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Obama Insulted Trump In The Most Awful Way Possible

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  1. baptis says:

    Hussein Obama anything he said is A LIE, he has been LYING FROM day one the traitor that he is the RAT,

    1. sunandfun says:

      This lying sack of “DoDo” doesn’t know what the truth is. He hates America and would love to see ISIS take us over so he could finally admit he is an Islamic trashcan!

      1. crockett says:

        No way They could take us. We are some bad ass people when trouble starts . We don’t run and hide . We stand our ground when it comes to some asswipe trying to take away what we fought for. WE ARE AMERICAN AND WE STAND OUR GROUND AND GIVE IT OUR ALL . NO BACKING DOWN , and it feels good , HELL YES !

        1. sunandfun says:

          I agree with you but I am worried that a lot of people are not really paying attention to the danger America is really in. American Women Are Becoming ISIS Wives. We have been TOO nice to people coming into this country and not alert enough to what is really going on. I’m believing in Trump getting this country great again but he has a LOT rat finks trying to hurt him AND our country. I’m retired from the military but my time on this earth is running out kind of quick. I will still back my veteran brothers and sisters.

          1. crockett says:

            I too am a Vet and will always have their six also .

          2. sunandfun says:

            I had NO doubt about that my friend!

          3. Deborah Pratt says:

            Not too quickly, sunandfun, I hope!! Enjoy reading your posts!! I agree, the ‘internal’ problems we have are every bit as dangerous as the ‘external’ ones!! Yes, some very foolish American women are marrying Muslims aka: ISIS!! The few who escape those marriages, express how badly they were treated and how miserable they were. One young woman said she was lucky to have lived through the experience!! Our young women don’t realize how well they are treated in this country. They are very naive!! Just a ‘note’ of appreciation for having served our military–Thank you!!

          4. sunandfun says:

            You and your family are the reasons us veterans are glad to serve this country, and Thank you.

        2. Silver Eagle says:

          You are correct. But why must we wait to be attacked. Why don’t we take pre-emptive strikes, to keep our vets/people safe. Do we have to wait until our people get maimed or killed before we do something? We need to bomb N Korea/Iran back to the stone age before they hit us…….It seem we have no gonads…………

          1. crockett says:

            We must wait and see what the little fat butter bean is gonna try to do . We strike and the world turns on us and we don’t need that . The President or rather the Generals must snipe him and get hum out of the way. Then his people will be free from a country that murders its people just because they speak out ….

          2. Silver Eagle says:

            You haven’t answered my question. WHY must we wait until we get “punched.” Don’t you understand the world (with the exception of Israel) already hates us. And we give the haters billions, and we can’t even buy their love/respect. If you just bomb their nuclear sites, maybe we will get some respect. Enough waiting—we need to get up on our hind legs and say “This is the way its going to be” And do something good for humanity.

          3. crockett says:

            You can’t start a World War for a Butter Bean Brainiac that is mental . We try as we can to avoid a war . A sniper shot is safer.

          4. Silver Eagle says:

            You will not start a world war. No one will come to his defense. Not even China. What you will accomplish is prestige throughout the world. Remember, I suggested bomb the military/nuclear sites, not the populace.

        3. jaboj says:

          We don’t run and hide, BUT Obama did for 8 years. The Leftwing News Media hasn’t offered one legitimate reason as to why he moved into the rental house, near the Whitehouse in DC, and moved Valerie Jarrett in with his family. Dear Valerie gathers info and coordinate’s Obama’s attacks on President Trump. Proving once again that Obama is nothing but a P.O.S. and a traitor to our country.

          1. crockett says:

            I sure hope that the President empties the swamp completely when he returns from his trips . He knows obozos people are still there in the WH and will clean out the gutter trash soon . Obozo is one cowardly SOB in my book and will continue to belittle our Pesident until he has a hit put on his ass . Not hard to find because yellow kinda stands out a bright color in a crowd .

        4. Bill says:

          Don’t underestimate them–it took only a handful of them with box cutters to kill almost three thousand of us in less than one day

          1. sunandfun says:

            IF we have learned anything from that, I will be surprised. The swamp is still pretty deep.

          2. crockett says:

            I under estimate no one and my trust is just as bad putting in anyone . Look them in the eye and see what I mean . I am weary of any Foreigner I see walking our streets.
            I think the people that think they are our friends need a brain check . My tolerance only go’s so far . The muslims are here for one reason and it’s not friendly . Look at Minnesota , they run that state and the governor should be taken out of office for that reason. The President is trying his best to keep us safe but the lame brains keep standing in his way . ie the 9th district court for one. If all hell breaks loose they will pay for being stupid . Don’t look to me to help you out if it happens .

  2. AmericaSupportsTrump! says:

    Obama a Liberal racist hater of Real America…hes pathetic, ignorant, weak, low energy and a liberal jack ass!!! Obama Lies to lie like Crooked lying evil Hillary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. sunandfun says:

      You pretty well covered his REAL thoughts about America! Obummer and Killary would make a perfect couple.

      1. Kenneth Jones says:

        If there’s one thing that Obama can’t stand, it’s criticism. He’s very thin-skinned.

        1. Reverend1 says:

          He’s a scum muslim nigger…

          1. sunandfun says:

            Can’t argue with those FACTS!

          2. MONKEY BUTT says:

            no , it’s cum guzzling muslim nigger…

          3. Kenneth Jones says:

            We can do with out this! Please stop it.

          4. James H. Humphrey says:

            I agree with you, I don’t like the word except, in this one case, it does have a ring of truth to it. The word should have been erased from every person’s mind in the 50s, so sad to listen to a group of blacks calling each other that. Hard to put it to bed when they do it to themselves.

          5. Deborah Pratt says:

            Yeah, enough with the ‘double standards’!! It’s such a ‘liberal mind-set’!! “OK for me but not for you”!! If anyone, or any ‘group’ of people want to gain respect ‘from’ others, first they must have it ‘for’ themselves!

          6. MONKEY BUTT says:

            go fuck yourself libtard!

          7. Kenneth Jones says:

            Before you call someone a libtard…….something which I most definitely am NOT……make sure you know what you’re talking about before you open your pie hole! Not doing so shows one’s absurdedly high level of ignorance!

          8. MONKEY BUTT says:

            ok, then you are a progressive socialist/communist pig!

          9. Nana07 says:

            What is wrong with you,your mom take you off the bottle too soon???

          10. MONKEY BUTT says:

            your boyfriend Obama pulled his dick out of your mouth too soon!

          11. Kenneth Jones says:

            I don’t like the word “nigger,” just so you understand. However, I agree with the rest of what you said.

          12. mcgyver35 says:

            Nigger is just slang for negro, which in most languages it just means black. And the non-African-American want to be called black. They didn’t like to be called “colored”. And before you comment about the non-African-American comment, those people that are claiming to be”African-American” were born in America. Which makes them AMERICAN. To be African-American you have to be born in Africa and then come to America. They did not do that, nor did their parents. Slavery ended too long ago for them to claim that title.

          13. jaboj says:

            Jesse Jackson was the one who came up with the slang term, African-American, but as we all know this jackass was an even bigger blackmailer of businesses than Al Sharpton.

          14. sunandfun says:

            WOW someone else finally says the truth about two Worthless pieces of CRAP!

          15. Kenneth Jones says:

            Amen to that!

          16. nicholsda says:

            And don’t forget, African-American can never mean the same thing as Black. Because there are people who are White who were born in Africa that live in the US also.

          17. Nana07 says:

            Did that make you feel like a man????

          18. mary murphy says:

            Uncalled for and shows very little brain power and much less knowledge of the English language. I did not approve of his liberal politics or policies, but the language used by Reverend1 shows no “couths” or good manners.

