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You Won’t Believe What Mad Dog Mattis Said About Putin

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  1. drbhelthi says:

    What we have to fear are the subversives that continue to weave fairy-tales about Russian involvement in the 2016 POTUS election. Supporting existing fairy-tales, such as done by Joe Scarborough, reflects the subversive element that created the fairy-tales.

  2. SouthernPatriot says:

    Joe Scarborough has never been a conservative and hopefully never will be a Republican again. As he co-habitates with Mika and plays footsies with her under the table, the continues like the other demented hosts on CNN and MSNBC to spend every waking hour to broadcast their own vain imaginations, rather than the truth.

    1. Jeronimo Dan says:

      The funny thing is, in ten years, old Mika won’t be able to fall back on the plastic surgery anymore and old Joe will be back out looking around.

      1. Choff C says:

        LOL, Yea he will be out looking for a queer asian girly boy to have his way with..! but I am sure he already practices that act anyway…hahaha

    2. Butch Miller says:


  3. JC says:

    The main stream media is totally a joke—liars—cheats and criminals

  4. Richard Bagenstose says:

    funny how the kenyan clown could communicate with every dictator and terrorist , that wants to see you dead and you had no complaints about it , i would still rather work with putin then the lying muslims, at least russia isn’t a radical waste land like the middle east,

    1. Annie says:

      Because the kenyan clown is muslim. Plus, he has the backing of the evil George Soros!

      1. Tony Rowell says:

        The Obama’s, Cinton’s and Soros are enemies of the state, and the American people,,,, .So the military needs to put together a special task force and take them out. They are trying to over- throw the US government.

        1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

          Now if you could just convince the US “Deep State” government that WE are not the enemy, but Obama, Clintons and Soros is the enemy.

          1. Tony Rowell says:

            sooooo,,, very true

      2. PatriotGal says:

        Just like the moslem running for governor of MI who has been groomed by Soros to run for POTUS in 2020.

    2. Michael Borsack says:

      You obviously are too young to remember the Cold war. The Soviets were aggressively trying to win this proxy war. When President Ronald Reagan and his administration bankrupted the USSR because they could not keep up with our military growth.
      Russia has never forgiven us for this and Putin who was part of the Soviet regime is doing everything to remake the New Russia just as cruel and despotic as the USSR.

      1. Richard Bagenstose says:

        i wish , but back in the day ,i was busy working for a living and didn’t pay to much attention to it ,but in the last couple of years being single , i have talked to a lot of russian women , and they still have it better then the muslim women that are treated like dirt, and russia is nice compared to other communist countries, russia today is not the russia of 1960, more then i can say for the middle east ,they still thinks it’s the 15 th century

      2. PJMTX says:

        Which is exactly why you need dialogue with Russia. Remember keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

    3. Butch Miller says:


    4. Pattie Kelly says:

      I like it “Kenyan Clown” good one.

    5. Dennis Penning says:

      I”M with ya 100%. Goes to show ya something about them demasewerats.

  5. Ron haymaker says:

    Gee the Media caught in a lie! This is Bombshell News!

    1. Al says:

      LOL Jaw dropping. LOL

  6. clifton says:

    trump is a Russian spy bought and paid for by putin

    1. awaitingtherapture says:

      Unicorns are real. Honest.

    2. Annie says:

      You’re a total moron, idiot & crybaby snowflake!

    3. Ann Stow says:

      This was sarcasm, right?

    4. irene says:

      LOL! You really bought the demorats BRAINWASH, didn’t you???

  7. awaitingtherapture says:

    If this site would stop hacking my computer, I would be able to post more comments..
    STOP IT !!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Donno says:

    You would think by now the demorats would give up. Everything that has been uncovered is abuse by them, an illegal alien in California who admitted to voting 5 times for Hillery, the woman in Virginia who registered 11 people from tomb stones. Did the liberal media report on these illegal atrocities? NO! Give me a break.

    1. Butch Miller says:


  9. US Patriot says:

    All FAKE news media outlets need to have their FCC licesense revoked and immediately terminated! Propaganada and lies is not part of the Freedom of the Press. Tell the truth or STFU!

