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You Won’t Believe What Chelsea Clinton Did To Michelle Obama

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  1. Palma Menno Rice says:

    Bring your own lunch to school.

    1. Annie says:

      Now that Trump’s president…the kids won’t go hungry during the school year!

  2. Annie says:

    Manchelle is a disgrace! Have you seen the size of her lately!? Doesn’t look like she’s starving but she sure didn’t care about the school kids! The Obamas are frauds!

  3. stopspending4 says:

    I hope Chelsea runs for office. She would be great – for her gop opponent.

    1. Annie says:

      The Clintons are also frauds! What a disgusting couple! Thank God, hag Hilary wasn’t elected!

      1. IMSweetOlBob says:

        RIGHT ! She cheated Old Bernie and pandered to every group in the country over three people for nothing !

    2. Kissingfan says:

      If Chelsea runs for office, you can bet Killery will try to fix the election. Just like she tried to rig the election for the presidency. She failed to campaign effectively because she was so sure the fix was in.

      1. Annie says:

        Hag Hillary felt ‘entitled’ to the presidency but the sane people of the U.S.A. voted against her! There is a God!

  4. GolanTrevise8 says:

    We have too many government regulations already. Deciding what kids eat should be between them and their parents.

    1. Annie says:

      Like I that Manchelle is no longer in the White House, I’m sure the students will have better lunches during the school year!

      1. GolanTrevise8 says:

        I’m glad the obozo’s are out of the white house, now if we could just get them to permanently leave the country!

        1. Annie says:

          My solution is to put the Clintons, Obummers & George Soros on a deserted island with no food!

          1. Donna Howard says:

            AWW maybe we could give them fishing rods!!

          2. Annie says:

            LOL! Nope,..they don’t even deserve that.

          3. crustyone says:

            They can use their hands.

          4. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            I prefer a solution from Vladimir!

          5. crustyone says:

            Make sure they take the kids with them–we don’t need their trickle down attempted runs for office.

          6. Shawn Sapp says:

            The obama’s would eaf soros first and then turn on one another. My money would be on michelle eating hussein. Then of course the buzzards would eat her. I’d love to watch it all unfold

          7. wes says:

            That island needs to be ” Alcatraz. “

  5. Raymond Miller says:

    Gee, Chelsea made a fool of her self, by attempting to sound so sophisticated and knowledgeable, I wonder who she takes after, DAAAAAAAAAAA
    We know that the Emperor and his Queen, never ate like they insisted our kids eat. Their kids school didn’t serve the crap Michele was pushing.

    1. Annie says:

      You have that right! My son taught at the Obama’s kid’s school back in the early 2000’s & they had wonderful, delicious lunches! President Trump will fix this program now! The Obamas & Clintons are disgusting!

      1. rick meek says:

        Man – my grand kids still won’t touch the stuff they offer —- even the illegals won’t touch it….

        1. Roger Domnie says:

          not on our dime, rick. they eat steak more than we do………

        2. Brenda Sinclair says:

          pack it up send to gay trannie mechelle, to feed her gay friends!!!!

      2. quakergirl says:

        The Obama’s kids’ school was an elite private Society of Friends (Quaker) school. Which has nothing to do with public school lunch programs.

        1. Roger_T73 says:

          … iof course, the RULING liber-TARDs are never subject to their laws.
          – Why is Congress exempted from Obamacare?
          – Why is Congress not covered by Social Security?

          1. Bud says:

            I believe Congress IS covered by Social Security.

    2. granny_forUSA says:


      1. crustyone says:

        She could be hubbel and gobble.

    3. sox83cubs84 says:

      Chelsea has become the reigning Dumb Blonde of the Democrap Party.

    4. Roger Domnie says:

      raymond, sorry tooooo correct you, it’s michael lavaughn robinson, not michelle……….. they are queer couple….

    5. drbhelthi says:

      The lunches that were illegally forced onto schools by the transvestite, alias Michelle Obama, alleged marital partner of the illegal alien, Barrak Hussein Obama, were well-balanced, nutritional meals. Sadly, typical parents have accustomed their children to eating fast-food junk, and they cannot appreciate nutritious meals, thus rejected them.