          19. Barbara Corbin says:

            Bab83. Kenneth Jones
            Amen to that …scum of the earth…definitely not American

        2. Doris Will says:

          Criticism only pierces thin skin, because the malice is present just beneath the first layer of skin and it struggles to get out in the open. to tear its perceived enemies to shreds. It is really a shame that a man, who has been GIVEN all of the advantages of a fine education, is not able or unwilling to lift those who have not been so blessed, out of their ignorance and poverty, but instead uses them to advance his twisted agenda. Please will the powers that be recognize sedition and put a stop to the destruction of our country.

      2. maxx says:

        I feel perfectly confident in stating that every single thing Ovomit did during the past 8 years was to deliberately destroy America. Everything he did benefitted the muslims, communists and sexual perverts, in that order.

        1. Jerry D Mitchell says:

          Don’t leave out exposing our school children to third world diseases and parasites because of his immigration policy.

          1. Deborah Pratt says:

            Don’t leave out that certain schools are teaching our children “Sharia Law’ and how to become ‘good Muslims’, either!! In fact, Michele and Barack are building a ‘center’ just for that purpose–to indoctrinate our little children!! As I stated earlier–they aren’t ‘done’ with us yet!!

          2. jeannemartin says:

            Why don’t they practice on their own two kids and leave ours alone? And why would anyone want to follow anything Barack or Michelle did? They both failed us in their own way! A hopeless couple, living in the shadows, and trying to get their “grove back!!” ?

          3. Melody Boothe-Strite says:

            Outrageous and should be UNCONSTITUTIONAL period. Trump needs to put that into effect immediately. Muslims have infiltrated All colleges/universities and schools. Like Hitler, they start with the Young people!!!

          4. Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            That is historical fact! Thank you for pointing that out, Melody.

          5. Carolyn Swann Swanson says:

            The Bible says Satan will start with the most innocent.

          6. Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            Well and truly said Deborah!

          7. William Anderson says:

            Actually most countries other than USA have mandatory vaccinations so kids aren’t likely to get diseases from immigrants. As for parasites unless the kids are exchanging bodily substances kids arent going to catch parasites from peopole

          8. Lisa Carter says:

            Perhaps you missed the headlines about the Measles outbreak in Somali refugees? They did not get vaccinated! And as for kids not exchanging bodily fluids…LOL…as a teacher, I can enlighten you that it’s a daily occurrence

          9. Carolyn Swann Swanson says:

            a school in Alabama just got infected with a parasite.

          10. Kenneth Jones says:

            Don’t believe this is actually happening? If you’re living in a town or city where there are large numbers of illegal immigrants, check in with your local emergency room doctors and nurses. You might be surprised! We’ve noticed an increase of tuberculosis cases here in the Central Valley in recent years.

          11. Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            And don’t forget the schools teaching our kids about the “peaceful religion, or Islam” but NOT allowed to teach American kids about Jesus and the Bible.

        2. sunandfun says:

          American Women Are Becoming ISIS Wives. This is just a small truth that shows how TRUE your statement is and how much REAL TROUBLE this country is in. Most of this country is acting like ostriches and sticking there heads in the sand. Keep up the good words maxx, and THANK YOU!.

          1. Chandler says:

            I disagree the legal Citizens know what is going on, and are doing what they can, so don’t make blanket statements with out proof.

          2. wabmi says:

            There’s plenty of proof that most Americans are cluless as to what’s really is going on in America today. It’s not a blanket statment, it’s a fact.

          3. will rodgers says:

            Just listen to Jesse Waters interviews of people on the street

          4. Chandler says:

            That is our dumb down High School and Collage students as well as the illegals Waters talks to.
            The students are taught by the Communist teachers and so called Professors that have infiltrated our educational system.
            It is the Parents that are at fault, how dumb can you be to pay to dumb down your own children ?
            You spend thousands of dollars for them to go to these schools and you do not see what is going on.??? SAFE ZONES , CRYING , SCREAMING , PLAYING WITH DOLLS, REALLY THIS IS OK WITH YOU ???

          5. wabmi says:


          6. Chandler says:

            Oh I see wabmi;
            You are the only one that knows everything.
            The legal citizens know what is going on that is why we voted Trump in as President. We will take back our country and rid most of the illegals that cause all this turmoil in our country.
            Wake up we did and we are doing something, what are you doing to take our country back ???

          7. wabmi says:


          8. sox83cubs84 says:

            Clueless and, in some cases, intimidated. I’ve got a family member who will go to the other side of the planet to do short-term Christian missionary work, but his spine is missing when it comes to politics. He actually asked me a few months back to retract all my pro-Trump posts on Facebook because they might affect the outcome of my wife’s accident lawsuit against the Post Office. I refused…just because he’s spineless about standing up for the political truth doesn’t mean I am…and I never will be!

          9. wabmi says:


          10. Carolyn Swann Swanson says:

            plenty of proof just look around you. we are overwhelmed with muslim immigrants taking our jobs and taking our culture. please don’t stand up for these people they hate us and want us out of their way.

          11. Chandler says:

            I stand up for America and her legal citizens. I fought in Nam and spent over 20 years in the United States Marines, so don’t tell me what I feel or do not feel.
            I voted for Trump so this nation could be saved from a illegal Communist/Muslim Barack Hussein Obama or the idiot Hillary Clinton .
            The ones that filled our country with illegals in the first place.
            What are you doing to help Trump get his agenda done.
            The agenda of saving America and return her to her former glory , to make America Great Again ??

          12. Carolyn Swann Swanson says:

            I also voted for President Trump and love and admire him, I do all I can to help make America great mostl;y on line. to old to do anything else. thank you so much for your service to our country.

          13. Chandler says:

            God bless America and her legal Citizens.
            It was my pleasure and choice to join and to stay in, for 20 + years.
            I love this country and I want our country to survive.
            I don’t want the Democrat party of communist,socialist and far leaning leftists world loving idiots, that want to encourage the illegal aliens to turn our country into the world’s country. That was Barack Hussein Obama’s wish when he started flooding our country with illegals.
            Once our country is devastated and totally changed we will be no more ” THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA “.

          14. Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            You are so right, Chandler. Why people are too blind to understand that we are being invaded, is beyond me. Did they think an invasion would come in war ships and with war machines? They did not have to do that did they? . All they needed was a certain greedy , power hungry people to Invite them in. Under the guise of helping poor refugees. Much of the refugee problem was created by them as a reason for their partners here in America to step in and do the humanitarian thing and Invite them here and in to Europe. You say ” but surely they would not hurt or put in danger their own children and babies”? We see film of drowning refugees trying to get to a European country and all good people rushing to save them. Now, remember the film as ISIS, Taliban, Hamas and the rest of the Muslim Kill.,chase, behead, their children, burn them alive and so on. Think about it. NO, I don’t think good people would do this, but we are not talking about good people are we?

          15. Melody Boothe-Strite says:

            Very few of our young American girls are this stupid. If one is sucked in the news puts it everywhere so it makes it appear like 10 instead of only ONE. All Young people are not liberal minded. Many are very Christian, grounded, intelligent, educated women; and self reliant!! I am amazed at so many of our young women today!!

          16. granny_forUSA says:


          17. desert says:

            Its been done before….MANY TIMES!

          18. granny_forUSA says:



          19. Linda says:

            Yes, the first majority controlled muslim city council in MI… their political power grows AND the dem party put Ellison, a muslim, in as their parties deputy spokesman… and an pro- illegal immigration supporter as their deputy DNC spokesman. = https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=america's+first+majority+muslim+city+council&spf=1495493951203

          20. sox83cubs84 says:

            I’d rather call them camel HUMPERS!

          21. granny_forUSA says:


          22. granny_forUSA says:


          23. Jim Miller says:

            well said.

        3. Laura says:

          and everything he did is being systematically erased every day.Both here at home and abroad. Look at the way the Saudis rolled out the red carpet for a real man of honor who stands by his word.

          1. Nana07 says:

            Truly, you do not believe what you just wrote, wow!!!