    1. C.T. Dixon says:

      I don’t see any exception in the Constitution’s guarantee of Freedom of the Press for Propaganda and lies no matter who it is coming from right or left, Democrat or Republican. Please quote it to me from the US Constitution, last I saw it said “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press …” And if you ban propaganda I guess that means that no corporation or political party or religious group can ever advertise since advertising is a form of propaganda to get you to buy a product of some sort.

      1. Rodney Welch says:

        Freedom of speech never has and never will mean that you can say whatever you want. We have truth in advertising laws where you cannot lie about your product, truth in labeling, drug advertising must list side effects, you cannot libel someone, you cannot threaten to kill the President, you cannot distribute pedophile pornography, you cannot advertise cigarettes, on and on. It should be against the law, if you are the press, using the limited number of frequencies issued by license and regulated by the FTC, to lie, to misrepresent falsehood as researched and substantiated. The reason Freedom of the press exists, is so we can learn the truth and govern ourselves as informed citizens. You shouldn’t be able to shroud yourself in the constitution, then work against that purpose to spread falsehood. It is a liberal concept that freedom means I can do whatever I want. Not true Charlie. Your rights to free speech, to own arms, etc, ends when you use those rights to injure, kill, or otherwise hurt people unjustly, or interfere with their constitutional rights. Even though we have the right to own property, you can’t own too much of a market and violate anti-trust laws, because you have the potential for undue market influence that could interfere with free commerce. There is a parallel for the press. If you are a landlord, you cannot deny someone because of race, etc. Point is, freedom requires responsible behavior and we have a long history of enforcing it.

        We should consider laws strengthening our protection from fake news, and punishing those who engage in this practice to propagandize.

  10. ter334 says:

    FDR had 2 or 3 meetings with Stalin and Churchill was present. It is wonder we won the war. O had a meeting with the king of SA and he bowed to him. What did O say? “Thank you for funding my campaign that I used to beat “that woman” HRC for president. Now we can put your jihad in high gear to bring sharia law to these infidels and make Europe and the US islamic states. Akbar allah, my friend! ” Am I putting words in O’s mouth?

  11. awaitingtherapture says:


  12. Bayside GolfClub says:

    Can Americans get together and sue these people in a class action suit? You can A: Show harm in the form of wasting people’s time and B: have them dead to rights..

    1. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      It’s far greater than wasting time, it’s wasting taxpayer funded activities, and that waste is immense beyond measure. Take this Russia-Russia-Russia thing. The accusations, lies and fake news starts up even before the inauguration. Basically, the D’S are blaming the R’s for exactly what the D’s routinely do. It escalates into a national movement of political Resist. Now they want to start saying words like Treason, Impeachment, etc.

      This BS has cost us a ton of money; we know who is causing it; we know this will end with no political hands slapped, but we will have taken a bath and it’s not right. Anything proven to be fraud based should carry a hefty financial penalty, especially in politics, where they waste taxpayer money.

  13. Jeronimo Dan says:

    One of these days, we will know what old Mika holds over Joe.

  14. maxx says:

    The fact that the sky is sometimes blue is proof that Clinton is a treasonous criminal.

  15. ter334 says:

    Fake news is SOP for our media. Giant headlines of the newspaper HST was holding said Dewey won. HST must have thinking. I get a kick outta you! Must be part of reporter’s DNA that turns them into opinionators. Maybe they don’t know what is reporting?

  16. Jeronimo Dan says:

    One of these days, we will know what old Mika holds over Joe.

  17. Gene says:

    There is a lot of illegal activities going on.I keep reading about all the felonies committed by the last admin,but no news about any prosecutions.How can they keep reporting all the crime without reporting prosecutions?Does this mean they do not have to obey any laws.Are jails and prisons just for the poor and non political citizens?

  18. Choff C says:

    joe scarhole what a petty little limp dick docuhebag he is…get a f ‘ ing life pussy boy..!!!

