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You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Just Did

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  1. Perry Perno says:


  2. draftinging says:

    I thought​ keeping pigs in the the city limits was illegal in Washington D C, what is Obama going to due with Michael ? He also has two little piggy’s. When is that stupid nig//her going to figure out that he is a nobody. As much time he spend in Hollywood, you would think he would want to live in California, but maybe they don’t want him either. He is just another corrupt nig//her, just like Al Sharpen, just to old nig//gets that nobody wants.

    1. davesnrakleberger says:

      the girls can go back to their mother, Dr. Ann Blanchard and her hubby Nisbet

      1. Janelle says:

        Never heard any names before. Just that the girls were adopted.

    2. Beverly Hightower says:

      Supposedly, he bought a home in Rancho Mirage here in California. It’s close to Palm Springs. I, for one, hope the deal falls through.

  3. guest says:

    a 501c3 non profit cannot have anything to do with politics – remember the irs scrutiny of anything Tea Party, how do the dems get away with it

    1. Fedup says:

      They own the IRS. And the people like Lerner who work there.

      1. jreg9304 says:

        Funny that you should bring up the IRS, I think that President Trump has plans to eliminate the highway robbing IRS, sometime in the not so distant future!

    2. Jeff Warner says:

      Ask Lois Lerner. She knows how the corrupt Democrats screwed everyone, yet she hot away with it! Why? She should be investigated by the FBI for her illegal handling at the IRS, under Obama control!

      1. Palmer says:

        Lerner is going to see her fate in the near future. Congress isn’t done with her or Holder or Lynch or Clinton. There will be a day to remember when all of them are sentenced.

        1. Beverly Hightower says:

          I’m 85, and I do hope I live long enough to see them all sent to prison.

    3. Kathryn Ross says:

      That is a good question…… How do the dems get away with it? inquiring minds want to know “guest”

  4. R. T. says:

    They don’t want to go back to the violence in Chicago ??????????????????

    1. ROB says:

      Violence?! The mayor said they have a very safe city. Said it with a straight face. But to their kind it probably is considered safe.

      1. R. T. says:

        It’s a safe city if you have 24/7 Security !!!!!!

      2. bttrap says:

        that’s because they are heavy guarded

  5. DIANNA GOULD says:

    they knock Pres Trump for his riches, and his success, but they did nothing but use the people for the wealth Trump did it the hard way he built his wealth from the botom up. He doesnt even get paid for being president, the Obamas got paid for being a bad president.

    1. WilliamHarrington says:

      Dianna – Inherent in your comment is the question “Where did the money come from to purchase an $8.1 million home; on a $400k salary?

      1. Jeanne Stotler says:

        Maybe from the Clintons??

        1. rrkeng says:

          I would say Soros and the Globalist. They are the ones that put him on the fence post and probably promised him a life of luxury to do what he did to our country.

          1. Roger Peabody says:

            Obama always did remind me of a ‘post turtle’

          2. Annie says:

            He looks a lot like the puppet…Howdy Doody, too!

          3. Rose Ribitzki says:

            oh, please, lets’ not insult Howdy Doody ! … I loved him !!

          4. Rose Ribitzki says:

            he & Michael reminded me of apes !!!

          5. tinker1 says:


          6. searchtruthnow says:

            Could be from the Iranians too….didn’t he send tons of money in boxes in cash there?
            Where is the investigation? I don’t want to paytaxes for his evil ways and destruction of America.

      2. Annie says:

        George Soros, of course! The evil puppet master!

        1. jreg9304 says:

          Soros, the Greek freak, will get his just dues, sooner or later!!

          1. bbenhamid says:

            George Soros the Ashkenazi Jew was born in Hungary..He got rich by robbing valuable properties of his fellow Jews after World War II.

          2. tinker1 says:

            yes he did and is very proud of it as well. He helped turn them into the Nazi’s

          3. Palmer says:

            When is the Shit Bag Soros going to have the Big Heart attack he deserves and depart this world?

          4. John Timmins says:

            His sons will take over his empire!

          5. Rose Ribitzki says:

            maybe some radical muslimes will throw a bomb on soro’s & his sons residences, as well as obuzzard’s !!! …. yee haaaa !!!!

          6. John Timmins says:

            Doubtfull seeing as how they are probably on his payroll!!!

          7. granny_forUSA says:


          8. bttrap says:

            if it’s still there

          9. Wendy Mantooth says:

            Can’t happen soon enough!!!!

          10. DIANNA GOULD says:

            My curse is on him lets hope he gets a painful cancer where it hurts the most for all the bad things he has done.

          11. bttrap says:

            a men

          12. EttaMae Williams Svider says:

            Not soon enough!!!!!

          13. granny_forUSA says:


          14. Randy Nielson says:

            He will never die. The Devil don’t want him and the Lord surely won’t take him.

          15. jeannemartin says:

            Remember … only the good die young!

          16. Bilgeez says:

            The ornery live forever, don’t ya know?

          17. Mary Moore says:

            He also turned his own people in to the Nazis for the ovens.

          18. bttrap says:

            hope he gets his just reward for his deeds

          19. Dulcie A. Covington says:

            he got rich by turning in his friends and their families into the GESTAPO

          20. Sharon Windus says:

            and betraying them to his Nazi friends.