          2. Melody Boothe-Strite says:


          3. wabmi says:


          4. Joyce Conner Anderson says:

            You do your research Nana07. I do not know about Obama’s erasure. However, I do know that our childrens history books have been changed and greatly dumbed down with much of our history left ou the last 30 years. I do know that Civics has not been taught for years. Civics is where kids learn about the different branches of our US government and their responsibilities, They learn about the actual Constitution of America and what it means and why it was written and each amendments meaning to our country. They learned what it means to be American and HOW to be an American. Our college kids today Have No Clue as we have all seen in these last months. Please read about and think of all the ramifications of our changing schools and its effect of our peoples minds. Betsy Devos wants to change that around and she is being fought hard! Through Ignorance.

          5. Carolyn Swann Swanson says:

            yes they did

        4. Linda says:

          You are right on the money with that statement.

        5. jeannemartin says:

          Ain’t that the truth!!! ?

        6. Melody Boothe-Strite says:


      3. so disapponted says:

        I disagree. He’s a Flaming Homo and she’s a Murdering Lesbian Whore.

        1. sunandfun says:

          I agree with you but I didn’t want to get into the Clintons life because a LOT of their “so called friends” have died with no proof of who or how they did it,

      4. glock 19 fan says:

        And one can tell when they are lying: their lips are moving!

        1. sunandfun says:

          You got that RIGHT!

      5. Deborah Pratt says:

        They nearly did make a ‘couple’!!! Close call–too ‘close’ for comfort!! Don’t count ‘O’ as ‘out’ yet, though!! His hatred for this country is deep and he’s not yet ‘done’ with us!!

        1. sunandfun says:

          I’m hearing good news lately that Trump is trying to get the FBI to investigate Killery and MAYBE put her in prison. We can at least wish right?

          1. nicholsda says:

            The orders for Mueller are to investigate the election and related matters. Hillary and 0bama can be looked at under those rules as it was part of the election.

      6. John says:

        Yep, they sexually share the same children group and have marriage partners that are perverts!

      7. meangreenMarine says:

        Edit: OBAMA and Hillary should be Living somewhere in the Middle East after being rejected from the United States!

        1. nicholsda says:

          Nope, Gitmo or Leavenworth are the only temp homes they should live in.

      8. Melody Boothe-Strite says:

        A perfect couple in “Hell”

      9. ny2223jv says:

        Especially in a cell wearing Orange jumpsuits, which hopefully will happen and real soon.

      1. AmericaSupportsTrump! says:

        Liberal Moron….

    2. SouthernPatriot says:

      Absolutely! Obama hates what has made America great and will make America great again! He had the most scandal ridden administration in history. For what he pledged would be “transparent” was the most hidden and spy ridden administration in history. His presidency should have an asterisk by it and designated “The Manchurian Candidate.”

      1. 3CatLady says:

        And the biased media, Demorats and RINOs are still kissing his ring. When will it end? Ovomit is the only president to remain in Washington after his term in office was over. And his daughter is just an excuse. He, Moosha, Valarie and the rest of the secret underground government should be jailed or sent to Gitmo.

    3. squeeze127 says:

      Hey Barry, does “You can keep your doctor” ring any bells? If your taqiyya arse lives in a glass house, don’t throw stones!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          —and if you believe that one—-!! LOL

    4. Linda says:

      Obama’s peers pretty much said the same thing years ago… and he certainly didn’t change much as president. “obama’s peers call him lazy, a liar, unqualified and lacking in integrity” Something just never change. 😀

  3. mikegru says:

    who the hell gives a shit about that DFN

  4. davesnrakleberger says:

    of course the ant-christian, anti-American, racist illegal lazy ass fudgepacker would not like Trump. Trump has got more positive things done in a few months than Obama has ever accomplished in his entire worthless life. Obama has built nothing of value and only gives a flip about about himself, but I must confess, if he were drowning, I’d throw him a long chain! 🙂

    1. sunandfun says:

      Wonderful idea and, a great statement about Obummer!

    2. maxx says:

      I pray every day that someone with “real stones” will show up and prosecute Oblowhard for each and every treasonous act he committed along with his entire administration.

  5. Bill says:

    I agree, Obozo the clown doesn’t know what truth is. A man (?) who has lived his life as a imposter, a community organizer is now worth 10’s of millions! Give the American people a break, as you and the Clinton’s should be in jail for the treasonous acts you committed. DC has always been corrupt, but now it’s in your face with lies stacked on lies and MSN fake news. You people are a disgrace to America.

    1. sunandfun says:

      Now, why can’t all Americans see this TRUTH and put them in prison on a deserted island?

      1. Bill says:

        Sunandfun, great question, but I think the answer is several fold. It all started with our public schools, colleges not teaching or modifying history, not teaching about the constitution, basically dumbing down our youth. Then as more and more social welfare programs were established over time, with good economic conditions, more and more government handouts became the norm. All part of LBJ’s “Great Society”! Americans were living a good life and we have been lead to believe to share a little of our wealth to help those less fortunate. Nothing wrong with the concept except we have been taken advantage of by generational welfare recipients, illegals and a drug culture that can or will not work. We now have way to many people milking the system and killing the host. The system has now been so corrupted with “Free Stuff” you will see many more, and more severe rioting as our country heads towards bankruptcy and can no longer afford the welfare system.

        1. sunandfun says:

          You have hit the nail right on the head my friend. The hard work to turn all this crap around will take a lot longer than I have left on this earth. If I ever get to Heaven, I will ask GOD to help the ones left on earth to get back to a GREAT country that will once again be happy to help those that truly need help. GOD did say that “the poor you will have with you ALWAYS”. You can always tell the ones that are doing their best.

          1. Bill says:

            sunandfun, we must be from the same generation. It is sure sad to watch our great country deteriorating because of a corrupt congress with so few good men and women left with moral character. President Trump see what we see and I wish him the best and will support him in this most frustrating and sad time.

          2. sunandfun says:

            You and Trump will have my support until I’m no longer here.

          3. nicholsda says:

            You need to stick around long enough to join in the “fun”. But like you both, I figure on less than 20 years left. Meanwhile, keep your powder dry. You’ll never know when you might need it. The way the left keeps rioting, it may be needed sooner than we think.

  6. Pauline Kasper says:

    I did not support the Obumanation in the primary nor did I vote for him in the general election — not because he is black but because I thought that he was too naive and immature to be a successful President.

    1. sunandfun says:

      That was putting it very nice. HE definitely does not deserve ANY RESPECT OR anything NICE!

    2. jaboj says:

      When Obama was first running for president, the Leftwing Democrats and the Leftwing News Media couldn’t get enough of accusing everybody who didn’t support or vote for Obama of being a racist, regardless of any legitimate reasons.

      1. sunandfun says:

        It shows you how STUPID we were to believe those lying sacks of CRAP. The first time was a mistake. The second time was just plain STUPIDITY and we will be paying for it for a lifetime!

      2. nicholsda says:

        I’m not racist. I hate his white side too.

  7. John McPherson says:

    I hope some day to go on the Internet without having to look at that skinny queer’s face. Same goes for Bitchillery, Peeloosly, Jew boy schumer, and all those slimy, corrupt Niggas in Com-ocrat party.

    1. John P says:

      It was not necessary to mention Jew, he is only a Jew by birth but not now as I have seen in previous Facebook articles he is compared to pile rocks.
      An apt comparison.

      1. sunandfun says:

        You have a good point about calling Schumer a Jew. No one would claim that he was one of them anyway. Schumer isn’t worth the effort to even claim he is one of our STUPID, useless politicians that we have to pay for. HE should be paying US for wasting the money the taxpayer has to pay him each year.

  8. MJL says:

    Obama the Kenyan Coon is real Bullshiter and was for his 8yr. term. All you Libraturds that elected that Muslim Bastard should be real Proud of that POS. Should be behind Bars with Lian Hillery another POS.

  9. CaptTurbo says:

    Of course small little communist Kenyan maggot Obama hates Trump. Sleazy little communists always hate successful capitalists.

