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You’ll Never Believe Who Just Emerged As The Biggest Threat To Trump’s Presidency

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  1. davesnrakleberger says:

    h.r. McMaster is a disgrace to the uniform. Is he porking Rice?

  2. davegrille says:

    This is messy.

  3. Mike W says:

    President Trump has to remember that a lot of the good military brass was fired by Obama – or what ever the hell his name really is – for disagreeing with the “anointed one”. Bath house Barry will not be happy until the whole country looks like Chicago, L.A., San Francisco, Detroit, NYC, Baltimore,

    1. Darlene F. Donston says:

      Amen! You are soooooo RIGHT!

      1. Red Steiner says:

        Neither will Pope Francis. Both the Pope and the Obama/ Clinton Cartel need to be charged as enemies of our soon to be great nation.

        1. Darlene F. Donston says:

          Right, AGAIN!

        2. Pattie Kelly says:

          Yes I am Catholic and have given up trying to defend the CEO of my Faith. I just can’t. The only thing I can do is recognize him as the Pope and leave it at that. I had so much expectations when he was made Pope but now I think he’s here to usher in the End of Time. And yes the swamp creatures are rallying a cout against our duly elected President.

      2. dude says:

        that I agree with too

    2. GrumpyGrandpa says:

      I’m betting we look like Islamabad, Pakisan, coast-to-coast.

      1. granny_forUSA says:


        1. Brad Tipton says:

          Count me in. If we do have to revolt the popular media will not have a hard time finding things to report. Even about the misadventures of each other.

        2. Joseph Carrilho says:

          Remember Bennie Hill? America, show us your guns.

        3. lorenz genovich says:

          It took only 3% of the men and women to get rid of the Bits in 1776, the NRA alone has over 5M members/ If people get really mad, think French Revolution, Russian Revolution or any other one. The elite never starts one!

      2. Joseph Carrilho says:

        Western Europe must look like Mecca now.

    3. Elena Bowman says:

      And Islam!

    4. PM says:

      Obama won;’t be happy until this country looks like the worst war-torn areas of
      Syria and we are in a civil war. He has forgotten-his pension might be stopped.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says:

        [ IT’S ] neck could get stretched too……….

        1. PM says:

          You can’t spell nor are you a loyal American citizen.

          1. bttrap says:

            that’s a typo error you moron you must be a muslim you smell like it and act like it

      2. Pattie Kelly says:

        Why is he still here? He should of moved back to Chicago when he left office or somewhere away form 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., but not right down the street using his daughter had to graduate and he’s still here or is he? And then he goes around talking to foreign leaders like he is still president. I believe in his convoluted mind he thinks he still is. SICKO!!!!

    5. Joseph Carrilho says:

      I have wondered what became of those who were purged by the homo.
      Were they lifers awaiting retirement or were they patriots who were doing their best???
      If they were any good, I would offer them reinstatement.

      1. Palmer says:

        197 Admirials and Generals were ousted by OBummer because they disagreed with his policy. That’s a lot of Experieance in the Military.

    6. Pattie Kelly says:

      Good comment thank you.

  4. figmo says:

    Get rid of the people who are loyal to Trump and who would implement his policies while keeping the hacks who were put in place by Obama and who betray Trump at every opportunity?

    1. Robert Zraick says:

      Madness isn’t it?

  5. kassa1 says:

    Truck needs to tell McMaster, you’re fired and you get no retirement, and you’re lucky we don’t give you the firing squad. God bless America and may he protect Mr. Trump.

  6. libyofree says:

    Do not trust McMaster!

  7. Tim Oconnor says:

    McMasterbates is a real a-hole. He plays with his pecker all the time, takes it in the rear end, and gives head to his dog.

    1. Bud William says:

      Brilliant response. NOT You do sound like a jealous person. Not agreeing with
      McMasters, but before you slam the crapper door get the facts.

  8. rose says:

    question is- who is picking these types and who is agreeing to it? there must be a reason why they go through a revolving door once their disloyalty is discovered; is someone advising Trump pulling out all the stops purposely? this in itself is a huge enigma but needs to be seriously looked into.