          21. J. Ernst says:

            AND a double-crossing arms dealer who played BOTH sides during WW II !!!!!

          22. granny_forUSA says:

            SOROS THE BULGARIAN………

          23. C.T. Dixon says:

            Typical anti-semitic masculine bovine fecal material. If he got rich that way why did he work as a travelling salesman after graduating from the London School of Economics while trying to get a job at a merchant bank?

          24. SDofAZ says:

            Actually during WWII. He was a nazi collaborator and turned jews in while he seized as much of their properties as he could. Still trying to figure how he missed the trials and retribution of WWII criminals then ended up in the US. Someone paid someone something somehow. The US needs to kick him out! He is a criminal in all ways.

          25. Marty says:

            FYI Soros is Hillary’s son in law’s uncle.

          26. mogul264 says:

            Hungarian, not Greek.

          27. Whatever it is he’s a J A.

          28. bttrap says:

            it won’t matter where he’s going I hope somehow the people he turned in gets to see him burn in hell

          29. Askjrsk says:

            Wanted today by the Hungarians.

          30. Robert says:

            I hope it is sooner then later.

          31. David in MA says:

            If Soros ever shows up to visit he must be arrested……. and shipped to Russia.

          32. bttrap says:

            and on the was to russia drop him in the ocean from an airplane

          33. Annie says:

            Wish it was sooner! He should be burning in hell & can’t wait for Obummer to get there, too!

          34. Rose Ribitzki says:

            … and kill-liar-y, lynch, holder, podesta, piglosi, waters, schumer, perez and all the likes of them

          35. bttrap says:

            hope it’s sooner not later

          36. twinspineve says:

            soros is in his late eighties

          37. J. Ernst says:

            Soros is NOT Greek, he’s an eastern Euro-trash hebe!

          38. granny_forUSA says:

            SOROS & BLOOMBERG………………

          39. Force Recon says:

            György Schwartz, AKA György Soros
            George Soros The most evil man on the planet

          40. fulredy says:

            Soros ain’t Greek.

          41. twinspineve says:

            he is not a greek…

        2. Kathryn Ross says:

          Indeed! Soros the Funding Financier that funds his controlled puppets to do his Bidding…… He is a man behind an iron curtain…With an Army of Devil Worshipers

          1. bttrap says:

            instead of a man make it a moron

          2. Martha Sullivan says:

            Peerhaps one can see now why Hitler hated the Jews?????I lived and breathed in my Homeland Vianna Austria I saw what Jews did than prior to Hitler.. it was not good belief me.. but than no one likes to say this .. but I not only say it I lived it.And I am half Jewish

        3. Luke says:

          And the American tax payer through shady deals with criminals like them

        4. Dondh says:


        5. bttrap says:

          is soros in bad health? hope so so we can get rid of him

        6. ELKI says:

          i dont think soros gave him the money. payback and corruption got him the money. Like where is the money in the housing department dissapeared to?.

        7. Bob says:

          George gets his choice of bedrooms of course.

        8. granny_forUSA says:


        9. SDofAZ says:

          And that is the ELEPHANT in the room. So much for being an honest politician. Is that even possible for a dem wit? Case in point, Old Bernie who is now defending himself and his wife for some nefarious and likely illegal bank funding his honey accomplished by cooking the books and hubby facilitated by his political pressure PERK! Hum?

      3. jug says:

        Two such mansions!
        They already purchased one forvthe same price in HI!

        Follow the money!
        Crooked bastard!

        They owned a Brownstone in Chicago in partner with Tony Reska who when Obama went to become the first Communist President, went to jail for real estate fraud!

        Again, follow the money!
        George Sorros?

        1. Askjrsk says:

          ITS should investigate!

          1. voncile fullwood says:

            no! his a.. should be in jail and so should Hillary,Lynch,Comey,McCain, and many more a long side of them

          2. Askjrsk says:

            So true. Target practice works for me. See if we can’t wipe them out.

          3. Askjrsk says:


        2. Roger Domnie says:

          well, wasn’t that where bamy was born??? wrong, hi was a forged birth certificate. this data was false according to his grandmother and brother, place of birth, kenya. they have proof, original birth certificate. he should never been able to hold public office to begin with…..

          1. Rose Ribitzki says:

            the hospital wasn’t even in existence when obuzzard was falsely born in HI !

          2. Bud says:

            Nor was the word “African” used for race back at that time. It would have been “Negro” or “Negroid.”

          3. Sharon Windus says:

            and Kenya wasn’t a country. At that point in time, it was part of the British Empire.

        3. Duke-Jinx says:

          …and the registrars rubber stamp wouldn’t have been misspelled.

      4. Michael Lloyd says:

        As a guess, he got it from the Chappaqua HillBillies, Wall Street, George Soros, Hollywood, the Clinton Foundation, Iran, plus exorbitant speaking fees.

        1. tinker1 says:

          Plus big banks, and arabs!

      5. jackhy says:

        That’s the 8 million dollar question. There are some very deep pockets who are bankrolling the Obama’s for some nefarious purpose and it spells ‘no good’ for the Trump admin. and for the future of our nation either!