  10. Maggietish says:

    Why is anybody surprised that Obama would try to trash President Trump? Obama has done all that he can continuously to destroy America and the American people. President Trump wants to make America great again and he’s done more for the American people since he’s been in office. Obama’s montea was to put America on a distractive course as any socialist what do what’s to put America on a distractive course as any socialist would attempt to do. Obama made no effort to better the lives of the American people if anything all he did was breed division and racism between the American people. The legacy of Barack Obama is he is the most treasonous and worst president in the history of the United States of America.

  11. dprato says:

    Obama is simply a megalomaniac who actually believes he is something he is not. What he really is and was as President is a Muslim Terrorist and the biggest threat this Nation ever faced to date. There is no President in history that showed as much disdain for everything that this Country stands for other than him. He did his level best to destroy this Nation in every manner he possible could. To call someone else a “bullsh-ter” is the ultimate hypocrisy considering how often he was caught lying and how his administration contrary to claims was not at all transparent but secretive and lawless. Any President who would stay in Washington and set up a shadow Government has to be seriously questioned about why he cannot simply step away and let the next President do his job without interference. I remember him telling John McCain that the election was over and it was time for him to give it up. Obama ought to take his own advice. If it is his intention to have the left commit violence then I say bring it on because there are millions of us who would clearly like to have the confrontation if it is started by the left so that we can rid our Nation of these socialist bigots.

    1. Roy Ota says:

      Shows you how much IDIOTS our educational system has produced over the past 40 years!

      1. sunandfun says:

        TOUGH statement but, unfortunately, TRUE!

    2. sunandfun says:

      We just may wind up with that kind of revolution. Soros still has a lot of money to accomplish his desire to RUIN this country like he did with 3 other one.

      1. dprato says:

        Never lose sight of the fact that this is the USA and we are not and never have been like many other Countries in the World. We have always fought to protect our way of life through numerous wars and conflicts. And neither George Soros or anyone else particularly Barack Obama are going to destroy this Country. Neither of them was brought up here and neither has embraced the American way of LIfe and our value system. If the last election did not prove that the people of this Nation will only take so much before fighting back than nothing will. Trump only has to do two things to make sure he is successful. Keep the economy moving in a positive direction and eliminate voter fraud so elections are honest. Other things like dealing with illegal immigrants, enforcing laws, making America a leader again while also important are not what drives most folks. Having a job, being able to support your family and educate your kids, and living the American Dream are what motivates most folks the most. Making sure that the people who can insure that get elected legitimately is what makes it happen.

  12. maryb says:

    The F—er is a profound Muslim through & through

  13. DFW1 says:

    I’ve been around for awhile and I can’t remember any President speaking out against a previous or sitting President before the way Obama has. I guess we shouldn’t be surprised since Obama blamed everything he couldn’t or didn’t know how to fix was Bush’s fault. Obama doesn’t like Trump because he’s going to undo all the mess he made in the past 8 years. If he want’s to talk about BS he should look at his term for the last 8 years.

  14. Bearman says:

    “Obama Insulted Trump In The Most Awful Way Possible”
    Called him a community organizer?

  15. shamu9 says:

    Obama’s nothing but a Lop-Eared Pfaggot street thug, groomed to be able to speak real English, instead of Ebonics!

  16. srw says:

    One thing to remember…. Obumo thinks the same way about the Clintons. Both of these families are disasters… their best buds beside Marxist Geo Soros is the Terrorist group the Muslim Brother hood.

  17. FAITH47 says:


  18. Bruce Walters says:

    And Obama is nothing but a lying, cheating, scheming, nagger, who needs to be arrested and executed for high treason and sedition.

    1. sunandfun says:

      That would be a wonderful dream and maybe, a great movie!

  19. jackhy says:

    Ole jug ears the imposter president is gone but not out of sight, I regret. He is still in D.C. and surrounded by his loyalists and donor supporters who will plot to overthrow the Trump admin. in any devious way possible.

  20. crockett says:

    Right; obozo is a damn racist and was from birth . He was taught to hate whites all his life from his father . The race card is a dead card . His meddling is gonna get trouble stared again. Things are going to come to ahead sooner than later . We as a people ;Black and white got along very well until obozo came along . Now we have got to get back the trust once again that we had for one another . GOD BLESS THE USA and what it stands for. VETS FOR FREEDOM !

    1. sunandfun says:

      You are Sooo…right about the country being split since he got into politics. I am 75 and have NEVER seen this country SPLIT as much in my lifetime as it is today thanks to that piece is COWPIE!

      1. crockett says:

        Yes sir ,I’m 66 and have like you seen a lot of changing when his lying as got in office and totally lied to every person that put him in office , especially the black communities . The promises that never came true , . Let’s get America back and show the world that HELL YES WE ARE A SUPPER POWER ONCE AGAIN ,we stand together as ONE !

        1. sunandfun says:

          My veteran brothers and sisters can count on me as long as I am on GOD’s good green earth.

        2. nicholsda says:

          You are only 4 years ahead of me. We were born under a 48 star flag. Maybe we need to go back to that count. HI and CA could both go.

          1. crockett says:

            You’re right that HI and CA could both go along with NY and IL , maybe even MN

          2. nicholsda says:

            If we chop out the liberal sections of some of the states, they wouldn’t be so bad. NYC needs walled off and turned into a prison camp for liberals.

  21. JL Brown Jr says:

    I can’t wait for obama to die, there will be aline that will run across the country, stand in line to piss on obama, he did his best to destroy our country. No flowers will grow on his grave!

  22. JohnC3Freeport says:

    Obummer is the biggest POS ever to sit in the White House. I can’t wait for that guy to be taken down.

    1. sunandfun says:

      Hopefully at least 12′ feet down! LMAO!

  23. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    SCREW the foreigner, he is history and will never be able to do a thing unless he wants to go to prison for sedition

    1. sunandfun says:

      I wouldn’t trust Obummer even on he deathbed!

    2. jaboj says:

      I do hope you’re right, but I don’t doubt any underhanded thing the Leftwing Democrats and the Leftwing News Media might try to pull, after they hid Obama’s history, including that his Mentor during his adolescent years was Card Carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis, and they lived together during these years in Hawaii. And as president he hired another Card Carrying Communist, Van Jones, as one of his Czars. Of course the Leftwing Media tries to make a big deal out of President Trump wanting to be on friendly terms with Russia.

  24. 3rdRxSteward says:

    Obama calls Trump a “Bullsh_-ter”?
    Isn’t that like having the pot call the kettle black? No racism in this reference.
    Besides Obama could not claim to have the economic success that Trump has achieved if it were not blood sucking off of the government, you and me. If this is true, Barry has shown his level of class. No amount of phone give-aways could could convince anyone otherwise.

    1. nicholsda says:

      He never had a love for this country so why would he support Trump.

  25. mlmaston says:

    Obama…. acting like the street nigger I always thought he was. Ungrateful, hateful, classless, clueless, vile…. without a single shred of decency. My instincts were not wrong when it came to this bastard.

    1. sunandfun says:

      I can’t argue with those facts!

  26. Robert LaBiento says:

    Oblamer hates not being the center of attraction! His ,worthless, agenda and executive orders will be nullified, by OUR PRESIDENT! His legacy (HA ) will be non-existent!

    1. sunandfun says:

      I HOPE you’re right!

  27. RONALD WIEDER says:

    If ever there was a “BS artist” he would lose to the little brown presidential do-nothing phoney, obama !

  28. Donald says:

    Obama was on the road to destroy America and Hillary would have completed it. Hopefully Trump will save us.

  29. If you want to see how America would look like if run by blacks just look what Obama done in eight years, doubled our debt with nothing to show for it

    1. nicholsda says:

      Just look at New Orleans, Philly, DC, or any other city where they run the city and you’d get an idea what the US would be like. And the Dems running the cities who are White are only marginally any better.