    1. Elena Bowman says:

      From what I read, the traitor McCain picked this pos to be the Intelligence Director. That should be enough to warrant his dismissal asap. Anyone McCain picks is a traitor just as he is.

  9. Veteran First says:

    He needs to get kicked out of the military for being a traitor to America and lose his rank and retirement. He’s for helping to Destroy America and that’s not what he should be wearing the title: General.

    If he gave out any secrets, he should “Go to Jail with the rest of the scumbag DemocRATS.

    1. eddie47 says:

      Anyone who takes on lying and traitorous Flynn needs to stay. There’s your “lying scumbag”!

      1. bttrap says:

        still didn’t take your head out of the area between your two back pockets you moron

        1. eddie47 says:

          Stop being a classic Trump supporter and say something intelligent. There are plenty of names I could be calling you so get over yourself.

          1. Robert Zraick says:

            Name calling? You called the guy a drunk Parrot!

  10. guest says:

    Only President Trump can decide who takes what position, GOD is still in charge and prophesy will

    1. ter334 says:

      Now is the time to hire only people that believe , In God we trust.. All others go away. Party affiliated can not be trusted. They are like communists, party uber alles. Party rules all. Rule of law rules all here.

      1. eddie47 says:

        Trump has a spiritual adviser and does not attend a house of worship. He uses Christians about as badly as he does his tax deductions. Trump’s behavior is not Christian like.

        1. bttrap says:

          and obambies muslims is any better? as he gives money to the muslims with an airplane and tell the muslim issi when we are going pull out of sandland boy you are sure a winner of nothing

          1. eddie47 says:

            You are one heck of a story teller. Hopefully you don’t have grandchildren that you lie to.

      2. Robert Zraick says:

        Correct. Democracy is mob rule. (A.K.A. the tyranny of the majority, by the Founding Fathers) A republic is based on rule of law. “….and to the republic for which it stands”

    2. Robert Zraick says:

      God helps those who help themselves.

  11. pappy450 says:

    Apparently McMaster is another disgruntled “swamp creature” that should be dealt with ASAP.
    By going behind PRESIDENT TRUMP’S back, he is a disgrace and should be FIRED.

    1. IluvmyUSA says:

      Immediately, right now, as as soon as possible, get him the hell outta there!!! You know how it is; we gotta keep on drainin, drillin, chippin, grindin, sandin, and honin until we get it right. Then we gotta put up barriers so we can keep out crap like that last bunch that just left. America, you guys have got to make better voting choices or we’ll never be able to get this bs.cleaned up.

      1. pappy450 says:

        I would make the “suggestion” that anyone with a ‘twitter” account “tweet”
        PRESIDENT TRUMP and encourage him to get RID of these back biters, if he intends to keep his agenda “rolling”. these scumbags will do anything to hold on to their CONTROL, POWER and those all-precious TAXPAYER DOLLARS that FUND their cushy lifestyles. In Fact I will do just that right NOW.

        1. Peggy Oakey-Myers says:


        2. eddie47 says:

          Except that more folks respect McMasters than disagree with him. He is a respected 3 Star General who has served his country well.
          Nikki Haley says “he has very clear goals” and always did his job well.
          R-Cotton of Arkansas says” McMasters is indispensable in helping the President hear all view points and for him to have all the information he needs”.
          It’s not McMasters dropping the ball!

          1. Reflect says:

            The question is….what are his “very clear” goals?….can the president trust him, or is he loyal to other agenda’s

      2. Robert Zraick says:

        We are not going to win this by being nice. It is literally life or death.

    2. RichFromShowMe says:

      I may be totally wrong, but, I think General McMaster is President Trump’s “honey-pot”, so he may just be playing the role of a disgruntled guy and planting “bogus security” info.

      If he puts out “bogus security” info and it shows up in the FAKE NEWS media, then AG Sessions can follow the CRIMINAL TRAIL, hopefully all the way to the top; i.e., obamba, “the witch” and her Coven and the DNC.

      1. pappy450 says:

        I believe you might be mistaken. Mcmaster was P.O.’d when PRESIDENT TRUMP didn’t want to send enormous amounts of MORE troops and supplies into Afghanistan. I guess you could say his “actions” were retaliation for The President not “agreeing” with him. He should be “dealt with” asap. This stinks to high heavens of TREASON.