      1. Raymond Miller says:

        I do agree with you to an extent, but in America we have increased our life span by a huge margin, Our fore fathers ate the food that they grew and harvested, pork, beef, chickens and we got to were we are. Yes, more vegetables and some fruits are good for you, but so is red meat. Today you have every other person needing a hip or knee trans-plant. I believe that the government has once again shoved BS down our throats with their low salt, no fat diets, and exorcise. I just lost two friends who were advocates of this tripe. Do I believe that we should drink a pint of bacon fat every day, No. However, I also don’t believe you should not have one ounce of fat on your body. Your body needs that fat to lubricate your joints and your bowel movements without in your joints are going to be dry and not as flexible. Our ancestors ate salted meats and cooked with animal fats even if they ate range grown meats. What they call beef today is garbage, you may as well eat saw dust, no taste, no energy producing lubricating fats. You need salt to sweat without it your body takes it from other organs and that isn’t good. Not everyone fits in the same mold but you need those items in your food. Cholesterol is created by carbohydrates and sugar, which your body stores any excess in your blood stream, as plaque, then you Dr. puts you on a statin (spelling ?), not good.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          Where did you get the idea that I am against eating fat?
          All the no-fat and low-fat diets are illness-inducing, which you suggest in your detailed response. Of course, improper nourishment is responsible

          for the cartilage depletion at the joints. Of course, allopathic surgeons are eager to remove the symptom instead of addressing the source of the illness. Replacing a hip, knee or bypass surgery brings in big $$ swiftly, with hospital fees. Assisting a patient to alter ones eating habit is time-consuming, requires too much office discussion for only an office consultation fee, and is only occasionally successful. Eating habits rarely alter swiftly, if at all. And, similar to “Bud´s” comment above, most folk do not care to hear facts, if they disagree with ones opinion. Also, the concept, “it only requires a few days in the hospital, I have a new hip, and insurance pays the bill” pleases many patients – who are as impatient as their allopathic physicians.

          We still use hog lard for grease, recently added coconut oil.

          1. Raymond Miller says:

            I plead guilty of not comprehending what read, my answer was based on my understanding of your comment. Sorry.

      2. Bud says:

        Uh huh. Please don’t give up your day job, assuming you have one.

        1. drbhelthi says:

          – you have missed a few important items in your haste and pre-mature conclusion.

  6. Not A Farmer says:

    Go back to what works. Michelle Obama’s lunch program did not work.

    1. Annie says:

      That’s one of the ‘changes’ the Obummers wanted to make!

      1. crustyone says:

        All hope and no change. What a joke.

  7. SouthernPatriot says:

    Government schools indoctrinate, and do not educate. That indoctrination reached warp speed under Obama and his perverted sycophants. Michelle’s foray into school lunch nutritionist was a miserable failure, not because of Republican or conservative opposition, but a rebellion by the consumers–the government school children! They would not eat the first meal, and then afterward would not pick up a plate, costing the school huge money in taxpayer funds.

    1. granny_forUSA says:


  8. Rick D. says:

    Chelsea, Hillary, and Maxine should start their own comedy act & call it: “Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest”.

    1. Annie says:

      They can also be the female…”Three Stooges”!

      1. jtintx2 says:

        More like the three blind mice!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. Annie says:

          Now if we can only put a nice piece of duct tape on their mouths! They’re a waste of oxygen anyway…so is Nancy Pelosi!

      2. WilliamHarrington says:

        Annie – Except that the stooges were actors and intelligent.

      3. Debra(bogene) says:

        Now… that suits them to a tee !!!! ‘Three Stooges.’

    2. crustyone says:

      Or it could be the Three Dumb Clucks.

      1. Rick D. says:

        Good one!! The emcee could introduce the act & say: “WTF-here are the 3 Dumb Clucks”.

  9. Richard Bagenstose says:

    nothing new , if democrats had brains they would really be dangerous , now for straveing kids , michelle is an expert , 8 years of making kids go to school hungry , because they refused to eat her garbage,don’t you just love a fat person telling you to go on a diet,

    1. Brenda Sinclair says:

      mechelle had to hide his junk pack, you know mechelle the trannie pretending to be a woman sick disgusting so glad we do not have to look at ape faces anymore

    2. Raymond Miller says:

      If Demon-Craps had brains, they would be Conservatives.

  10. john Illinois says:

    Do you remember what you get when you cross a crooked politician and a crooked lawyer? Chelsea

    1. Annie says:

      Yeah, but Chelsea’s biological father is Webb Hubbell! Is he a lawyer, too?

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          So was Vince Foster, Hillary’s DC lover, who committed “suicide” with 2 gunshot wounds to the head.

          1. Wasn’t there a question whether it was suicide or murder?

          2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

            Still is officially. Even the FBI records are contradictory. Sidney Blumenthal was ” in charge” of that “matter” for the CLINTONS, guaranteeing considerable obsfucation, contradictions and fake leads. Not much has changed since then!

          3. wac4761 says:

            NOT ANYMORE!!!