  19. Vince says:

    Scarborough is an unhinged brain dead fool. And most likely a pedifile that is being black mailed by someone, because the foolish things that come out of his mouth is UN-human. And he should be removed from and kind of news program.

  20. Lindy says:

    Tokyo Rose and her sidekick Joe have nothing good to say about the dems so they continue their tirade against Trump. How dare Trump want to bring jobs back home for AMERICANS, when illegals are priority. How dare Trump want to secure our borders, when illegals are only trying to find a better life including those of the cartels and MS13 gang members. How dare that Trump wants to rebuild the inner cities and fight the crime they contain. Those are our base and he should just mind his own business. As for good old Joe please watch this video of a man going through a midlife crisis.

  21. vetteguy08 says:

    Give them a break, they were just talking about their grandchildren.

  22. Michael DePoy says:

    There was a time when News men and women had something called iNTEGRITY. It was EARNED by being TRUTHFUL, their contact sources were sought out to provide evidence for trials. Now days it’s who can make the biggest splash in the media no truth, no evidence required, just imagination. If imagination is all you have you should work for Disney making movies. Serious laws are involved when you lie about situations especially imagined. It is time to start prosecuting Reporters, Editors and Owners of the media. Oh yes they will scream they are protected by the 1st Amendment, well actually NO. It does NOT cover telling LIES as news.

  23. TPS12 says:

    msm will never report the truth their chosen candidate lost and they predicted it wrong for the entire election. They will stay in a state of denial and contempt forever, they are stuck in a rut they put themselves in. They will continue to lie, show their bias and pushing their fake fabricated opinions until no one will listen. They are the fools and continue to prove it.

  24. Monica says:

    The news is finally happy because “they are the news.” I cannot even watch our local news without turning the channel when they start with their rhetoric. I am tired of their “sources” not having to be identified as “anonymous.” They are hiding behind this as a way to spout their own opinions as facts. They are all just teleprompter jockeys anyway. I doubt they even leave the newsroom anymore.

  25. rowleya says:

    MSM is irrelevant, nonsense.
    Waste of time and attention to see, hear or smell it. Garbage belongs at the Dump.

  26. fordfool says:

    Hey scarboough, if this rattles Ur batteries, why no big deal ovr Lynch and Slick Willie meeting at a distant – spot to discuss their grandchildren & golf……..wouldn’t a cheap-cell ph call done the same thing? U guys…………..

  27. Mike W says:

    The left wing loons will believe that President Trump is in collusion with the Russians irregardless of the facts.
    Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Take arranged for the sale of 20% of “our” remaining uranium to be sent to Russia.
    Hillary Clinton as Secretary of Take met with the very same Russian lawyer – Natalia Veselnitskaya – that Trump Jr. met with. Only after Hillary’s meeting – Hillary flip flopped and changed her vote – she voted against Russian sanctions.
    After these two events occurred Bill Clinton was paid $500,000 for a speech in Moscow. Also after these events occurred a Russian company that is supported by the Russian government started to funnel 10’s of millions of dollars into the Clinton Foundation.
    Then President Obama sent a message to Vladimir Putin during his 2012 campaign – he told a Putin representative to tell Putin ” I will have more flexibility after the election.”
    Yesterday the senate voted for sanctions against Russia. But the left wing idiots all still think that President Trump is the bad guy and the democrats are the good guys in all of this. The left is a pretty pathetic bunch.

  28. Francis Kaspar says:

    Hey Joe, now that they have announced the closure of the circus you clowns had better seek employment in other careers.

  29. Mike W says:

    Frank Kaspar – it’s funny you mention circus jobs – Joe Scarborough is from the Tampa, Fl area. Gibsonton, Fl., also known as “Showtown, U.S.A., has been the winter home for a large population of circus and carnival sideshow performers for nearly 70 years. It’s only 20 minutes south of Tampa.

  30. Gretta says:

    It was a dinner, for crying out loud! It was a dinner where all were invited to FRATERNIZE with each other in a normal setting and be friendly and talk. THAT’S THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF A DINNER! DUH DUH DUH!!!