        1. eddie47 says:

          ?? Trump has requested more troops into Afghanistan himself.

    3. Robert Zraick says:

      Not Fired. Executed for treason.

  12. ter334 says:

    Big money talks the talk and walks the walk in DC and has for decades? I don’t think we even have a govt now, but the biggest political mess in our history. And not T’s fault. With the exception of O and his muslims the rest of these people are not islam oriented, but are not Constitution oriented either? They are part of the establishment, the banker run shadow govt that operates the govt. And billions of dollars are distributed by the govt in the form of interest on the national debt to unknown persons/groups/foreign countries and to be used for unknown reasons. It is not reasonable to think none of it is spent to buy politicians and influence to keep the money flowing to, well keep on buying what is necessary to keep the status quo intact. T definitely was not supposed to win the election. But many people, voters, who are not part of the establishment can see the govt does not function as intended. To be a political operation, not a financial/economic operation. To regulate some types of human behavior, provide some services for the benefit of the nation, and is denied some regulatory powers-the bill of rights. We have a money based govt when it is supposed to be political based. A dictatorship of bankers, big money.

  13. James Hutchins says:

    Why are they the Government giving that lying Rice a pass shesa accomplish to the eight yrs of insanty that America had to endure.

  14. walter77777 says:

    The consistent over-the-top nature of the many of the posts on this thread suggest they all came from one person posting under multiple handles. I think McMaster may be a good guy working in the Trump administration which has bloody few good guys.

    1. 1947goldenjet says:

      Leaving Susan “Really IT was because of the VIDEO” Rice with a security clearance hardly supports Trump or America’s interests.

  15. James Hutchins says:

    Rice lied about the whole time she was under obuma lock them all up.

  16. Please! “N]o one saw the biggest threat coming and you’ll never believe who it is.”

    Actually most of the awake and aware saw this coming when John McCain jumped up and down with joy at McMaster’s appointment.

    All these globalist Demons have to go. I wish Trump could just get Flynn cleared and stick him back in charge. At least HE is for MAGA.

    1. eddie47 says:

      Oh my God have you swallowed the Fool-Aid . Donald Trump is an Elitist and Donald Trump is a GLOBALIST . President Trump talks the talk but refuses to walk the walk. . He is the worst kind of hypocrite in demanding businesses return to America yet refuses to bring his operations back to the US. He hates illegals yet hires illegals. He’s even is in the process of doing it right now on another one of his golf courses. You have been Conned by the Don and then to believe in Flynn when he was also openly busted. I remember his lies and phony and very fake conspiracies he endorsed and that can’t be tolerated in America.

      1. bttrap says:

        you need to get your head out of the area between your two back pockets and go over your false posts

        1. eddie47 says:

          Obviously you offered nothing to refute what I said. Now pull your head out of your stinky side.

      2. Robert Zraick says:

        Who is drinking Koolaid? Got a mirror?

        1. eddie47 says:

          Did the truth hurt you too or is your blindness inherited?

      3. DeOppressoLiber says:

        You speak in generalities eddie47 just like the typical democrat. Get specific and get proof. You are throwing mud on the wall hoping some of it will stick. Be specific, describe the lies, tell us exactly of the phony and fake conspiracies you say he endorsed. How do you move a golf course to America?? How do you move a hotel to America. Get real man, but then I forget Democrats are never real. LOL

  17. JC says:

    I have grave doubts about McMaster—hope he can prove me wrong

  18. Louis Charles says:

    drain the swamp? Who said that? It’s scary to think what they must have on Trump from Epstein’s photo album, huh?

    1. ter334 says:

      It is even more scary what they would find on Obama if they looked. Collusion with islam, did he disappear when Benghazi went down because he knew an attack was coming and did not want to order a counter attack on muslim buddies? How many birth certificates has the State of HI lost besides O’s? If I was involved in this type of political intrigue I would want to cover it up. The legality of O’s entire administration hinges on the validity of his place of birth? That is a potential threat to the demon-crats and RINOs. Is this just one of the monsters of the deep state ready to rear it’s ugly head out of the DC swamp???????