  30. Countrysunrise says:

    Darn right we lashed out!! We got sick of watching the dog and pony show!! We got sick of being laughed at as a Country, while it was being destroyed from the inside out!! At least now we have someone in power who is looking at EVERYTHING, and knows exactly what the last Administration was trying to pull!! President Trump is NOT stupid, and is as sick as the rest of the people who voted for him, and is in the process of not only taking the Country in a 180 degree turn, but is getting rid of all the filth, the lies, the corruption, and the disgusting laws that were made to fill the pockets of the weasels that work there, instead of trying to make this Country stronger!! The President is also trying to make this Country safer, more efficient with less people in Washington, less regulations and intrusions from Washington, more jobs, put up the WALL, deport the illegals that committed crimes, go after ISIS until they’re nothing but a memory, combat opiates, bring money to this Country to start new Business, re-start the Pipelines, get the Armed Forces whatever equipment they need – be it ammunition, hardware, body armor, whatever, to bring Hillary to justice, and to help the Black, Hispanic and Muslim population, along with Women, who President Trump said that the Democratic Party used to get a vote, then would forget about after the election, time and again. The President said that he wouldn’t forget about them, plus he was sick about the way they were treated by the Police, as well as other ethnicities. He also mentioned that race relations were far apart at the moment, and he planned on bringing us back together as a Country. So far, he signed an Executive Order to help the Black Population, as welll as one to help the Women. The President is well on his way to keeping his promises, and doesn’t need any more interference from ANYONE ELSE on the LEFT!! What they are doing to this President is disgraceful – be it private Citizen to Comedian to late-night talk show host!! Some of them are beyond the pale with their monologues, and Karma is going to come back to get them!! Those of us on the Right will be praying that you don’t get cotrol of the White House for decades!! What’s praying?? You wouldn’t know, because you took GOD out of your platform a long time ago, and you have the wrath of GOD to deal with now!! Don’t run to us!!

    1. sunandfun says:

      Thank you for a GREAT statement. I am also praying for GOD to help Trump to accomplish his promises.

  31. Penelope Addy says:

    Trump didn’t call Obama, Obama called Trump on election night. Why would the winner call the loser?

  32. Snaps says:

    Pot calling the kettle black.

  33. kathy says:

    Doesn’t surprise me at all how much O hates Trump..U could see it in his body language..and how he would support the anti Trump protest and property destruction…O is a dangerous person and his drawing the lines in the sand has proven that

    1. sunandfun says:

      WELL, he IS black AND a POT head.

  34. gene smiith says:

    Is someone with a brain supposed to give a crap what Obama says or thinks about anything?Let’s see what
    the Public thinks and says about the hidden past of Obama when it finally is revealed……that will be a real
    barn burner and one we all will enjoy. In the meantime, Obama is merely a bad idea with an even worse performance record. In addition, he is a treasonous Muslim compound LIAR.
    Now then, he has what to say about whom?

    1. sunandfun says:

      That is really the question to answer, did ANYONE that believes Obummer EVER had a brain!

  35. mpdMD1965 says:

    Who really cares what towelheads think. Obama deserves what he receives. As an AntiAmerica hater what does he deserve? He was a token president due to his color and an ardent antiAmerica he deserves impeachment at best. Expunging his so called term from all books may assuage the damage his so called tenure has caused America and our allies. We need to re establish America’s preeminence we lost during the catastrophic OBUMMER years

    1. sunandfun says:

      BOY, would I just LOVE to see EVERYTHING you said about that COWPIE come true! Especially the part about Expunging ANY money this country gave him for trying his best to ruin this country!!

  36. hankster6 says:

    It is high time for Trump to quit trying to be respectful to a person has has and is committing treason and it a traitor! Trump’s attempt at being PC did not work. While Trump was being courteous, Obama treated Trump with contempt! Now Obama is attempting to overthrow our government and no one, seemingly, is doing anything about that!

    1. sunandfun says:

      I know that America has screwed up during the last 8 years but I believe that we are waking up, FINALLY!

  37. Josie says:

    Well now is anyone really surprised? Every time there has been a party change in the WH the previous President has not been happy. This is not about US – YOU AND ME, this all became about them and they don’t like it that President Trump is willing to upset their gravy train. Does anyone really expect better from the classless Obama? As for him saying that President Trump isn’t ready – what a friken joke that is. President Trump has done more to create and complete wealth, products etc that that idiot Oboob will ever hope to do. Everything he did was against the law, against our constitution and he was allowed carte blanche with our constitution. He made Congress obsolete by bypassing the “checks and balance” that each office is supposed to operate as a safe guard – one against the other to stop anyone that wants to act like a king. Oboob only got things done because they let him! THE PEOPLE DIDN’T WANT 90% of what he did! MY PRESIDENT IS DONALD J. TRUMP and I am a proud adorable DEPLORABLE!

    1. ronniecanoli says:


  38. Gardener8 says:

    Mr. Obama is still stung by the fact that he can’t be President for Life. His revenge tantrum is ugly.

  39. chief1937 says:

    Obama is/was such a bad president he simply will not accept the fact that his ideas were rejected by the voters and he wants to do all he can to see Trump does not succeed.Get over it Obama fans Trump won your idol is out ,thank goodness, accept it and move on with your lives.

  40. jaboj says:

    Obama is proof that Democrats are the most gullible segment of the population. They bought Obama’s lies, hook, line, and sinker. The Democrat party and the Leftwing News Media, hid the real Obama from the American people, and they still don’t realize they were “HAD”.

  41. Laura says:

    after 8 years of Obama we have only part time workforce and our men are wearing skirts. Any country who is deemed weak is in fact a target so I must wonder if this was part of his agenda or did people really want to emulate Obama’s girlyman style. He encouraged illegal aliens to take to our streets and in fact gave them permission to protest our white house. Seriously Can you imagine going to any other country and demanding better benefits then the citizens while breaking the law. HE ENCOURAGED LAWLESSNESS VIOLENCE AND girly men. That is not how I want my country viewed from afar and I am so grateful that Trump has erased his ignorant arrogant everything left behind.

  42. Linda says:

    Nobody cares about the black dictator. He thinks he’s important, but he is definitely NOT. Go back to Kenya and hang out with the rest of your thugs.

    1. Chandler says:

      It’s not the race but the fact he is a thug brought in to destroy our freedom.
      With the help of Soros and the Demo-crap party of liars, thieves, Communist, Socialist and far leaning progressives.
      Along with the worlds dictators, thinking they will take over and dominate the world.

  43. thecelt1 says:

    Obamas double barreled hatred of the real America is very evident. He is the second greatest
    liar in the country. Crooked Hillary is the number one liar. He is so thin skinned that he can’t
    stand to be called down for anything he said. He and his family are professional liars, trained
    by him. Obama is less than a Liberal Jack Ass. Immediately after him being elected POTUS,
    it was very evident that Obama was out to DESTROY our United States. His destruction
    program continued for 8 years and the Senate and House didn’t have the courage to stop him.
    I believe that Obama thinks he is still the POTUS.
    Obama is a total disgrace to be called our President.

    1. Chandler says:

      Well said thecelt1, well said !!!

  44. Chandler says:

    In my opinion Barack Hussein Obama with his life history is nothing more than illegal trash brought in by Soros and the Democratic party of Communist ,socialist and far left leaning progressives.
    He was brought in to do exactly what he did destroy our free society and replace it with Freedom haters and World loving dictators.
    How sad that our country is being overrun by the worlds trash, with the help of the Demo- rats.

    By the way there is no global warming that is occurring but the natural evolution, the world is being played for a fool.

  45. tommorofski says:

    George Soros #1 puppet has NEVER had or displayed any level of presidential class or maturity. He simply sez and does as he is told to do. A puppet’s life is actually exceptionally simple — isn’t it!

  46. Jaron Gant Joyner says:

    Were so Over OBAMA and Hillary-And real Sick of the Liberals Disgusting Behavior-They don’t care about the American-Citizens-All they Want to do is Destroy President Trump-And the Media is just as BAD-If the American people get Hurt along the Way–They really don’t seem to Care.

