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Poll Results: Is CNN Biased Against Trump?

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  1. Palmer says:

    I do think President should ban CNN and MSNBC from the Press Corp. They are just trouble makers and all the reports want is Air Time. Acosta is a Punk, Lousy reporter.

  2. betty thompson says:


  3. SIRWIZARD says:

    “Is CNN Biased Against Trump?” Do bears pee in the woods? Do cats have tails? Are liberals insane? Where is CAPTAIN OBVIOUS when we need him?

    1. saber-dance says:

      Are you talking about Crappy News Network? How about Many Sins Not Been Confessed?

  4. Robert Morrow says:

    If FCC was not so corrupt and bought out by the Left, CNN and MSNBC would of had their license pulled. But, when your corrupt Politicians get their Payola nothing gets done.

  5. denphi16 says:

    The media and the Dems are very obviously guilty of collusion and obstruction SO why
    are they not being put on trial or subjects of a very Public Investigation?

    They are clearly showing America what it means to be a member of a subversive organization.

    “Have you ever been a member of a subversive organization”? Anyone entering the military
    may have been asked this question once.
    Many Congress members are members of a subversive organization and act accordingly when they ignore the needs of the American taxpayer/ citizen who they are elected to serve. The politicians across
    this great nation are serving their own selfish greedy needs and do so year after year.

    Real term limits and real prohibition of Lobbyist control of our government would be a giant step
    for America and that by itself can make America great.
    Today we see The resistance of those in power working hard in so many ways to resist the
    change that Trump has presented. He is fighting a battle for Americans also by himself!

    WE need to drive the Rats out of Washington as well as out of the City and state government
    if we are are to survive another 20 years as a nation. The political Cancer must be cured!

    1. saber-dance says:

      The congress must be cured. Cancer must be eradicated

    2. BDST says:

      Hey, wait. Texas wants to keep Gov. Abbott, and our Congressional Conservatives. Hope it never changes!!! ?

      1. BDST says:


  6. saber-dance says:

    Is the pope catholic?

    1. denphi16 says:

      well technically he is…but that’s another subject.

  7. bp 58 says:

    cnn is a leftist fake news network…or soros fake news network which ever your ding bats like…

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