      1. eddie47 says:

        There is no more collusion towards Islam with Obama than the Bush’s or Reagan. Get real! Reagan sold arms to Saddam which helped him launch his war again Kuwait.
        No one disappeared during Benghazi so stop peddling information you are clueless about. Yes the video played a part in the attack and yes help was sent.

        1. bttrap says:

          you are full of sh-t just ask the mothers of the seals what they were told from hitlery when their sons were waiting for help they were ready to roll but no orders came to go help the seals what about obambie sending an airplane full of money to the muslims too bad you weren’t one of those seals you would cry a different tune then , go back to sleep

          1. eddie47 says:

            Where was this? What seals?
            It was their money so get over it.

          2. bttrap says:

            what the hell does money have to do with it? you have no idea what happened there like I said before too bad you weren’t there you probably would of ran out on the others you coward

          3. eddie47 says:

            You’re the one who brought up money and still can’t get it right. You are way too confused to even have a conversation with. When are you going to answer the question about “seals” instead all you do is bark, arrk arrk arrk like a seal!

        2. Robert Zraick says:

          And there is global warming. You are a delusional fellow.

          1. eddie47 says:

            If you can’t handle the facts then bow out of the conversation.

      2. bttrap says:

        was hi a state when obambie was hatched?

  19. Rodger K. Shull says:

    McMasters & Muellen , need to be FIRED, an lets see how far the coup really goes, maybe Mcmasters is in to grab the reins, if an when muellen gets the axe. which should have been 2 weeks ago, An then go after the ones causing the problems, soros ,boogerlips , the witches of DC ,pelosi ,warren,clinton, waters. an some of their minions.

  20. chief1937 says:

    If this article is correct McMaster needs to go.

  21. jackhy says:

    The problem with having many former military Generals in the Admin. is they all like to push the “war button” to much as the best solution to many problems. Trump is right saying why are we still fighting in Afghanistan after 16 years. First France, then Russia, and now the USA have all failed to win fighting in this tribal sandbox! We should get the hell out of messing with middle east warfare except for protecting ally Israel.

    1. Bayside GolfClub says:

      Incorrect. The U.S. military does not looks for war.. Every war we have ever been in, we have been begged to be in from around the World, or we had been directly attacked, or allies had been attacked. The U.S. is not predatory. Except obama’s wars, used to destabilize and install the muslim brotherhood. That much is true.