          4. mcgyver35 says:

            No question…the fixer just did his job and covered it up.

          5. Pat Travitz says:

            How do you cover up 2 bullets in the back of the head?? MMMMMM

          6. mcgyver35 says:

            I guess we are supposed to believe he was double jointed and had a twitch or hick ups.

          7. mustangsallyann says:

            mcgyver, you would be the one to discover that answer. ;o) LOL

          8. John R. says:

            Bullets rick-o-shade

          9. mustangsallyann says:

            That’s the question for everyone truly in touch with reality. They aren’t, so don’t expect any honesty from them.

          10. Jeronimo Dan says:

            You work for the Clinton’s, you either cover-up, or someone will be covering up for your demise.

          11. cp123 says:

            Buy those who might prosecute.

          12. Cheryl Hering says:

            Really, how do you?? Seems like the Clintons have gotten away with anything & everything so far….

          13. JOHN MILLER says:

            huh he shot himself twice in the back of the head

          14. A natural born American says:

            I remember hearing about that.

          15. Roger_T73 says:

            It WAS MURDER. but the Clintonistas in DC simply lied on the official report.
            Kind of like when Director comey announced that although HITLERy committed 107 FELONIES with her secret e-mail server, but the DOJ would not prosecute her (the WICKED WITCH of the WEST).

          16. Terry Wilcox says:

            2 (two) shots to the back of his head? Accidental suicide? Maybe?

          17. Bud says:

            Yes, he was cleaning his gun.

          18. drbhelthi says:

            No, for professionals who are acquainted with suicide by pistol there is no question. Vince Foster did not commit suicide.

            All the “official” information was designed to distract from the murder.

          19. what did the handwriting experts who examined the lefter for autothenticity arrive at. Did he write the note?

          20. Sandra says:

            the two shots to the head answers that. haha

          21. Guest2 says:

            He ‘probably’ was – I say that since his ‘suicide’ was probably a result of his sudden realization: “OMG, I did WHAT with her!?!?” and shot himself twice in the back of his head.

        2. John Redman says:

          AND, by sleeping with him, hiLIARy was made the 1st female partner at Rose AND by being the bio father he has avoided the fate of Vince (and Seth)

          1. Guest2 says:

            Makes sense – ‘make a donation to the Clinton’s’ and you escape the inevitable fatal demise.

          2. John Redman says:

            Yeah, ‘sperm donor’.

          3. Guest2 says:


          4. Bud says:

            Hillary was made partner at the Rose Law Firm after Bubba was elected governor. She was first hired when he became attorney general of Arkansas.

          5. John Redman says:

            That is true but so are the other facts. Thanks for the update.

        3. I thought Vince Foster was the real father?

          1. Phyllis Handkins says:

            I think Vince would probably have made a nicer looking child.

          2. Guest2 says:

            That’s a given –

          3. mcgyver35 says:

            Chelsea looks like Bill. Just as fugly

          4. Guest2 says:

            Then you really haven’t seen what Wes Hubbell looks like –

          5. Guest2 says:

            Nope. Chelsea is the spit & image of Wes Hubbell. Just recently Hubbell even acknowledged she was his daughter (though NEVER a word from Hillary or Bill) – he was lamenting that he ‘did not have the opportunity to share her childhood’.

      1. Bud says:

        Yes. Wasn’t he also a partner at the Rose Law Firm with Hillary and the Fort Marcy Park guy?

    2. mcgyver35 says:

      Bill Clinton was a lawyer also before becoming a politician. And hillery was a lawyer before becoming a politician. (Both were disbarred, I might add). So you have to ask it like this…Do you know what you get when you breed a crooked politician lawyer with a crooked politician lawyer??? A total disaster and you call it…CHELSEA

    3. mustangsallyann says:

      She’s on heavy duty drugs if she think she could ever be elected. The Clinton’s are absolutely delusional.

      1. drbhelthi says:

        Genuine, American voters probably have not elected a US president since WE elected Jimmy Carter. That is, unless the crooks who programm the voting machines are American voters, who illegally elected the string of frauds via fraudulently programming the voting machines.

        1. mustangsallyann says:

          Well that’s a bummer. The first time I was old enough to vote was when Reagan won in 1980. So does that mean I’ve only seen our worst presidents in history at work? That’s not very comforting.

          1. Bud says:

            In Reagn you saw one of our very best, and he succeeded the man who is now our second-worst since Obama came along and took that honor from him.