    What are they suppose to do, sit there like knots on a log and stare at their empty plates. Would the press sit back like knots on a log and stare at their empty plates? Hell, no, they showed that by fraternizing themselves, but they took it to another level as they stuck their noses in Trump’s business.

    These journalists step across the line. Making up lies and innuendo’s to cause chaos and division. They are disgusting and I don’t believe one word that comes out of their mouths. They have discredited themselves with so many lies, and by lying to make a name for themselves. Drama sell papers, they have hooked people on it. Fake news should turn the stomachs of our citizens because it puts garbage into our minds, and garbage is embarrassing to an ethical, moral person with absolute integrity. Who wants to be lied to?

    Until our citizens are sick of the lies and the drama queen crap being forced on us, and actually show and tell these people that they don’t want the lies, only want nothing but the truth, this will continue to happen.

    We the people can stop it if we wanted to, but the liberal low IQ citizens had rather be spoon fed lies than think for themselves.

    There are those who love to hate and divide, these are called liberal communist demonRATs.

  31. Linda Lashomb says:


  32. Les Gulledge says:

    They were exchanging Clinton jokes… They have a different perspective than us.. what they have in common is a mutual dislike and distrust of them. “overheard from 2 unnamed sources” Putin asked Trump how HiLIARy could get away with crimes he couldn’t, commenting that “she sold out pretty cheaply. I mean if you’re going to sellout your country – make it worthwhile… what’s 10 billion to us? 135 mil is pocket change compared to what Obummer gave Iran.” .

  33. Maryann Hearn Bowman says:

    I bet they were talking about their grandkids. This so stupid!!! Why can’t the media focus on things of import? This country is trying to get out of the mess BO made of this wonderful country and Pres Trump is trying to make America great again. For pity sakes get your mind where it should be.

  34. A patriot says:

    how do we put corrupt, liars in media out of our(American) lives. They aren’t worth being called Americans unless you put the word traitors ahead of their name

  35. Stever says:

    During his reign, Obama was Putin and his girlfriend Erica Holder was the Gestapo, Secret Police, where was the truthful press then?

  36. Brad Tipton says:

    Think of “the meeting” this way. POTUS Trump is a person that can learn more about what makes a person “tick” than our best spies or intelligence agencies. He is capable of doing that with just a simple friendly conversation. He will use what he learned about Putin in future negotiations and “directing” future conversations toward meaningful results and agreement. A huge aspect of his negotiating skills. Not a withering wimp like OBOWDOWNMA !

  37. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    We need to do a bit of research on these particularly rabid reporters at CNN and other outlets, and remember where they got their journalism degree. When we criticize their “fake news” or outright made-up lies, we should mention where they graduated from to bring in a tad bit more accountability. If you know or can find out, include the University professors and Department “Heads” they studied under.

    These are Saul Alinsky tactics, but the Democrats have been using exactly these kind of tactics for over 10 years with little or no response in kind from the Repubs. Trump didn’t win the Presidency by being the milquetoast gentleman from an old East Coast family. That’s the crap that got us here and we need to get out.


  38. Gerald A. Reason says:

    Where was all the media fuss over the comments made by Obama before his second election? Those comments were heard on the air, through an open mic, and noted that, when he was elected to his second term he would be able to do (whatever) it was that he and the Russian were talking about. (Evidently could not do before the election without repercussions)

  39. Rick D. says:

    Article points out how truly deranged the MSM really is. They are leaches who try to suck blood out of anyone they don’t like. They should be treated like the parasites they truly are—-eradicate them like you would cockroaches, varmints, or any infectious disease!!

  40. 2mules says:

    The media, especially “Morning Joe” and that bimbo with him, are pissing their pants trying to get something to stick to PRESIDENT Trump. They are so pathetic and doing anything they can to shore up their ratings. The truth is folks, there are just so many liberals to spread around all the nut job tv shows that there is no way enough of them can watch any one show to keep it profitable for any length of time. LOSERS!!