      1. Robert Zraick says:

        I wish that were true. Ever since we invented the idea of pre-emtive war, we became attackers rather than defenders. Those setting military objectives listed 7 countries which we planned to attack in the Middle East. Most of which posed no direct threat to the U.S. This list existed before 9-11. 9-11 was used as an excuse to carry out a Neocon plan for a “new century” for the U.S.
        I love my country. But we must be honest about this or we will have continuous war with no peace ever. We have been at war for the longest period in our entire history.
        The question is far more complicated than what you state. If you love our country, you must consider the principles upon which it was founded. The Founders did not want a standing army. They wanted instead an armed populous who could defend our country from outside attack which was one reason they wrote the second amendment.
        They also advised that we avoid foreign entanglements and be friendly toward all nations and trade with them freely. Making business partners with foreign countries is a great deterrent to war.
        Another thing reflective of our war policies is the use of mercenaries who are really terrorists which we label freedom fighters to fight and destroy countries on our list. That way we can claim that it was those guys, and not us which has done the killing. The problem is that the countries attacked in this manner know the truth and the hatred toward us just fans the flames of continual war.
        Take Libya as an example. That country was a jewel in Africa, perhaps the best country there and might well have set an example for more prosperity and progressive policies on that continent.
        Libya posed no direct threat to the U.S. Gadhafi, was painted with a broad brush of propaganda to pave the way for his destruction. Gadhafi was loved by his own people. They had prosperity, good schools and free education, free medical, and were making great strides in women’s rights. All under Gadhafi.
        They were able to do all this because they had lots of sweet crude oil which Gadhafi was selling to finance the progress in his country. Buy he made a fatal error. He wanted to start the Bank of Libya, so he could sell his own country’s oil for gold, rather than for fiat American pertro-dollars. Our paper money back by nothing other than debt, which we could print in unlimited amounts and basically steal his oil from his country.
        Libya had lot od gold as well. Enough to back the proposed gold dinar which would be minted and issued by the Bank of Libya.
        The Banksters of the western monetary scam, the same people who have put us into an unpayable debt, could not allow a competing bank based on gold to be formed. It would start a process which would force the member banks of the BIS which includes the U.S. Federal Reserve to compete with honest banks for a much better banking system.
        Hillary Clinton as secretary of State had power to set policy. The banksters bribed her with outrageous speaking frees to kill Gadhafi before his bank becomes reality.
        We hire Al Qaeda terrorists and finance them, calling them freedom fighters (they were not even Libyans). They destroy the country. They don’t just kill the sovereign leader of the country, they slit his throat in public and sodomize him with bayonets in public.
        The country is left in shambles, innocent people killed, cities bombed to rubble, the Bank of Libya never happens, the gold disappears, and the country is left in the hands of terrorists.
        The very same terrorists who would eventually attack and kill four Americans in Benghazi.
        Is it any wonder that Hillary did nothing and lied about what happened. She is the one who put the terrorist in charge!
        So the truth is that despite the wonderful service men who fight for our country, and despite many good people running our military, the foreign polices are not made by them. These policies are made by criminals in the government who have hidden agendas which are not in the best interests of our country.
        Our government is not our country. Our people are. Perhaps one of last great generals we had was Eisenhower. He was the head of allied forces which went on to defeat Hitler (along with our allies at that time, Russia).
        Eisenhower was elected President. He presided over one of the great periods in our modern history. Peace and prosperity. When he left office, he warned the American people of the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex. This was the same kind of warning that the Fonders gave us against having standing armies.
        We didn’t listen to either of them. As a result we have the longest period of war in our history. Our country has wasted our wealth and bankrupted itself fighting the wars of criminal politicians.
        We have not really won a war since Eisenhower. Calling the deaths of innocent people “collateral damage” does not change the truth of it. And I disagree with Madeline Albright who said that the death od half a million children in the middle east was “worth it.”
        Worth what? Nothing is worth the deaths of a half million children.
        So before you comfort yourself with notion that we are not acting like aggressors and that we are justified in having a foreign policy, based on eternal warfare, and pre-emptive BS, perhaps you might consider that we are never going win or bring peace to our world if we don’t look at reality.
        You wish to believe that our country is great and can do no wrong. I want our country to be true to its Founding principles, and to take the advice of the generals who have served us well. I mean the advice of General George Washington, and General Dwight David Eisenhower. Both who lead our country in battle and both who served our country as President.
        I don’t want our country the pretend it is great. I want our country to realize that we can return to greatness.

        1. Reflect says:

          The military to be effective, must be on top of who are enemies are or might be…..then the task is to plan for and prepare for any contingency…..There is truth in the saying “War is Hell” Even with victors there are no winners when it comes to physical war.

          1. Robert Zraick says:

            I agree. It is not a simple issue. In my view, we would be better fighting defensively rather than aggressively on foreign soil. We did fight Hitler on foreign, because he had to be stopped. It was the moral thing to do.

            But so many of the aggressions we are involved in today, are motivated, not by morality or honor, but by a darker hidden agenda.

            This is especially evident when we attack countries who pose no threat to U.S. and you have to admit that we have done it.

            But more important is that it is a losing strategy.

            The threat of terrorism is a tricky one to deal with. It is pointless to dwell on the events and mistakes that we have made in the past to contribute to its rise.
            It is not important if a terrorist is justified in his hatred toward our country. What is important is the he believes his hatred is justified.

            This threat must be dealt with here and now, because it has risen to fanaticism and insanity. But the war on terror will never be won nor will it end if we continue to kill innocent people as a matter of indifference.

            Every time you read or hear the words “collateral damage” substitute the true words “the killing of innocent people.”

            And we do that. It will not ever end if for every terrorist we kill, we motivate more people to turn to terrorism in hatred and for revenge.