          2. drbhelthi says:

            If you check the facts, you will find documentation that indicates the opposite. You might even discover why and who selected Reagan to front for George H.W. Bush as VP.
            This link provides an overview_

          3. mustangsallyann says:

            Being a youngster, I considered myself a liberal so was very upset when Reagan won. Lo and behold, before his 1st term was done, I was and have continued to be a diehard conservative. While I’ve never voted straight party lines, I vote for whoever I feel will do the best job, the majority continues to be conservative. I’ve always wished we could’ve cloned Reagan as I learned more with him than any other pres.

            As far as Obama, I saw who he was the first time I laid eyes on him and that was even before he decided to run. Before anything, I’m a child of God and Obama radiated an evil I don’t often see. God is always our best teacher and will always show us the truth, as long as we’re willing to pay attention.

    4. saveliberty says:

      she crooked too

    5. xenonman says:

      Or just cross two crooked lawyers! LOL

    6. ongelofelijk says:

      You are increasingly making yourself irrelevant like your mother and step father, “BJ” but what you learned from Mama is hungry for attention to further your potential political career. Why not put your effort into parenthood, so we have to see or hear less from you, and stop being a hard-core saloon/ limo socialist.

  11. Brad Tipton says:

    Nutritional meals for children, properly conceived, created and presented in an appetizing way will be eaten by the students. The thing is ……. more thought and creativity needs to be put into this important facet of caring for our children. Just ask ANY good mother that gets her children to eat good meals.

  12. jeff says:

    Gee when I went to school my mother packed my lunch every day. Usually a sandwich and a piece of fruit.

    1. Annie says:

      Hear ya! My mother did the same…I was able to go home for lunch since I lived a block away! Giving away my age! 🙂

      1. granny_forUSA says:


        1. Kissingfan says:

          Sorry, when I was a kid, my mom packed a lunch for me before she left for work. My brothers and sister got home a few hours before mom and dad got home from work. A bag lunch was the norm when I was in school. But we never went hungry.

          1. RightWriter says:

            Of course that worked Fine when you were a kid, before Big Brother decided he/it had to make sure every kid had a well-balanced (although inedible) meal every day, whether they wanted it or not or were maybe allergic to large parts of it. So what? It’s HEALTHY, or so they say. Now Big Brother tells us what our kids can or can’t have for lunch, the lunchbags WE pack get confiscated, and the kids come home HUNGRY because they couldn’t stomach the crap the SCHOOL wanted to feed them!

        2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Bakery and brewery in most cities of good size; produce was regional; meats were local, soda pop bottled locally, potatoes from Idaho; gravy made by Mom! Some stores didn’t have freezers; just coolers. You went to a dairy store or shop for ice cream. Milk got delivered by trucks loaded with ice. Lots of jobs and it was CHEAPER and HEALTHIER!

          1. crustyone says:

            Milk was two cents, a Krisy Kreme donut a nickle, and an ice cream sandwich a dime. The hot lunch in the cafeteria was only thirty-five cents.

          2. Arlene Peters says:

            That was definitely a “MUCH” better time in life for everyone.. My grandfather was a milkman and delivered our milk and everyone used to kid me about how I “looked like the milkman”… Remember those days? They were good..

        3. Gen11American says:

          Having room to breathe, no overcrowded schools, no non-English speaking illegals and immigrants so we could get a decent education without being held back, not being indoctrinated daily with Leftist crap and Common Core, both designed to create “Group Think” instead of instilling independent thought and common sense. Other than nuclear drills where we were forced to “duck and cover” beneath desks which wouldn’t have protected us from anything, we really had it good back then! Now, after 8 years of Obama, we’re living in a Third-World nation of Socialists trying to make us the minority!

          1. frybaby says:

            same here except under our desks for a earthquake drill.

          2. Gen11American says:

            It appears that’s likely to be repeated. The Yellowstone Caldera area is experiencing a rash of earthquakes which may indicate that Super
            Volcano is waking up. If it blows, at least the Leftists will have something else to worry about besides not having a Democrat in the White House!

      2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

        Me too 🙂

    2. Mike W says:

      Most kids today pack a lunch because the school food “sucks”.

      1. granny_forUSA says:


        1. Grammaof4 says:

          Unfortunately, the “high schools” around my area, have closed campus, which means they cannot escape to find lunch elsewhere. They are stuck with the crap being served on campus. The elementary and junior highs are not allowed to take “sack lunches” because there MIGHT be good food in the lunches. And the teachers can’t risk students who do pay attention because they had something good to eat.

          1. Gen11American says:

            My niece gained over 100 pounds in four years eating the crap lunches at school! And daily PE didn’t help one bit, either! I don’t know what the heck she was eating, but if I had to do it over, I would send a school lunch with her every day to keep her slimmer!