  47. old_salty_dawg99 says:

    Obammy should know a BSER given that he is the biggest BSER in Universe. He has done nothing but spew BS since he started speaking.

  48. Arcturus6 says:

    Excuse me….but why would anyone think that Obama would like Trump? Obama, as I see him, is the antithesis of Trump; a totally narcissistic political gangster with illusions of grandeur. Now Trump may have an ego of his own, but as far as I am concerned anyone running for President these days has to have an ego, else they are doomed. However, I do not see Trump an an evil entity as I do Obama. For me Obama represents everything that is wrong with this nation today….EVERYTHING. So anyone expecting Obama to say anything nice about Trump are delusional. What needs to be done, in my opinion, is to shore up support for Trump and ignore and confine to ignominy the efforts of Obama, the Clinton Criminal Cartel, the DNC, the Soros political criminal organization and the useful idiots who spew their line of garbage.

  49. Kyle4318 says:

    yo Knew Obama hated Trump, when he called him a white American.

  50. downs1 says:

    Obama is so deceived! He spent time in a Madrassa in Indonesia learning about Islam, but he was never taught the truth of Islam! Too bad! He will have an eternity in Hell to think about his foolishness! He used the Reverend Jeremiah Wright and that church to establish an “identity” that was false in order to make his resume look good for his campaign. It’s called “taqqiya”, and while it may deceive some, it does not fool the Lord who knows exactly “who” Barack H. Obama is, and “who” he is not! He will not be alone! Hillary and Bill Clinton as well as George Soros will be there also! Because they can fool the people, they think they can fool God!

  51. mpdMD1965 says:

    What Obama states as negative for Trump flies back to him whose claim to fame during his lackluster presidency depends on children eating their lunchs as opposed to huge deals being signed which is helping to erase obama’s trillion dollar deficit, his claim to fame as president.

    1. sunandfun says:

      How can you call being a “SCUMBAG” a claim to fame? He NEVER was a REAL president!

  52. mpdMD1965 says:

    Maybe in Kenya trillion dollar deficits rule.

  53. John P says:

    I believe That obama is a spawn of hell who has hypnotized the uninformed people.
    Prior to his election everything was pretty good about race relation however after it fell apart.
    PC has taken hold and is clouding adults and children alike.
    Oh for the good old days I am 93 and remember.

    1. sunandfun says:

      I believe you’re RIGHT JOHN!

  54. mpdMD1965 says:

    I have figured out Ms Obama’s thrust for folks to eat mega heavy lunchs. Big Derriers rule, right Ms BO?

  55. Michael Davis says:

    Obastard NEEDS to be in prison.
    If Trump doesn’t put this prick in prison soon, there WILL be war in the streets.
    I’ve seen a race war coming for a LONG time( think: Black Lives Matter), and Obastard is just the one to inspire it.

  56. wharfrat says:

    Obama hates everybody in America and he hates America as a nation,he was lazy for eight years and did very little to earn the money we paid him,he played a lot of Putt Putt Golf and flew around on our jet at $207.000 per hour, Congress sat and watched it all happen and did nothing to stop it, so now it’s time to kick them out and get a new batch of Congressmen.

    1. sunandfun says:


  57. Robert Russell says:

    MR Trump president be careful you see what kind of people the DNC are they killed their own Seth Rich he was the wikileak they are saying Trump collusion with Russia. Berry Soetoro is pissed Trump is working for the people by far the best president we ever had he left a huge mess for our president to clean up.

    1. sunandfun says:

      I believe that the Secret service like TRUMP and will do there best to keep him safe.

  58. David Estes says:

    AmericaSuppotsTrump, I couldn’t have said it better. He is not a respectable thing. He and Killery are 2 peas in a pod that will if let to continue with their campaign of sedition, I hope they are charged with sedition or better yet charged with treason.

    1. sunandfun says:

      I would LOVE to see that. However, I would love to see them dropped into the “Bermuda Triangle” and told to SWIM back! I can dream can’t I?

  59. harmony108 says:

    This coming from A 1 bullsh*ter of all time. Not to mention all the simple people he hoodwinked.

  60. ReaperHD says:

    This coming from the most disgusting FAGGOT POS NIGGROER ever to live in the WH, should have burned the WH down to make sure all his DNA would be gone before I would have moved in.

    1. sunandfun says:

      Try to be nicer even thou we know Obummer is and always will be a scumbag. Don’t let the jerks get you too upset. That is exactly what they are trying to do. That is how they got this country split up as badly is it is now. We need to use our heads and stick with the people that have a brain and want to get our country back together again like it was all my life.

      1. ReaperHD says:

        Unless your gonna want to live in a COMMIE Nation that will never happen again, COMMUNISM is at the base here and they have taken over the DEMOCRATIC PARTY and will not stop till it comes to a Civil War here and you kill them or they kill you and all freedom loving people. The people they don’t want stopped coming across the southern border are all of the Commie up bringing and that is why they are so intent on letting them in as they usually side with the COMMIES here.

  61. MarcJ says:

    Imagine the pain in our Marxist Democrat ass that our boot administered on last election. All MSM triumphalist articles had to be scrapped overnight.

  62. Lee McLaughlin says:

    Not for one minute did he ever have my respect but he certainly doesn’t now. Any X-President that would encourage mayhem in the streets is truly socialist, a commie or maybe just a Muslim radical but he certainly isn’t someone people should think good of or respect.

    1. sunandfun says:

      He never had the respect from ANYONE with a brain that was alive. Obummer did his very best to destroy this country and try to convince everybody he was a great president. His record as president PROVES that he wasn’t worth being allowed in the U.S.A. The ones that had him elected are the ones with the DEAD BRAIN! “YOU CAN’T fix STUPID”.

  63. d peters says:

    Obama’s goal going into office was to fundamentally change America, and he succeeded. It’s time to undo the damage he did to us. He hurt: the economy, healthcare, foreign relations, American pride, the coal industry, the oil and gas industry, our children’s future, etc. He helped create a new generation of illegal immigration, the militant Black Lives Matter group, violent college campuses, rampant intolerance by the left, and a gravely divided country. He followed Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to a tee. Obama is a sneaky, deceitful, mean, dangerous and hypocritical man. We need to take our country back!

    1. sunandfun says:

      You have explained to a tee exactly what Obummer has accomplished by ruining this country and why we need to get back together to help our new President make America Great again. This country need tremendous help to get back together and your statements are a great information for all Americans need to see and follow

  64. Tommy Goodwin says:


  65. Steven Butterbaugh says:

    Obama’s the worst President I’ve known and I’m not young – by any means. During his term, it was though we lost our identity. To be American meant nothing for 8 looooooong years. I like Trump because I’m clear that he is an American who will hold us high. Viva la Trump!

    1. sunandfun says:

      I agree totally with you. I’m praying that Trump gets the help from all Americans that he needs to bring us back to reality and make America great again. I’m like you, not young by any means also.

      1. Steven Butterbaugh says:

        I swear Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize because he’s black. There could have been no other reason. He got before he’d done anything – and then he didn’t do anything. Wow, you Nobel idiots!

    2. jaboj says:

      Hard to believe that we even had a president those 8 years. More like a spy in the Whitehouse. I also find it hard to believe that Democrats and Liberal Media, knowing how corrupt Hillary Clinton is, was, and always has been, would still vote for her. To me, its also unbelievable that her Demon Seed daughter said that she is going to rebuild the Clinton Political dynasty.

      1. sunandfun says:

        These crooked scumbags never seem to know when to quit. I guess that they just may quit once we put them in PRISON where they belong! We just may have to build more prisons but we would create a lot of jobs in building them and then filling them with a lot of guards.
        It would be worth every penny also.

  66. AmericaSupportsTrump! says:

    Obama a Worthless Jive talkin walkin Liberal fool and we been sold for 8 years he would help America he destroyed America!