            It is very much like the metaphor of Mickey Mouse chopping a magic broom into hundreds of pieces as in Fantasia. Each piece grows into a new broom.

            For example, we use depleted Uranium in our shell casings in the ME. In doing so, we not only put our soldiers at risk, but we pepper an entire region of the world with radioactive materials, which is causing birth defects in children being born and will continue to do so for thousands of years.

            How can any sane policy justify this practice? Yes war is hell, but we don’t have to fight on the side of the devil.

  22. RDB says:

    Trump needs to fire this man. Mr. President, remember what President Truman had to do, and why he fired General MacArthur.

  23. Robert Walters says:

    There is a lot of smoke and bullshit around this story. Maybe this is an Obama leftover or maybe it’s just cleaning house like most General’s do. Time will tell. Right now there are a lot of bigger swamp rats to fry.

  24. Peggy Oakey-Myers says:

    Let’s face this, all of these bullies are attempting to get Our Trump removed from office. But we all know that standing in the background are those who have international power too. We are there for you Donald!!

  25. Thanh Nguyen says:


  26. It’s hard to believe the state of America at times.. Decades of lib-progressives who infiltrated our entire educations system, from grade school to Universities- who brain-wash young people. But.. no excuse from we, the ‘older generations’ who mostly stood by and watched. It’s now those of us who still have common-sense, reasoning skills and Faith… against the lib-tard zombies…

  27. monongahela says:

    McMaster needs to be shown the door he is anti America and Trump

  28. Hillary got beat because she would not come clean. Now Donald needs to come clean about the Russians. Tow of his wives spoke/speak Russian and all three of his kids do to. so tell i tall and let things hheal. His son in law met with Russians after the election to set up a back door communications system. Tell us about that. Why. Just tell it all and get back to getting America working and safe again.

    1. Elena Bowman says:

      Where do you get your information from? Trump has nothing to do with the Russians, (and the Dimms know that) Hillary is the one who sold our uranium to the Russians and Mueller is the one who put the finishing touches on the deal with Putin at Hillary’s orders. Actually, Don jr.’s meeting was BEFORE the election and the meeting was a set-up by the Dims. The meeting had nothing to do with communications it had to do with adopting Russian children.

      1. eddie47 says:

        You’re deflecting again. Both Trump and his son’s talked to Russia and lied about it until they were forced to come clean. Stay with the topic or James comment.

        1. bttrap says:

          so what if he did It’s not against the law to talk to someone I’m sure if it was hitlery in that situation no one would care. Maybe they hated hitlery like the voters showed at the polls

          1. eddie47 says:

            Maybe this.. Maybe that.. Maybe you don’t know anything. . You sounds like a drunk parrot squawking away.

          2. Robert Zraick says:

            Hit a nerve did he? Drunk parrot for speculating on possible alternates. Go look in the mirror Mr. Drunk Parrot unless you have something to say.

          3. eddie47 says:

            Deal in reality for there is no “hitlery” All he does is squawk like a parrot. Just stating a fact about him. You obviously no relevant input.

          4. bttrap says:

            and you sound like a jackass hehawhehaw that doesn’t know anything. When your head is in the two back pockets is there an echo?

      2. Well the world knows that two of Trumps wives speak Russian as their first language. And mothers with a foreign language first almost always assist their children with it. And, yes Donnie and others met with several Russians before the election and even before Trump was nominated. And, everyone knows that the son-ion-law met with the Russian embancy to as he said it talk about setting up a back channel communications link. How many countries does the US President set up back channel communications link with via the embassy?

    2. bttrap says:

      this russia thing is getting old tired of hearing about it It’s not going to amount to anything so drop it and be more concern about the mualim cells we have planted here

    3. Robert Zraick says:

      Sorry. I am not going to get upset over someone being multilingual. That is actually an advantage. It they start speaking to each other in Russian, you can understand what they are saying.

  29. Eguth3 says:

    While Congress is on vacation Trump should fire McMasters. I think he’s one of the leakers.

  30. uhptony says:

    I think General Kelley will get rid of McMasters.