        1. Cherie Lynn Davis says:

          The nefarious reason is, that the progressive/liberals knew they couldn’t get elected on their agenda alone and someone came up with the hair-brained idea to run a young hard-working black man for president (which he wasn’t) and promote him as being intelligent (which he isn’t), good looking (which he isn’t), Christian (which he isn’t), born-in-America citizen (which he isn’t), to appeal to the American voters. Thus, we got the disaster that was and is, Obama!! We are going to be digging our way out of the quagmire he left behind for the next hundred years!! The Democrats knew he wasn’t eligible to hold the office, but they ran him anyway! The whole lot of them are traitors as far as I’m concerned!

        2. Kathryn Ross says:

          jackhy, We all know what the Bankrolling of the Obama’s means!!! it is to carry on with the destruction of America. And For Obama to become the Dictator of the New World Order…..It smells of disaster…You can be assured that “Billy” and “Hilly” are involved big time……They all are bound and determined to Shut down the Trump Administration…….I Feel there are many Traitors among us…. Do not let the handshakes or the smiles fool ya! take some advice they’re only trying to screw ya! Haters gonna hate….

          1. billwalker says:

            I have fallen among evil companions who seem to be trumpeteers & GOP goons who dumped trump on America. Shame on all of you.

          2. Gator says:

            We suffered eight years of the biggest dump the DNC ever took — all over America — the Big Zero, Obozo.

          3. Bud says:

            After saddling the nation with your Naked Emperor for eight years, liberals are disqualified from criticizing anyone else.

          4. Annie says:

            You’re a crybaby snowflake! Obummer was the worst president ever!

        3. voncile fullwood says:

          what’s the matter with you people he was bank rolling the taxpayer’s

      6. tinker1 says:

        georgie soros and friends!

      7. Askjrsk says:

        Doros, George Schwartz. Where’s Lois Lerner and those IRS audits?

      8. searchtruthnow says:

        I think he is now disqualified from receiving post presidential salary. Read something like that recently. And yeah where did the $8.1 mill come from ? And he is building a wall around his property. Wait I thought osscumo was for open borders !

        There should be protests about this.

        1. Herman says:

          You all know they write books. Get paid big bucks. I really think these Publishing Company’s need to be investigated. I forget how many Million’s Obama and Michelle each recieved for writing their books, but there is no way in hell the Publishing Company’s can sell that many books to even break even. I believe that this way, George Soros and the New World Order can payoff their Puppets.

          1. searchtruthnow says:

            Who buys their books? Most of the dems voters are illiterate, hooked on drugs or on welfare and can’t afford books and are not interested in reading anything except what’s on the prescription bottles. So yeah you have a great point about investigating those so called publishing co.s. Anyway the ‘big shots’ don’t even write their own books. The big O received quite a bit of money prior to writing/publishing his latest book

            “The New York Times reported that publishing industry executives said it probably stretched well into eight figures. Executives who followed the bidding process said that opening offers for Obama’s book alone were in the $18 to $20 million range, according to The New York Times.” That’s a lot of money from Americans who don’t read, can’t read or just don’t care as long as they can keep their obamaphone.

          2. Bud says:

            Seems I read that the two of them received something like $60 million to write books.

        2. Duke-Jinx says:

          Answer… A tip from Hillary for all the unmasking during the campaign while She still had Her security clearances.

          1. searchtruthnow says:

            LOL LOL a tip ? hilarious.

            Me thinks you’re my fav poster lol

          2. Duke-Jinx says:

            A Yeah… ‘ Non Taxable ‘ rite. Rotten bastards All.

      9. voncile fullwood says:

        from the Social Security that him and Ryan took out of the closed back door just like the 500,000 that came up missing the day Trump was being sworn in and the money he sent to his brother for and off shore account much has come up missing

      10. gdhdcx says:

        He stole it, it’s a no brained. It’s in the billions that are unaccountable during his reign!

      11. Moe says:

        He made the worst foreign executive order treaties in history, Cuba, Iran, and the PPA, not to mention the billions and billions of our tax dollars pledge by him not congress to fight global warming. Now you know where some of this new fortune just appeared from. This sneaky rat could commit and has committed terrible crimes without fear of punishment or being called out as a con-man. We are all scared shitless to challenge him, he is more powerful than any living president in our history, he answers to no one almost like he is a King.

        1. Rose Ribitzki says:

          oh, but yes, he will have to answer to someone much mightier than him. !!! he will have to answer to our Almighty Father !!

          1. Moe says:

            True, very true

      12. Gloria D. says:

        Stole it from tax dollars of us hard working middle class! Ben Carson found lots of money missing in his dept. I’m sure it’s all in Ovomits account.

      13. Roger Domnie says:

        where do we begin??? iran deal, clinton foundation, clintons, soros, and on and on it goes. in eight years a few million per year happens quickly…. they paid something along the way. then 2016, somebody with honesty comes forth and it all stops. we then wonder why the left is in a uproar. no body wants soros money any more????

      14. Cheryl Detar says:

        The American taxpayer and muzzie countries.

      15. Bud says:

        Allegedly from royalties from the books written for Barry by the unrepentant communist terrorist Bill Ayers, as well as the hefty advance both Obamas received for their forthcoming books.