    1. sunandfun says:

      You have the best picture to show America how we got SCREWED for the last 8 years and I pray that we have learned a GREAT deal on how not to repeat the stupid thing we did in electing this poor excuse for a human being, TWICE!

      1. jaboj says:

        I think everyone except Leftwing Demoncrats and the Leftwing News Media learned to not make that same mistake again. However, Leftwing Democrats, are so close-minded it is hard to teach them right from wrong. As for people like Adam Schitt, Pelosi, Upchuck, MaxiWaters, etc. with their learning disabilities, will never learn right from wrong, and as long as California and New York voters remain clueless, they can’t be helped, and will continue their destruction of America.

        1. sunandfun says:

          Unfortunately I have to agree with you. You can’t fix STUPID!

          1. nicholsda says:

            Sure you can. 2×4 works wonders applied liberally. 😉 There are other things that solve it permanently if the 2×4 fails.

    2. ronniecanoli says:

      This RACIST POS BASTARD was the “TROJAN” HORSE to AMERICA… He was only interested in UNDERMINING AMERICA, & GETTING BACK @ WHITEY ( ALBEIT. he was raised by his White Grandparents & is HALF a WHITEY HIMSELF ) is Father was a SPERM DONOR nothing more ,& typical of the black men LEGACY, & yet he gravitated to his obvious outside appearance to be a THUG in CHIEF ,& his true muzzie self. AMERICA got O’BAM-oozled by this ANTI-AMERICAN,MILITARY, LAW EMFORCEMENT CHRISTIAN, & ESPECIALLY ANTI WHITEY MF’ER. He did nothing but embraced Black THUG RIOTING & PROMOTED to his every turn.e.g. blm, al the charlatan.. He appointed TWO of the WORST RACIST AG’s in HISTORY , & the list goes on & on.. I just thank GOD ,that AMERICA REMAIN RESILIENT ENOUGH to withstand this SCUMBAGS EIGHT YEARS of TYRANNY.. GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP & GOD BLESS AMERICA..

  67. jackel says:

    None of the Leftist have accepted the fact that the American people elected Donald Trump president. He was not the Left’s candidate so the American people had nothing to do with his election!!!!!! It was some outside influence, like the Russians, imagine. Always blaming someone else or thing for their failures. And, Obama is not a very nice person. He is shown to be a lair, and, what else will surface as his legacy is torn apart and the under dealings of his administration are exposed. He, H. Clinton, J. Kerry and G. Soros, among others, should be investigated for subversive American activities, here and abroad, but finding honesty to do any real justice is a problem. Witch hunt for impeachment of President Donald Trump should be a fact, reality hunt to impeach former president B. Obama; many facts the media ignored and twisted over the last 8 years (don’t forget Iran; silver platter to a terrorist nation to develop an atomic weapon; the US and the world received nothing in return but guaranteed future trouble with a Mid East nuclear threat). Nice men leading us, are they not! Rather than keep our thumb on them we gave them everything, and, some give a ways, with the this transparent administration, we still don’t know about!!!!! And President Trump is a bull……., and very bad man—–think again, people, but not with emotion which is what the Left lives off of.

    1. Deborah Pratt says:

      It is ‘true to form’ that the ‘left’ do nothing but blame others for their failures!! Hillary and Obama ‘lost’ the trust of the American people due to their total contempt for them. It ‘shows’!! They are intellectual ‘snobs’ and have no respect, what-so-ever for this country!!

      1. sunandfun says:

        MOST All the statements in this conversation email is the best ones that I have seen in all the time I have read them. 99% of them are not only TRUE but, VERY informational. Not only informational, but, they are FACTUAL also. It makes me think that America is finally waking up enough to really help our country to become GREAT again. Keep up the great work people and don’t let the idiots get you down.
        GOD bless AMERICA!

        1. Deborah Pratt says:

          Have to admit, sunandfun, I was never much into politics. Didn’t ‘like’ Hillary, had ‘enough’ of Obama and couldn’t ‘stand’ Trump since all I knew of him at the time was his ‘reality show’!! But, when he became a candidate–I decided to at least ‘listen’ to the man. Glad I did. He really got my ‘attention’ and I was impressed with his intelligence, courage and energy!! I think–like him or not, he got the attention of our population!! He really ‘shook’ us up–‘woke’ us up, if the truth be known!! Probably ‘just in time’!! Hillary’s comment (one of them) ‘keep them unaware and uninformed’—really got my ‘dander’ up!! This past campaign was a real
          ‘education’!! Scary how close we’ve come to going ‘down’!! We haven’t won yet but now we’re willing to fight for our ‘rights’ and privileges we’ve come to take for granted!! Pres Trump ‘did’ that–like it or not!

          1. sunandfun says:

            I have to agree with you Deb. I didn’t think very much of him at the time but, after seeing what he promised and what the other choice was, it was easy to vote for him. Now I see what life long politicians trying to get him out because he want’s to limit their terms. They don’t want to give up on all the benefits they have which never get cut like all of ours. I think that as long as we can help him accomplish his promises we should get a political government we can trust again. We spent most of our lives working and raising a family. We spent our money for things we needed to live and raise our families. I have seen so much abuse with what people get now for doing nothing that I want to become a hermit. I’ll jus pray that this country gets back to the old way of working for a living and helping anybody that needs real help that I have the ability to help. We just may be too late to bring our country back to normal but, We better keep trying.

          2. nicholsda says:

            Two terms and gone if you are a Senator. Unless you want to count the third one in prison. 😉 6 years for a Representative should be about right. And no retirement benefits.

          3. Linda says:

            I also just loved Hillary telling / showing she had her public AND private positions… and they didn’t match. lol https://www.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl#q=hillary+said:+she+has+a+public+speech+and+another+for+her+private+friends+supporters&spf=1495493428466

    2. dfinch says:

      I’ll tell you who elected President Trump. It was us..the silent majority. We were truly underestimated.

  68. Nana07 says:

    Way to go President Obama!! 45 is an ignorant, draft dodging, bankruptcy filing, pu$$y grabbing, cheats on wives, cheats people who work on projects with him, a bully, and Putin’s manchild boyfriend…. LOL, 45 is a joke all around the world…….

    1. dfinch says:

      You better be careful who you call pu$$y grabbing. Bill Clinton is one of your idols? Draft dodging???? Again Bill Clinton. President Trump’s bankruptcies were Chapter 11. Do you know what that means? It’s a re-organization so he could stay open or until he could sell. No one loses anything. You took Hillary at face value and she lied to you. A bully??? Maybe a little but so was Ronald Reagan and he got things done. None of this mamby pamby stuff like Obama showed in 8 years. Obama was a coward. I want to see the meltdowns when you find out there was no collusion between Trump and the Russians.

  69. meangreenMarine says:

    If anyone know “B.S.” and is full of “Bull Fecal Waste,” it’s OBAMA or Soetoro, or what ever the Hell his name is! He lied about his place of birth, lied using a false birth certificate, lied about his religious beliefs, lied about coming to America as a foreign Student. He lies about his participation in Social Security by possessing Social Security cards from THREE other Americans, now diseased! He has turned out to be an embarrassment to this Country!
    A man that lives in a glass house shouldn’t throw stones!
    There should be an investigation into his ability to legally qualify as a Presidential
    Candidate, much less serve as President!

  70. John says:

    OhVOMIT is a loser, always has been a loser, and always will be a loser, but Trump has shown that OhVOMIT was useless and disrespected around the world and only supported by LIARS, CHEATERS, DISGUSTING human beings and the likes of the LYLING HOG, Killarious Rotten, Fancy Nancy, Hariless Reid, Shyster Schumer in his ridiculous falling off glasses profile, and Joe Goodbye-Done.

    Look how the Dumbo’s have picked a foul mouthed loser to head the DNC and how they have created these nonsensical conspiracy theories that are based in beliefs, not facts! What is amazing is how there are people in the U.S. that believe this rubbish and how the press has neutralized any credibility they had!