          2. Grammaof4 says:

            My oldest granddaughter was getting on the chunky side as well. Then, she stopped eating at school and started walking 5 miles a day in her junior year. She just graduated 30 lbs lighter than when she started high school. Now, she thinks she’s in heaven. She’s living with me and I don’t have junk food anywhere in my house.

          3. Arlene Peters says:

            I don’t understand HOW a school can not allow a student to take “sack lunches”, that’s crazy. I have always been a “picky” eater (and I’m not young) and always had to take my own lunch simply because I liked “very few foods”. So now the schools near you are trying to “dictate” what their students “MUST” eat? Since I am “old school”, I’d still send my child to school with their own lunch and believe me…. they would let him eat what I gave for lunch or hear it from me “BIG TIME”…

          4. Grammaof4 says:

            No, these idiots will throw the lunches in the trash WITHOUT looking to see what is in the sack, in front of the parents. Yes, they are dictators thanks to the Teacher’s Union of CA. They want the federal funding to NOT educate. I’m a tutor and every one of the students I tutor are being educated and not by the school. It may be summer session right now, but I have 3 full time students for tutoring, the rest are on “vacation” for about a month.

          5. Arlene Peters says:

            Did you ever see the “menu” of choices that were given to students of “Sidwell school” which is where the obama girls went? I had posted it a few times and it was amazing… We are talking things like choice of “lasagna or fresh baked stuffed haddock”, side dishes of “choice of so many veggies, or salads”, and ALWAYS, yes ALWAYS desserts which were very special desserts unlike the “fruit” that other kids have… They should have been fed the same trash that moochie wanted “other” kids to have… No matter whose children they are “they should all be treated the same”… Those girls are NO BETTER (actually the oldest one is really someone I would disown) than any other children…

          6. RightWriter says:

            Well, at $40,000 per kid per year (and I’m not sure that includes lunches — just tuition), the little darlings SHOULD be eating VERY special food. Truffles and caviar, maybe? If they were OLD enough, it should be served with champagne cocktails.

          7. Arlene Peters says:

            The oldest daughter probably did get champagne with her lunch, lol… She seems to like her booze… If you recall she was arrested just a few weeks ago while intoxicated in a N.Y. bar… She’s a real winner that one…

          8. RightWriter says:

            She may have gotten champagne at home, but I’m pretty sure it’s NOT on the menu at her school (Sidwell Friends). It’s a QUAKER school, and alcohol is just ONE of the things it doesn’t allow under ANY circumstances.

          9. Arlene Peters says:

            I was merely making a “comparison” of what the “double standards” are… I didn’t really think that she was served champagne….

        2. COMPU-TRON says:

          There are more students than teachers, admins, and guests. Math is not your strong suit, I suppose.

        3. xenonman says:

          Correct! In many cases those cars cost more than what the teachers at those same schools earn in a year!

      2. laurig says:

        It seems when home-packed lunches are taken to school they run the risk of being confiscated by the lunchroom police

        1. reggie says:

          Yeah, they’re hungry and want something decent to eat.

    3. Arlene Peters says:

      Same here Jeff and I think that partly why “all of us who were raised in that atmosphere” feel sorry for the youngsters growing up now… We had it really good… and were always satisfied with just playing jump rope. or sidewalk games… Always doing something with all of our friends..

  13. Mike W says:

    Poor Poor Chelsea – child if they ever put your brain in a bird the poor thing will fly backwards into a tree.

  14. Maggietish says:

    Chelsea needs to just give it up. She continues to embarrass yourself. If she runs for office it will be entertaining if nothing else because all she’ll do is be on the firing line of answering questions about her corrupt parents and all the scandals that they have been involved in all of their lives most of which were to the detriment to this country and the American people. I’d like her to explain how her mother ignored the fact that 4 Americans were slaughtered in been Ghazi and when she could’ve save them she chose not to. And two, why did her mother lie about the reason for the attacks saying it was a video when she actually sent emails to Chelsea that very day saying it was a terrorist attack. Would be interesting for Chelsea to answer the question why her mother is so cavalier and dismissive over the fact that the 4 Americans were slaughtered as she clearly showed when she responded to a question and Congress when I asked her why these four men died and she said, “what difference does it make.”. Chelsea needs to explain why her mother still refuses to give the name of the person who gave the standdown order when help was 30 minutes away that could’ve saved these men’s lives. Chelsea should explain to the American people why her mother called them deplorable’s and every other bile despicable name that she could and yet she still expected them to vote for her, seriously? Chelsea I’m sure he is willing to give an exclamation of how her parents made $30 million dollars supposedly for the Clinton foundation, which only gives 10% of the money they collected to charities, while Hillary was Secretary of State and most of this money came from countries that weren’t even our allies. It doesn’t take any big brain to realize that Hillary sold the country out for money. Chelsea can also explain how her father was such a womanizer, and may will still be, why he was accused of rape, why he lied under oath and lost his law license and was impeached by the house when he was president. If anything, it will give American people a heck of a laugh To watch Chelsea attempt to answer any of these questions and explain why her parents are so corrupt.