      16. Sharon Windus says:

        What they stole from the American taxpayer while they were in residence at our White House.

        1. Mike Burkett says:

          Check Obama’s ‘climate change’ investments of American tax revenues to companies (many in Europe) that turned out to be political pay-back or outright money-laundering schemes. That alone, along with the corrupt Clinton foundation should send them all to jail for a very long time. IDEA: Save the taxpayer-funded vacations for these criminals, send them to GITMO, let the muslim terrorist they provided protection to take care of them.

      17. granny_forUSA says:


      18. Kathy says:

        Excellent question and one we all deserve an answer to

      19. Marty says:

        On your tax dollars.

    2. Gen11American says:

      And spent $85 million on family vacations in 8 years. Lordy, that’s over $10 million per year! I’m betting even Billionaire anti-2nd Amendment Media Mogul Michael Bloomberg has never spent that much per year! If he has, shame on him, and shame on our politicians for not taxing the rich enough!

      1. tinker1 says:

        $1 hundred million!

      2. Mike Burkett says:

        Just like the laws passed in Congress for the American constituency not applying to Congressional personnel, the tax-code also provides exemptions for out ruling-elite, professional politicians.

    3. Kathryn Ross says:

      I always have to remind myself Dianna Gould, That “All that Glitters is not Gold… One Man’s Trash is another Man’s Treasure!……..The Obama’s have sold their soul’s to the Devil…. And the Devil is looking for more soul’s to steal….. looks like sales are up on Souls in Washington D C

      1. ter334 says:

        IMO islam is Satan’s version of Christianity. A knock off of Christianity, with Mo their jesus? The only religions in the world with divine DNA are Judaism and Christianity. All other’s have human DNA. Islam’s DNA goes all the way back to only Mo who is the only founder.

        1. Mike Burkett says:

          Mohammed promoted incest to save family wealth for 1400 years. The genetic stain may have faded but will never disappear. The muslims effectively breeded themselves out of humanity much like the democraps have left humanity behind for their desire of political power.

    4. Askjrsk says:

      President Trump did it the American way.

    5. Dave says:

      I want to see Obamass tax returns next year for the year 2017. Cause if they are getting money from Soros, that is taxable income.

    6. bttrap says:

      way over paid he did nothing

    7. granny_forUSA says:



    8. Bilgeez says:

      Davis-Soetoro got RICH being the WORST President ever! I guess crime does pay!

  6. vinny says:

    Those NIGGERS are buying that house with our money. Not surprised NIGGERS are a BUNCH OF THIEVES!!!

  7. Fedup says:

    He is trying to overthrough the president. He should be arrested and prosecuted for sedition.

    1. suz says:

      We need to open his files and find out that he truly was never qualified to be the Pres. Remember he came to college as a foreign exchange student

      1. Palmer says:

        why were his college transcripts sealed? Hiding what?

        1. suz says:

          He had them sealed and they would prove his not an American citizen. He was born in Kenya

        2. Beverly Hightower says:

          I know! I know! His name is Barry Soetoro. He was adopted when he was 10, and has NEVER changed his name back to his Kenyan birth name. He is NOT a citizen of America. He is an impostor and an impersonator. Everything he did or signed is illegal. It sickens me that Barry and Michael shacked up in our beloved White House for 8 years.

      2. Mike Burkett says:

        We need to open every file and record Obama legally sealed before his first election.

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      Fedup, yes he and all the rest of the President Trump Back Stabbers should be arrested and prosecuted for their numerous crimes committed as well.

    3. Mike Burkett says:

      Along with the DNC and select GOP members.

  8. Raymond Miller says:

    So the surprise , is where ? They are socialists, communists, Demon-Craps. Do they as they say not as they do. They are special and are of the privileged elite upperclass.

  9. Mike W says:

    Before going to D.C – Obama – or whatever his real name is – was a community organizer in Chicago – I guess he figures that it’s too dangerous to go back there now. Like everything else he has touched it has turned to s**t.

    1. tinker1 says:

      fear of assassination by drive by shooters!

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      Mike W. Everything Obama has anything to do with is Schit!!! It stinks to high heaven…..And he must be stopped by prosecution for crimes already committed. Oh! he Organized communities in Chicago alright!!! He is an Evil Doer, An Anti-American, Muslim Brotherhood, Terrorist. creating Chaos and crisis after crisis wherever he goes on the Globe……

  10. Vicki Kuner Mattingly says:

    sounds like they have enough room for some illegals!!!! what a couple of phonies

    1. jreg9304 says:

      Hell, Obozo is an illegal! He was born in Kenya, not America. The only thing American about him was his now dust, dead mother.. he has more ties to Kenya than a pig does to fat!!!

  11. Frederic Charles Hilnbrand says:

    OK so where did he get the money to buy this estate?? He did not make that much when he was in office as President. So the money has ot be illegal money. His daughter’s are also worth Millions. Where did their money come from as they were too young to work?? How much money did he steal of ours?? Why is his sorry ass not been brought up on charges of no less than TREASON?? So many questions and so far no answers.

