERICA ANTI CHRIST Jews who we should put on trial and then executed.


    Folks today I have a felony and the criminals are listed above. I just hope they don’t kill us like they did JFK MLK AND BOBBY KENNEDY and other good Americans. President Trumps life is in danger.

  51. pete0097 says:

    This doesn’t surprise me at all. I actually suspect that Trump had the proof before he said he suspected he was wiretapped. He was just waiting until all of the democrats were on board against him to release it to do the most damage.

  52. Palmer says:

    I wouldn’t put anything past Obama.. The bread crumbs lead right to him. The day for his expose is near. and take clinton,clapper,comey,jarread with him.

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