    1. Kissingfan says:

      The Benghazi story is that Killery set up the ambassador to be murdered. She ignored the calls for more security guards for the compound. The weapons were provided by a gun runner the made the arrangements with Killery to get the weapons to the “rioters.” Obummer and others in the WH knew what was going on.

      1. Annie says:

        These evil people need to be in prison!

  15. meadowlands says:

    Chelsea is an idiot.

    1. Annie says:

      Like mother, like daughter!

  16. granny_forUSA says:


    1. Mike W says:

      No Remember – Michelle’s? one daughter? was caught drunk and disorderly in a New York night club. She is not old enough to drink legally. I wonder why that club has not been fined or lost their liquor license over that? Michelle and Barry dumped the kids on someone and took off to California to stay with some gay friends at the friends mansion. Michelle stormed out and jumped on Richard Branson’s plane to Branson’s private island retreat in the Caribbean. Barry jumped on a plane going in the opposite direction – remember he made that quick stop in Hawaii to interfere with President Trump’s travel ban. The next thing they are seen all buddy buddy in Italy – again I did not see the girls with them. Yeah Michelle/Michael should be telling others how to raise their kids. What a joke.

      1. Annie says:

        The girls aren’t their biological daughters! It’s Barack & Manchelle! You’re right, though, about the oldest girl drinking & no fines for the club! That’s a disgrace! In fact, the Obamas are a disgrace just like the dopey Clintons!

      2. Kissingfan says:

        Michelle/Michael is most likely a shemale. One of Bathhouse Barry’s trophies!

        1. Mike W says:

          There are many photos and videos that would indicate that Michelle is not who she says she is. Barry himself called her Michael on many occasions. Of course Barry is not who he says he is either so they are a match made in hell.

          1. Annie says:

            I did see the videos where Obummer slipped up & did say, “Michael” instead of “Michelle”. Love it!

      3. crustyone says:

        They were also poor excuses for pet parents. Where were and are their dogs?

    2. Donna Howard says:

      Well, Michelle sure didn’t, she had one big caboose!!!

    3. KDC says:

      Oh, no, not in their elitist private school.

      1. Annie says:

        It’s not the school’s fault! My son taught there quite a few yrs. ago & it was very nice.

    4. COMPU-TRON says:

      How’re your grandchildrens’ obesity situations going?

  17. Richard Forster says:

    Trump slayed the Clinton and Bush oligarchies. It’s a shame there wasn’t a Kennedy in there too.

    Anyway, if the democrats embrace another Clinton, they deserve to fail.

    1. Mike W says:

      Remember it was a Democrat who assassinated John F. Kennedy.
      It was also a Democrat that assassinated Abraham Lincoln and Martin Luther King Jr.

  18. quakergirl says:

    Stomachs full of sugar and salt? I love Trump but Chelsea may have a good idea.

    1. KDC says:

      Do you think she thought of that herself? I sure don’t.

      1. quakergirl says:

        No. But she used her so called influence to do one good thing. Americans have the highest percentage of obese people and unhealthy ones.

        1. Mike Schneider says:

          it the moocher was nothing about helping the health of American children, it was vested into many of the contracted supply companies. the story was exposed and quickly dropped by the media in 2015. moocher-bozo made a tidy profit at tax-payer expense

    2. The Old Chip says:

      Children reflect the values parents instill in them. What do you think the kids ate? They threw away their school lunches and went to the nearest store to get, sugar and salt, probably with the money their parents gave them.

      1. Mike Schneider says:

        not true for the majority, many schools ended that freedom, forcing students to purchase school meals. shortly after Moocher Obozo’s regulation was forced down Americas throats, soda & snack machines were also removed.

  19. Fedup says:

    She won’t be able to run for any office from prison when the USAG gets done with prosecuting the clinton crime family over their clinton slush fund which is an ongoing criminal enterprise.

    1. Kissingfan says:

      The Clinton Foundation is providing the funding for Chelsea’s political campaigns just like it funded her $1 million wedding.

      1. bytheway4 says:

        kissingfan, plus her wedding was held at Soros’s mansion. what does that tell you.