    1. tinker1 says:

      sold his peace prize and the honor medals he took from the military that was only for the military to receive. probably melted them down to buy more of the drugs he needs from the warlords he let come into America.

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      That is the question that needs answering Frederic Charles Hilnbrand…….He Raped the American Taxpayers of Millions….. I think we bought that Mansion in D C We the People need answers…..

      1. Beverly Hightower says:

        Barry Soetoro aka Obama is George Soros’ puppet. I’m quite sure that he bought the DC home for Barry in exchange for his loyalty. Neither of them love America, and are NOT citizens.

  12. mary ann says:

    Chicago is a much more suitable place for them. The slums of Chicago.

  13. ronniecanoli says:

    She hates AMERICA, but sure does love the sudden wealth they got through their CORRUPTION.. She is nothing more then, what she has always portrayed as a RACIST POS.

  14. Linda Coburn says:

    They shouldn’t be living anywhere near D.C.! They are trouble makers!

    1. Janelle says:

      Given how many of those are already troublemakers in D.C. – they will fit in though.

    2. Kathryn Ross says:

      That is putting it lightly Linda….They will be operating the Obama Foundation next door to their Mansion….and a Taxpayer Office… That’s Ironic isn’t it? And the Shadow Government operation to take down the entire Trump Administration….. and do anything they can to take The President out of office….You are correct The Obama’s should not be living anywhere near D. C.! They are Catastrophic to America.

      1. Beverly Hightower says:

        I will go one step further and say that Barry Soetoro aka Obama has been planning to be the dictator of the world through the New World Order. I remember hearing him say that he intended to abolish the Amendment that gives term limits. The huge wall that he has built around his DC property will make it a fortress where he thinks he will be able to conduct his Shadow government. I think that in his evil mind he dreams of having a more important place than the White House. I know the mental mechanisms of the human mind, and I have done a lot of research about this poor excuse for a human being.

  15. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    The poster family for a socialist or communist or what ever to hell they call it now a days, the only thing missing is they do not control us and they never will. In all sincerity they will most likely hang by their feet before all this mess he created is finally put down. History repeating itself again with corrupt leaders, thieves liars and anything you would like to add is fine with me. Sedition was instigated and put into motion by these piece of shit nobodies. Lawful good Americans are now targets for the nut cases and it is only a matter of time a real civil war breaks out and once again the righteous will prevail over evil. It has nothing to do with race or political choice but all about survival from an assault on our way of life and the constitution that is still and will forever be the one document that leads our future. There can be no substitute other than the LAW. You start by arresting these treasonous outsider bastards and hang’em high so all future tyrants will have no doubts about what their end might be. That is the LAW

    1. ter334 says:

      The Italians hung Mussolini from a lamp post for fraternizing with Hitler after WWII. I doubt O will meet the same fate but perhaps he is on track for our equivalent for fraternizing with islam. Islam does not meet the criteria for separation so is an illegal religion and must be banned, Individuals can believe in no separation but they can’t gather to worship this. That is sedition. All mosques need to be closed.

  16. Annie says:

    So the tranny & the husband, muslim Obummer, are buying that mansion now! I’m sure they’re writing a ‘thank you’ note to George Soros for the purchase! What a bunch of frauds! They all need to be in prison now! Obummer was the worst president ever! Thank God, we’re rid of this fraudulent couple in the White House & that the hag Hillary wasn’t elected! Go President Trump!

    1. tinker1 says:

      it may be all confiscated if they ever file the charges against him that they have loads and loads of files for!

  17. mcdonnal says:

    Typical white wine sipping liberals, “Do as I say, not as I do”. “We know what’s best for you”.

    1. Al says:

      That you Hillary? LOL

  18. Roger Peabody says:

    The two of them just make me wanna puke.

  19. parthenon1 says:

    There ought to be room for several homeless people he claimed to help but never showed any help from him personally always spend other peoples, (tax), money its the Democrat way !

  20. Clay Williams says:

    I have stated several times that I smell a Civil War on the Horizon.We the people have had enough Muslim Shit to do us ten lifetimes and the time is getting NEARER to eradicate the Black Assholes that are deficating all over us with NO reprisals!

  21. gene smiith says:

    Well at the very least….I hope the joint has a front porch so they can fulfill the description so well deserved

  22. JS says:

    Obama’s also house Valerie Jarrett within this huge compound. Why?

    1. Kathryn Ross says:

      Gee JS, We are all wondering what the answer to that question might be…..? Maybe Obama has a Isis Training camp right there in the middle of D C….. Or for the training of the new Federal Law Enforcement…… like ROBO-COPS…..He should be exiled from this Country he is a total Fraud! He was a Faux President living in the White House……..Why? He was groomed to be the Dictator of the One World Government Civilization. He thinks he is King of the World! B H O is here to destroy the Free World…. and it’s current Leader.. President Donald J. Trump…… This must not be allowed to happen……

  23. kassa1 says:

    where does a piece of shit like Obama did was never more than a community agitator get $8 million to buy a home with? I’ll tell you where he got it from his clubs like George Soros for all the distraction he’s done to this country what is the power not counting is treason or he is putting this country and $12 trillion worth of debt and infiltrating this country with people who want to kill us.