  31. Manitouyellow says:

    President Trump needs to clean house and rather quickly before the house falls in on him. I just hope he actually has people around him that he can TRUST that will tell him exactly what is going on and who to
    actually get rid of because they are trying to destroy his presidency.

  32. marco a. poshar says:

    Wake up Mr. President , you have a snake wrapped around your neck , is called McMaster

  33. Elena Bowman says:

    FIRE THE SOB AND FIRE HIM NOW! Mr. President you don’t need a disloyal sob undermining your Presidency. Remove him now.

  34. Simon Ghanime says:

    I guess that if Saddam Hussein still alive, he will be more loyal to President Trump than Democaps RATS …

    1. eddie47 says:

      Considering that Reagan made Saddam his best friend and an ally I believe that is a Republican thing and quite possible Trump would endear to him also.

  35. granny_forUSA says:


    1. eddie47 says:

      So far he hasn’t and he seems to be losing on the decision making more than winning. So you can be as flamboyant as you like but that doesn’t make you any smarter.

  36. John Milhous says:

    It is obvious that the Liberals (Demodouches) can’t stand it that PRESIDENT Trump isn’t a “ass-kisser” like Obummer, or a sissy like Obummer, and that PRESIDENT Trump is gonna stand up to America’s enemies instead of simply placate them. Eventually, all REAL Americans will realize that PRESIDENT Trump IS LEADING AMERICA BACK INTO A PLACE OF WORLD-LEADERSHIP AGAIN. THEN, the traitorous Demodouches won’t have any place to hide their treachery, deceit, lies , and the Demodouches’ acts of “Political suicide” will be totally out in the open! BYE BYE DEMODOUCHES!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    1. eddie47 says:

      Except that Trump also bowed to the Saudi’s and gave them a sweet deal . Maybe it could be said that Trump kissed both sides. Then the Saudi’s tried to taint our ally Qatar. Trump also sucked up to Russia so is that more “REPUBLIDOUCHES? Pick your poison pill!

  37. Robert Zraick says:

    Sounds like McMaster has to go. We have to stop playing nice with traitors.

  38. mike says:

    He needs to be fired immediately.

  39. guest says:

    to Ter334

    Total agreement, WE must elect and support only Christ fearing – how do WE locate them without the party? That would speak of a different party, then, how do WE keep it from being infiltrated and diverted from its purpose as it seems President Trump perhaps has been? As I said before, prophesy will be and the globalists will for a season win, wither now or later.

    1. Robert Zraick says:

      Weird. Christ fearing?

  40. messup says:

    A quick overview of what has now become painfully very apparent. America of our Founding Fathers has been schucked for a “one size fits all” form of government organization. Since Bill Clinton’s Presidency, this evolving “collectivization” has followed rough contours of PRC’s (People Republic of China’s) model. Is this possible? YES. Colin Powell, anybody? Let’s examine the evidence. 1) Education. Since 1993 and Improving Americas School Act (IASA) created a Washington DC led, national indoctrination program culminating with Obama’s Presidency. Bush had “No Child Left Behind,” essentially held together by IASA. 2) Religion – Separation of Church and State, i.e., decimation of Judeo Christian Heritage in favor of a State Sponsored Paganism (similar to U.K.’s Church of England –Anglican). 3) Government – absent in US Constitution is any mention of Political Parties. There is the 1789 “Dominant Washington Administration” (today called “The Swamp”). Separation of USA Powers has morphed into ONE PARTY CONTROL. 4) Finances – Woodrow Wilson’s creating: a. The Fed (central banking and fractional banking), b. Clayton Antitrust Act – fair competition (I.e. government picking “winners-and-losers”), c. FTC – Federal Trade Commission regulates businesses, d. Federal Farm Loan Act – “Redistribution of Income” aimed at “collectivizing” farms. E. “Wilsonianism” has united Bretton Woods & Keynesianism into one “Collective.” Study carefully today’s emphasis on Asian economies (absent Russia’s). There are more US led enterprises in PRC than anywhere else in the world…in other words, US billionaires enjoy and are comfortable with PRC’s model. Sad to say, this unfolding scenario explains everything taking place in both Public & Private Sectors of USA’s economy. OWO anybody? Pray. Amen. God Bless America and ALL Americans. Read A Bible. NKJV “Knowledge of The Holy One results in good judgment.” (Proverbs 9:10)

  41. Robert Uda says:

    From when McMaster was appointed, I thought he was a rat. Now, it is being proven in my mind. Trump should get rid of McMaster before he screws up the Trump momentum. Trump should bring in the generals that are on Fox News quite a bit. They are trusted conservative generals, not this McMaster guy. He should be watched closely. If he makes the wrong move, he should be fired immediately.