  41. Betty says:

    fed up with the press

  42. Pattie Kelly says:

    A new name for CNN “Crazy News Network” what do you think?

  43. Nina Ferguson says:

    General Mattis has a point that I doubt that will register with any of the MSM. But, the MSM doesn’t register much of anything, How can you refer to a meeting of over 100 people as a “secret meeting”? Think about it GROW UP

  44. Susie Q says:

    Not only communicate with terrorists and dictators, but entertain and throw parties with all of them that were closed parties. NO News of what went on. Including the Muslim Brotherhood many times that was labeled a terriorist organization and everyone knew it and din’t say a damn thing. Incredibly STUPID PEOPLE representing us supposedly!!!!!!!!!

  45. Original Anna says:

    Oh, forget NBC, it is so democrat/communist, every time one of their people opens their mouths they spit red as in communist/socialist/progressive. NBC also has at its head a homosexual so no matter what NBC is not going to be nice to Trump, no way.

  46. Susan P says:

    Just how “secret” can a meeting be when you speak to the person seated near you at dinner with 100 other people? The dims and their lapdog media must be getting “really, really, desperate”.

    1. Arizona Don says:

      Your correct Susan I am convinced they are getting desperate. Furthermore, that is even worse for them. Desperation breads mistakes and just look at all the mistakes that were made in the last election. They even began to believe their own lies.

  47. JOHN STEEL says:

    its time to flush the bull down the toilet . we have had enough .

  48. drbill27 says:

    Dark State and the Gang of 8 are doing all they can to destroy the first high level government official that they don’t own. This is a pivotal moment in Civilization where we have a chance to take back our country and the world for that matter.

  49. 2richard1 says:

    I agree and in the future times might get tough we’ll need an ally like Russia to deal with unexpected situations.

  50. Arizona Don says:

    What we have to do is understand that the reason the progressive communist so called democrats are doing these Russian lies and innuendoes. They are pushing this narrative in order to keep, or perhaps I should say try to keep, President Trump from his objectives of keeping America safe and allowing the free enterprise system to help him make America Great Again. After all that is what made it great for 200 years. These progressive communist so called democrats have since LBJ been trying to turn this nation into a socialist communist nation. That is what Barack Obama’s promise of a fundamental transformation was. It is just most on board with Obama were not smart enough to understand what it was (or perhaps that is what they desire) and they cheered so wildly for. They did not even ask a question when he also promised a civilian police force just as well equipped funded and trained as the US Military. What he was promising was a force very similar as the German Brown Shirts. Why did Obama see a need for them. Did he plan force to complete his fundamental transformation? However, did any of those cheering question why they were needed? Of course not.

    You see the progressive communist so called democrats thought the republican party had been neutralized and would never occupy the white house again. They actually thought they had done to the republicans what the Whigs did to themselves in the 1850’s. They were wrong. Now they have to attach the Trump administration any way they can in an effort to gain the edge again that they mistakenly thought they had under Obama. They had this mind set because they believed their own skewed polls and lies. Hillary Clinton stood for nothing except being critical of and trying to destroy now President Donald J Trump. These progressive communist so called democrats thought if they claimed Hillary was winning by a landslide everyone would vote for her in order to vote for a winner. They were wrong again.

    However, Reagan said it best. Government, in this case the democrats, cannot fix what is wrong with government because “they” are the problem. For the last 28 years every president including the two Bushes have expanded government to the point it now needs to be reduced pretty much across the board (except for the military) by nearly half. If in fact America is to survive or better yet become Great Again.

    In the final analysis however, these progressive communist so called democrats are committing political suicide and are not even intelligent enough to see what they are doing to themselves. Americans tried to inform them last November 8th they were sick and tired of lies and innuendo but they know what is best for all Americans did not listen. They may actually end up right where they thought they were pushing the republicans. In their own abyss. Architects of their own destruction. I would like to say that is to bad. Well at least that is what I would like to say. Perhaps I will right after I get through celebrating their demise.

    Champagne anyone?

  51. keedon says:

    What secrets could Trump know as the Prez?

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