    1. Kathryn Ross says:

      And He will continue if he is not stopped….The Dem Forces are Behind him…. Where are the Republican forces? He is being paid and rewarded to destroy America….

      1. kassa1 says:

        Part of the Republican sold her soul to the devil. Have you ever heard of the 45 goals of communism to take down the United States. Go online and check it out one of those goals is to take over one or both parties and the Democrat party was taken over back in the 40s and McCarthy was right.

  24. Michael Lloyd says:

    The Chappaqua HillBillies, Soros, Wall Street, the Clinton Foundation, Iran, exorbitant speaking fees.

  25. doug9694 says:

    Why don’t he help level out the income inequalities by living like the average American? And give all his extra to the poor. They are hypocrites!

  26. David McAllister says:

    And to think, all he had to do to get this reward is to sell out America and ruin our healthcare system. Traitorous muslim!

  27. ONLYJB1 says:

    The obama’s ignorance? They paid 8.2 million for a home that was only valued @ a hairy over 6 million. Wished I could LMAO, but can’t because I know it was paid for by dirty money stolen from American tax payers!

    1. SGirl says:

      And then he has to pay for that wall!!!

  28. Diane C. Santucci says:

    When will these 2 monsters shut up? They were useless moochers for 8 years!
    They are proving that our President is doing exactly what he was elected to do: clean the mess that Obamas created!
    Where is the headline: President Trump & the more than 1000 displaced Dems Are obama’s only legacy!!!

  29. ROB says:

    Them colords have 3 or 4 families living together. Her (his) (mushell) whatever it is,her mammy is there Valerie Jarrett is there ,whoever shacks up with her, that oldest slut daughter will have a buck in there with her and the young one is old enough for breeding too so there will be a house full. Man when they get ready to go somewhere there will be a bus load cause all of them will be packed in the vehicle. expresident. What a pleasant sound.

  30. jreg9304 says:

    M. Obammy, is nothing but a White wanna-be, piece of trash. Having money, illegally gained at that, Does not make for a pure soul, where Satan resides!!

  31. BEVERLY RYAN says:

    Obama should not be getting a pension , he was nor even a legal president when hw was in office , everything he ever did while in office should be repealed asap. and quit fighting our Great President Trump for what he is trying to do to get rid of all the bad people and issues that Obama put in place.PUT OBAMA IN JAIL NOW !!!!!!!

    1. Beverly Hightower says:

      It might make you feel better to know that President Trump has put a hold on Barry’s so called pension until he turns 65. This has really pissed Michael off and I love it! While we were waiting for Trump to take office, I put together some really important stuff and sent copies to Mr Trump, and also to Sean Hannity. Both are fully aware of all of the illegal stuff that Barry has signed. I’m sure that Mr Trump will take care of all of it ASAP. Barry is up to no good just 2 miles from the White House.

  32. Gen11American says:

    We’ll see who gets destroyed first – our 45th duly-elected president, or a former Liar-In-Chief who never should have been allowed to run for POTUS because he was (and still is) a Marxist Muslim Globalist Traitor to the US!

  33. ROB says:

    I have never figured how a progressive, liberal, socialist, blood sucking democrat could be rich. How could they have all that money and ignore all those poor people who don’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of? That’s all they talk about is how much they are for the poor. Then why would they be rich yet we have all these poor folks?? HUH?

  34. Al says:

    They still hate the USA.

  35. TPS12 says:

    I guess it’s only bad for other people to have wealth.

  36. ter334 says:

    Petrodollars from islamic sources fund him and his offices around the nation. Just like these foreign govts fund all the mosques in the world. Members of a mosque do not donate to a basket passed around during prayer time. The govt is actually a dept of the mosque and is used to enforce the religion on the subjects instead of their “rights” like is done with our govt which actually regulates itself to keep itself from taking away the rights given to us by the Constitution Or is supposed to regulate itself but in recent years has turned to PC as the cornerstone of how it operates.

  37. suz says:

    This is what Democrats that vote for this type of crap deserve. When they say equality they mean taken from the average person and give to them. They don’t work nor have they ever held a real job.

  38. ter334 says:

    Why is he building a wall around his house, but objects to one around the nation????? What a hypocrite. And the deep state loves it. Or is it the RINOs and Ds, the establishment. I wonder if he actually an American citizen?

    1. Askjrsk says:

      You know he isn’t , Hes a whimp.

    2. ter334 says:

      Maybe he got some money from the Clinton Foundation, also petrodollars, to build the wall and to buy the house? Likely all the petrodollars needed/wanted, since they are our money, can be imported without question and spent as desired–to pay staff at mosques, to pay a stipend to any real muslims here for the cause, to establish sharia law. And give a condolence amt to families whose son blows himself up for akbar allah. And also in Europe, even more so. And they import dollars r Canadian money to be able to hire O in Canada and try and cover their money laundering?

  39. Askjrsk says:

    Trump supporters will work diligently to not let OBAMA lie again. That OBAMA that despicable legacy will go down as the stickiest out house in Washington DC. Fecal color is out now in Washington, now is the time to take the hip boots off.

  40. Palmer says:

    Obama will be closer to the jail he will be in in the near future. Basturd tried to demolish America. Worst Fake President ever.