  42. says:

    Thanks to Trump for opposing the HOAX of Global Warming — Great book on the subject is “Climate Bogeyman: The Criminal Insanity of the Global Warming Hoax” here:

    1. eddie47 says:

      Except that Global Warming is and has happened. It may not be as severe as originally predicted but it is coming on quick enough.

      1. Joseph Carrilho says:

        HARRP and chemtrails.

      2. Robert Zraick says:

        Totally wrong Eddie. I have no respect for those who have bought into this hoax.

        1. eddie47 says:

          Sure the ice is melting because it’s a hoax. LOL!

  43. game50 says:

    President Trump should relieve McMaster from his duty…..I think he just might be the leak….

    1. Robert Zraick says:

      Why take the chance? Dump him.

  44. daniel wright says:

    McMaster is a deep state plant and is purging pro Trump personnel and experts on the threat of Islam.

  45. Pattie Kelly says:

    Will someone sane please tell me what the hell is going on? All this crap and I just want to cry for our President that has to deal with it. OMG what next? Chicken Little Will Fall From The Sky?

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      What’s going on is: you’re seeing the power of the Elite, directing their puppets in DC to stop at all cost any change in their agenda of : destroying the American economy, which in turn would make a weaker America more easy to cajole into a One World Gov’t type scenario. There’s very little chance that agenda could be accomplished with a Strong America. Which is what all these wars have been about, weakening America both economically with massive war debt, weakening the military with continual war and continual troop deployment overseas. And of course at the same time they accomplish their goal of destroying any countries(Libya, Iraq, Syria, Iran) that aren’t part of their One World Banking Cartel.

      1. Melvin Bennett says:

        Oh and their added goal of destroying European countries is being accomplished since all these so-called refugees,from these countries we destroyed are being allowed to pour into Europe to destroy those countries.
        Their plans always have agendas that accomplish goals on multiple levels.

  46. Alleged Comment says:

    Why do McMORONS now begin with Mc?? McCane, McMasters?

    1. Melvin Bennett says:

      You forgot at least one, Mitch McConnell, RINO extraordinaire.

      1. Alleged Comment says:

        Yes! Forgot about that basturd!

        1. Melvin Bennett says:

          Yes, the bum fanagled the Healthcare bill, so that Trump wouldn’t have any major legislative accomplishments. And worked with Insane McCain in that sham.

    2. Vectormanic says:

      Evan McMullen, as evil as it gets.

  47. Melvin Bennett says:

    Trump must have been coerced to put this NWO Council of Foreign Relations operative in his cabinet. Didn’t like it then, and this was a very bad move.

  48. Melvin Bennett says:

    Things are looking kinda of bleak as the forces of Evil line up on both sides against the President. You had two GOP Senators co-sign Senate bills, so that the POTUS can’t fire Robert Swan Mueller III and all his Clinton loaded staff of lawyers. That would be the Thom Tillis of NC and Little Lord Lindsay of SC. Both should be remembered for this back stabbing next time around.

  49. Reflect says:

    It appears that one of two things is happening…..this is more fake news…… or the Oboma legacy is so powerful and diabolical, that Trump will find it impossible to get things done, as he promised……That would be the whole plan ….to discredit the President Trump, or to actually bring his presidency down by wholesale propaganda, or actual “Moles” planted by Oboma, and Clinton…..

  50. Get rid of McMaster. He is a detriment to the President. Get one of the General’s that Obama gave the Boot to as they would be the one the trust. We can’t have someone in there that will decide if something important should or should not be given to the Pres. America’s security counts on honesty with the people on Pres. Trumps side watching his back.

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