      2. crustyone says:

        Maybe the funds can be seized, depositied in the U.S.Treasury and applied to the Obama Deficit.

  20. SafetyDave says:

    We DONT NEED the Government CONTROLLING our kids in ANY way, form, shape, or fashion. GTFO !!! States need to decide things like lunch food, not big brother!

    1. Stever says:

      Dave, not only the government, but take back the schools that propagandize by the socialist left, look at theChelsea product, now producing more rad Leftist.

    2. crustyone says:

      I thought it was big mudda.

  21. Maria castro says:

    Chelsea is working her way….the Obamas, just in case, need to be ignored.

  22. KDC says:

    Who cares what Chelsea or Moochelle has to say. I don’t acknowledge creeps like that!

    1. bt90 says:

      One is a moron and the other is a gorilla

  23. Spunky says:

    on her own, she is not very bright, a few fries short of a happy meal

  24. old sarge says:

    Chelsea is not facing facts just like her mother. The program M O burger caused more food to fill the dumps. Reports that children dumped their trays in the trash can at the end of the serving line so they went hungry. If they brought lunch from home it was inspected and if it did not match Moocher’s law it was not allowed. Nazi actions by Moocher.

  25. Kissingfan says:

    The smartest thing she could is to stay out of politics. No one wants another Clinton.

  26. Stever says:

    Like cancer, the Clinton’s are warnings to our health, vote them out.

  27. Charlie Silvertooth says:

    Dumbass aint seen the ball since kickoff.

  28. rick meek says:

    Chelse IS a DISASTER…..

  29. rick meek says:

    The disgustocrats always have McAulife……

  30. nSsgCdS2Tu says:

    She’s a real “JOKE” if she thinks she’ll EVER have a chance at running for ANY office!!

  31. TediBearMom says:

    Yes, nothing like a plate of “health” foods that all end up in the garbage. Please tell me this person is not considering running for office, I have a headache just thinking about that.

  32. juan robledo says:

    Chelsea is just as crooked as her parents, she sure didn’t fall from the croods nest, she accepted money and favors

  33. Gerald Tobey says:

    She’s a complete Dufus, just like her mom and Tim Kaine! Were it not for others covering for them, they’d be in orange jumpsuits! Indictment time for Hillary, Loretta, etc. Right?

  34. fordfool says:

    OK, tell Mitchel to eat carrot stix and broccoli spears, see how much she can learn. how much energy she’d have to concentrate. . A lot,if she throws it out too! Statistics also show a diet void of any fat reduces energy and voila! down the toilet learning goes! A lotta times, an educ. don’t make a person smart….only smartass..

  35. Richard Schmidt says:

    Sorry Chelsea, you’re now as irrelevant as your crook mom.
    As for activist first ladies, we long for such as Mrs Bush or Mrs Reagan or even Ladybird. Hillary Clinton changed the role of 1st Lady for the worst and Michelle irrevocably so.

  36. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    Liberals wallow in contradiction but are so indoctrinated, they can’t see it.

  37. IMSweetOlBob says:

    Dear, Sweet little Chelsea probably never saw, let alone wrote the boondoggled gaffe that is used here. It was compled by a democRAT paid hack whose purpose is to try and make a candidate out of this Bit*h raised, mental vacuum girl. I doubt if she knows the first thing about the Mooch’s attempt to starve our kids,
    Don’t forget that Moochie’s pampered kids were fed meals prepared by a Chef and they had a choice of menus.
    I think somebody handed Chelsea a script and said,”Here Honey, read this. The people
    will love it !”

  38. MrG says:

    She’s going to be as nasty as her mother is just a bunch of crooked dumbasses

  39. nwjohnson says:

    Just because she is a Clinton, does not mean that she is a political genius.
    Bill really was; Hillary not so much. Both had fatal flaws.

  40. richard black says:

    what the hell do you do to remain irrelevant… chelsea !!!

  41. clem says:

    Here I thought the answer was going to be that Chelsea Sucked (Michael/aka Michelle’s) appendage (not arm or leg.)…. 😉

  42. jackel says:

    If she keeps yapping, she might as well change political parties since she keeps showing the dems for what they try to hide and cheat. M. Obama is no friend of children but be holding to big money and favors; like b. Obama, and the Clinton’s. All a den of crooks but professing saving the rest of us from our not knowing selves. Enough please.

  43. AL ELLIS says:

    Chelsea Clinton isn’t smart enough to say or do anything intelligent. She is supposedly running for a political office and thinks these “attack dog” tactics will work for her, look at your mommy, how’d that work out for ya? I think I’ll run my own attack dog, Ozzie the Shih Tzu, against her, I think he would win.