  41. Autoharp1951 says:

    Wait! Did he just say “Obama recently gave a speech where he was paid $400,000 to restate his belief that income inequality was the defining issue of our time.” So why isn’t he distributing much of HIS wealth to help equalize income inequality? That, folks, is the purest definition of hypocrisy!

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Isn’t that the truth, do as I say, not as so Do.

  42. KDS says:

    After he’s been prosecuted for Treason, maybe the mansion could be turned into a Prison.

    1. Askjrsk says:

      Or a house for homeless legal

  43. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    My question is: how stupid are doe of the people in this country? actions speak louder than words. Even though Killary, traitor Obama, and imbecile Sanders are loaded with money and have 2,3,4, or more houses, and, yet, there are still idiots in this country who vote for them…do they REALLY believe that these guys care about them? Or are they so stupid and lazy that they just love the miniscule hand outs they receive? I truly cannot figure it out.

  44. Moe says:

    They entered the White House with less than 200,000 dollars in personal wealth and his earning of 400,000 a year help he gain millions and millions more, I not sue how but their so smart and sneaky it does not surprise me at all. Two people whom were rewarded for their hatred of America, two pathological liars made into heroes by the nutty left. Outside of the Clinton’s, I do not know of any couple that deserves to be exposed and jailed as much as these two sneaky characters.

  45. arron Grottolo says:

    I don’t believe they acquired that kind of money legally or morally.

  46. downs1 says:

    There will come a day of reckoning for Barack Obama for his treasonous actions against the United States of America. So many want to see Donald Trump go down, but they say nothing about Obama, whose constitutional legitimacy as president were/are in serious question. In addition to being an arch hypocrite, Obama openly sold Israel down the river at the United Nations, for which he will ultimately pay a heavy price! One wonders where [from whom] Obama got the funds to buy the mansion? Many questions unanswered by those who are openly seeking to subvert the Trump presidency!

  47. US Patriot says:

    Sedition charges for Obama and his minions for their agenda to overthrow Donald Trump and his administration! Obama belongs in prison!

  48. A patriot says:

    may the obamas have the worst luck and have nasty things come their way as the did to the American people for 8 years of hell

  49. sandy says:

    What a d-head! First, he hangs around Washington, instead of going home to his bankrupt Chicago where he belongs. We all know he is up to no good, trying to save his “legacy” and trying to bring down the President that WE THE PEOPLE voted for. Why else would he stay here? He’s probably STILL spying on Trump! Someone should raid that $8.1 million mansion. And then, THEN, he builds a WALL around it?! He has no shame, and all you idiots that voted for him, not once, but twice, should be shaking your heads. Surely you don’t think he has an honest bone in his body. Haven’t seen anyone investigating HIS ass for all the shady deals he made, that likely bought this mansion.

  50. Gloria D. says:

    No worries Ovomit..your kingdom, made from the sweat of the working middle class tax dollars, will come to a dead end resulting in your kingdom crashing and burning big time…PRESIDENT TRUMP wins, again…you lost, AGAIN!!!

  51. Roger Domnie says:

    did you mean michael lavaughn robinson, alias michelle. the two queers. one of seven queer presidents in history to hold the office… or is there another michelle referred to in story????

  52. David in MA says:

    Arrest both of them for attempting to over throw the legal government.

  53. Rodger K. Shull says:

    They are CROOKS, plain an simple, they both left the white house, with millions, how did she make millions an did not work, ?? Thru kick backs from her collage friends in Canada, that wrote the ACA web site plans, of a 1+billion of taxpayer money an then when it bombed the 1st time, the taxpayers coughed up another 1+ billion $$$ to fodify it, so there is were her millions came from. Funny the clintons left the white house so broke they stole the furniture, an the obamas left 16 million richer, must be inflation. HA HA HA HA , they SCREWED THE POOCH

  54. Sharon Melvin says:

    Such hypocrites! It is OK for them to be rich but not job creators who actually care about improving lives for the average American!

  55. jong says:

    Believe it ?? Sure I would both her and her entire family are both morally bankrupt and unethical to the max. The good news is that Sessions will know exactly where ole jug ears is when it comes time to arrest him.

  56. Jeronimo Dan says:

    It may take sometime for the uninformed to become informed, as to Obama being a Fraud, Muslim and one out to destroy this Great Nation! And so called Michelle, will continue to be hung like a small pony and keep “IT” covered up the best she can.

    1. Chi Sam says:

      ‘Some time’, dimwit. The common word ‘sometime’ refers to an ambiguous point in time, and is not a measure of time. Typical, that you yammer about the uninformed.

  57. JL Brown Jr says:

    They should have a quick trial followed by a first class hanging, if they opt for a firing squad I volunteer my services as a first class marksman to be on the squad. Either way obama was trying his mite to force us into the new world order. The speech that he gave about Americans to give up there freedoms to be controlled by others was enough to call him a traitor. Enough of the new world order , anyone that tries that will force us into that deserves a hanging party. Obama has broken the Logan act, that in itself tells us he is a damn traitor. We need to rid our country of the muslim brotherhood, any and all that cair, any muslim organization needs to be tossed out of our country.

  58. Alleged Comment says:

    Michelle who?

  59. M. D'Souza says:

    The Obamas have an ambition to return to the White House. Michelle herself may be cajoled to run in 2020. The FAKE media will start reporting glowing attributes to MO, and the liberal idiots, Hollywierdos, the millenials whose brains are already molded into mush — will fall for such an idea. That will be BHO’s 3rd term which they are anticipating.

  60. Rose Ribitzki says:

    hahahaha … so he is constructing a WALL PEREMETER around his residence …. obuzzard, wacha afraid of ?????

  61. buffalobob826 says:

    Since he is building a wall around the house can someone fill it in with concrete. The tax payer funded office needs to be defunded.

  62. RichFromShowMe says:

    ex-President Jarrett has also moved in to continue pulling obamba’s strings and writing his “harangues”, so they may need the room.

    They, along with other Leftists, domestic terrorists and Snowflakes, have a full-blown “Seditious Conspiracy” in the works. Wonder how that will work out for them?

    It’s good they took a long vacation to the Pacific Islands and found an island that doesn’t extradite to the USA. 🙂

  63. DIANNA GOULD says:

    Im sure they are getting money from Soros Obama is low life and lives off anyone that wll pay his way, including stil thinking hes persident and going to other countries to negotiate he is in denlle and were sick o seeing his face.

  64. keith mc williams says:

    There has never been a worse sore loser than obama and hillary in the history of any where

  65. Denise Garceau says:

    How did they earn the money to pay for it?

  66. Bud says:

    the Obamas sticking around D.C. points to an attempt to establish a shadow government to undermine Donald Trump.

    “By any means necessary” is their mantra.

  67. myfordtruck says:

    And still sticking it to the American people and trying to destroy our nation

  68. Nana07 says:

    Who writes this garbage?? What a crock of shiatt!!! At least his money did not come from the Russians . According to number 2 idiot son, Eric said his father does business with the Russians. I cannot believe so called patriots are just blindly accepting everything orange 45 lies about….. So much for making America great again…

    1. bttrap says:

      his money probably came from the muslims to let them in our country

      1. Nana07 says:

        I see you have been brainwashed by FOX FAKE NEWS, there is no need for me to go any further, damn, never have I seen so many scared of a religion….. i have nothing left to say, it would be a waste of time..

        1. bttrap says:

          how many muslims live with you?

        2. bttrap says:

          it’s not a religion it’s a cult that murders inocent people and issi came from that cult

    2. dfinch says:

      You have cherry picked what he was saying. It’s something you’ve “heard” and only repeating it. He was talking in the context of much of his fathers condos sales in Miami was coming in from Russian millionaires. 20 years ago the French Canadians moved in to Hollywood Beach, Hallandale Beach and parts of North Miami Beach. They bought every business they could get their hands on. 10 years later the rest of North Miami Beach, Miami Beach and South Beach was revitalized and the Russians and Chinese millionaires showed up. Anyone with $6-$8 million dollars or more were buying these luxury condos. It wasn’t just the Trump developments. It was all of Southern Florida. You folks are making something out of nothing.

  69. tCotUS says:

    Both Obozo & Mitchel are total POS….

  70. Palmer says:

    You would think with all the money the Obamas took from the Tax payers she would have gotten her teeth straightened.

  71. LANI says:

    Those 2 r Evil to the core. Their souls r polluted & their heart full if hate, not only for President Trump BUT also for America. Since they hate this country so bad they need to GTF OUT! Move to Kenya INDEFINITLY…

  72. bill says:

    Harry S Truman said that any Politician that leaves Office Wealthy “”based on their Federal Pay could only do so because THEY WERE A CROOK””

  73. jim jones says:

    They are nigger rich from the pay for play money they sucked up, clinton taught them.

  74. Jacky says:

    how much of it is Clinton Cash-Soros, etc–man had to lie about his Nationality to attend college for free where did he acquire the money

  75. cathylovesyou says:

    Today regardless if you earn or steal money it doesn’t give you manners,etiquette nor class. N U V O Just look at them.

  76. granny_forUSA says:


  77. Phyllis Schultz says:

    We would all like to know where their money comes from. We know President’s don’t make that much, and even if they did he should have paid us for tolerating him.

  78. Nina Ferguson says:

    They have been at the DC trough for long enough to really enjoy it and want it to continue. They talk about themselves and his “legacy” (what there is left of it), even to the point of having the media count how many times he says I, me , we etc.

  79. Kiki says:

    Where did he get these millions when his pay check was 400,000 per year???????? The EVIL ones hard at work.

  80. mekatie says:

    Those two are really pieces of sh*t, why won’t they give us a break and stay out of our lives.

  81. Bilgeez says:

    The blatant hypocrisy of O’Barry and his stooges is amazing. No humility, no graciousness, just chutzpah and arrogance!

  82. mrp15 says:

    At least President Trump acquired his wealth BEFORE running for public office. Same cannot be said about the Clintons and Obamas.

  83. william g munson says:

    If Obama saved his full salary for the *8 years he could not afford to buy that house or mansion for that amount he must have been getting kick backs or money form other Crooked dealing period and not paying any TAXS

  84. Clip Art says:

    White. Mmh wondering if this comment will hit the generateor as well…

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