  44. fedupyes says:

    I always wondered why did that thing have the right to change the lunch programme. By the way I used thing only way I could mean.

  45. Bayside GolfClub says:

    If kids are going hungry, maybe their parents should be arrested till we find out what the problem is..
    A sandwich and an apple runs about a dollar.. So something is terrifyingly wrong here..
    If their parents don’t have any money, well– They are already getting about $500 in food stamps/Month.
    Somebody needs to be arrested..! Something is TTERRRIIBLYY WRONG..

    1. Mike Schneider says:

      have you not even been paying attention? parents were sending bagged lunches to school, teachers would remove them from the children if they contained items that didn’t conform with the Obozo rules. yes, your correct though, both of the Obozo’s should’ve been arrested!

  46. Joseph Techiera says:

    Kids eat normal food when I was in school we had hot dogs on Monday meat loaf on Tuesdays Chicken on Wednesdays Pizza on Thursdays and Tuna fish on Fridays it was ok for us and if you didn’t like what they were serving bring in your on Brown bag it.

  47. IKCIV says:

    Down with another Clinton. I think this is very interesting. she spreads information like her mother on things she knows nothing about. Of course mama will surely step in and rescue her protegee.

  48. Alleged Comment says:

    Starvation the negro way. Like back in Africka. Why’d you put a negro in charge America??? These uckers don’t even farm back home. That is why the have famine.

  49. Kaye Swiftney says:

    She is going nowhere, needs to learn to lie like Mom and Dad

  50. ReaperHD says:

    The Dumbocraps not only had a plan to Dumb Down the American Electorate they also Dumbed Down the COMMIE LIBTURD POLITICIANS.

  51. jim jones says:

    Ignore the wannabe and maybe she will go away!

  52. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


  53. JOHN MILLER says:

    new name filthy hillary

  54. quelque chose says:

    Obviously, Clueless missed the video some western Kansas high school students made about Moochie’s “wonderful” lunch program. If full trash cans weren’t enough to convince the Clueless One, then perhaps a video by high school students would:
    On second thought, nah. Liberals’ minds are thicker than brick walls.

  55. jalee says:

    Her stupidity is unbelievable

  56. Judi Mahoney says:

    Chelsea went to Stanford–both ignorant and ugly/inside and out. Stanford is known for accepting “special” low scoring groups over qualified.

  57. Judi Mahoney says:

    Google the meals at sidwell friends school—elitist Clinton’s/obamas wouldn’t touch public school crap

  58. J. Ernst says:

    Well there ya go…the above picture is the best I’ve seen of “choose me” Clinton….WITH HER MOUTH SHUT!!!
    WHY would anyone BE a demorat at this point in history is beyond the pale of reason!!!

  59. John Savell says:

    “Chelsea Clinton keeps trying to keep herself relevant.” Remind me when Chelsea Clinton was ever relevant to begin with?

  60. jong says:

    Chelsea proving once again you can not cure stupid. A disease her whole family has.

  61. graybuffalo says:

    Ah, from mouth of a scoundrel who skims huge $$$ from the corrupt Clinton Foundation. I wish ALL the corrupt Clintons would just take their money and go away.

  62. Daniel Imbs says:

    Like Muther, Like Daughter. Chelsea has such flawwwwwless role models

  63. Daniel Imbs says:

    If Killary had been elected the National Cathedral would be her house of deceit while we were at war with Russia and China. She would then blame Trump for the situation.

  64. Franklin Archambault says:

    should she send for sandy burgaler

  65. JL Brown Jr says:

    She needs to be in jail for taking money from cgi. So it’s a family of crooks

  66. Autoharp1951 says:

    OOPS! Chelsea might want to consider another career path.

  67. cp123 says:

    You were expecting something brilliant rom Chelsea Clinton? She was not raised to have an independent thought!

  68. Florenca Mcdowell says:

    Parents whose children qualify for free lunches get TANF MONEY, Medicaid, low income housing and FOOD STAMPS. ALL of this on our dime why send them all back.

  69. SafetyDave says:

    NO school employee has any right to actually remove food from a child’s possession. That is CHILD ABUSE and MUST be PROSECUTED as such! #StopTheClintonsNow #ObamaMadeThat

  70. Bud says:

    Research again confirms kids pay more attention in class & better retain what they’re taught when they’re not hungry

    Further research again confirms that parents should be providing breakfast at home for their children before sending them to school, that school lunches should be tasty, and that liberal do-gooders always do more harm than good.

  71. way2confused says:

    How much more proof do we need that Chelsea is an incompetent, entitled idiot who has no place anywhere near the legislative process?

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