    Trump has done more in 100 days than OhVOMIT in 8 years! Finally a REAL PRESIDENT with balls! So glad to see the lisp speaking homosexual, Muslim, 1/2 breed out of the oval office!

    1. sunandfun says:

      You know how to explain what this country is going into the hole from. The fact that Trump has done MORE in 100 days than Obummer has done in his entire LIFETIME. Soros knows how to pick a useless idiot to try to accomplish his goal to ruin the U.S.A. He couldn’t get a more useless, lying, homo. to do his evil work.

      1. nicholsda says:

        If you watched the TV today, I’ll bet that 0bozo is mad as a hornet. Bozo goes to Saudi Arabia and the King doesn’t meet him at the plane. Trump goes and is treated royally by the King. That had to gall Bozo. 😀

  71. Robert Zraick says:

    Ohomo is the worst.

  72. Jay Crossbow says:

    The great Nobel Peace prize laureate. Bragged about killing people with Drones. Such a little nothing of a twerp.

  73. John McPherson says:

    I hope some day to go on the Internet without having to look at that skinny queer’s face. Same goes for Bitchillery, Peeloosly, Jew boy schumer, and all those slimy, corrupt Niggas in Com-ocrat party

  74. william says:

    As the saying goes “it takes one to know one”

  75. Roger Reid says:

    Takes one to know one

  76. Richard Frick says:

    The racist wild boar hemorrhoid should rot in hell for the destruction he and his fellow muslim extremists have done to the USA. Yes, the entire destructive liberal party and the progressives too.

  77. James1vc says:

    Snake , skunk , traitor , liar , no good goat humping socialist dirtbag , is that clear –or should I explain ?

    1. sunandfun says:

      That pretty well covers Obummer. Nicely put.

    2. nicholsda says:

      Now tell us how you really feel. 😉

  78. Nutmeg Man says:

    Just when I thought the biggest liar in history and worst president ever couldn’t become any more of scumbag, he pulls this stunt. I just wish he and his nauseating wife took their two lovely kids, moved to Iraq and lived with his Muslim buddies so we wouldn’t have to put up with vile demeanor any longer. He has already left Trump with an unprecedented mess and we sure don’t need any more of his debilitating rhetoric. Thankfully we don’t have to put up with his horrific and clueless policies that bankrupted the country and expanded race relations, and now I hope we don’t have to put up with him any longer. What a disgrace and embarrassment to the country!!!!!!!!!!!

  79. MrG says:

    Obama’s a big eard worthless piece of shit of a human being wait a minute he’s not human he’s one of Satan’s Children

    1. sunandfun says:

      I can’t argue wit that FACT!

  80. marco a. poshar says:

    Will real Obama Stand up , dude is a hateful over priced con man ,,,,,,Obama “s life is , life of LIES and worse ,traitor to country that give him a chance to unite but not Obama , dude like to spread the hate,,,,,,,,

  81. nicholsda says:

    0bozo will be even more unhappy after today. When 0bozo went on the apology tour, he bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia who did not even meet him at the plane. Trump goes, does not bow, and the King is at the steps waiting. The King also bestowed on him an award which would rate higher than the Nobel Prize in rarity. And agrees to buy $110 billion in US products right away and about $350 Billion in products and services over the next 10 years.

    1. sunandfun says:

      I’m hoping that this country learns something and gives thanks for what we now have for a REAL PRESIDENT. He did more in 100 days than bozo the clown did in 8 years. I hope that America smartens up and backs Trump!

  82. CNKIV says:

    Obama has no love for the US. His mentor and his morther were communists, and his colledge mentor was a murderer. On top of that he most likely was inelligble to be President in the first place. Obama cares nothing about people. He proved countless times all he cared about was a :Leftest Political Agenda”, and constantly broke the law to initiate it. What waste of intellogence.

  83. Lori says:

    It is ok for Obama to hate Trump, after all Trump has shown him his cowardly ass every which way he turns. He has made him the biggest joke the Devil ever bargained with or signed a contract with. Trump has shown him up seven ways from Sunday. But I still don’t think that narcissistic prick knows how much we hate him , I don’t think the Democrats or the Libertarians know how much we hate him and some of them. I don’t think they know how much him and his he/she are despised. A lot of us would love to see him hung for treason, and not to sure if some of the Dems and Libs maybe should hang with him. And they don’t have the slightest idea how far we will go if they try to take our president we legally voted for and won. But they will! A day of reckoning is coming.

    1. ronniecanoli says:

      AMEN to THAT.. I’m WITH YOU.

  84. chuck708 says:

    Time to Charge Odumbo with Treason and throw him in GITMO where he belongs.

  85. Steven Coy says:


  86. Richard Bagenstose says:

    thanks to all the liberal nut cases out there ,oboma still thinks he can part the red sea, and i would prefer getting called a profanity by oboma , it shows i have a head on my shoulders ,he only wants brain dead , criminal trolls around him, they complain about trump and russia , but for 8 years they let oboma have his iranian trash in the white house ,i’ll take russia over terrorists any day

  87. Joecolt says:

    Obama Is the Worst President America has ever had he has outdone Carter, and I really did not think that was Possible. He Divided our Country Worse then Before, He was A Completely Incompetent Commander in Chief, He Downgraded our Military, Left our Vets in a Complete Mess, his Foreign Policy’s Were all Failed Policy’s Our Allies did not Trust Him, He has Embolden our Enemies across the Globe. Lacked Leadership by not Listening to his Military Leaders about IsIs and calling them a JV team, only for Them to become the Largest Terrorist Group in the World. Between Him and Hillary, they have wrecked the Middle East, not to mention, Russia, China, N. Korea, Iraq, Iran, Stria, Libya, and so on, Increased our Debt by 10 Trillion and we have Nothing to show for all that Money, We have No Jobs for it, We have a Failed Healthcare Plan, 90 Million People Out of the Work force, More people on Welfare and other Hand out Programs, No Infrastructure Program, He Increased Taxes, He Bogged Down Corporations with the EPA, and Taxes, and they Left our Country and added Millions to the Jobless, He Allowed illegals to Violate our Laws and Flood our Country with Low Wage Workers to Drive Down our Wages, and Take Jobs Away from American Workers, He Allowed Un-Vetted Refugees from the Middle East War Zones Knowing the FBI, CIA, HLS, and our Military Stated IsIs Terrorist will be Slipping in with these Refugees, He Kept our Borders wide open and told our Border Patrols to stand Down, Allowing no only Illegals, but Drugs and Guns from the Mexican Cartels, three Terrorist Were Apprehended on the Border in his last year as our President, How many were not? Incompetence on all fronts, is his Legacy.

  88. ” I voted for Obama and he failed me… We have no jobs ! ”

    We Taken Back America “… Hoke Johnson, a Wonderful Black American Speaks Out.
    This is the view of one man Hoke Johnson and the support shown to him
    by the thousands at the Trump rally in Atlanta, Ga. 10 /10 /15 /

    brothers view of Obama at the Atlanta Trump Rally

  89. Betty Hanner says:

    the reason obana hate the presdent is because he beliveingod and treat people right he dose not lie to people and he anreal American un like obana he love this country obana try to take it down

  90. icemancold says:


  91. BarefootBoy1 says:

    Folks, Soetoro/Obama is a two-faced Muslim, the kind who will speak kindly to you, and pat you on the back, not to express friendship but feeling for a soft place to stab you!!! Me thinks he is guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors and treasons and should be arrested and prosecuted

  92. The Liberals had better wake up real soon. Islam is on the move in a HUGE way. They (Muslims) are bringing with them (their) laws of their own. You Libs just keep on sympathizing with them. Keep on allowing ILLEGAL immigrants to come here and stay. (All the while bringing THEIR *beliefs* with them and using OUR judicial system to protect them and promote them). REAL AMERICANS HAVE HAD ENOUGH!!!….You Libs keep on marching and tearing up $hiite. That’s what you do. But I see a bad moon arising. REAL Americans are going to rise up and put a stop to this! Your Democratic pansy leaders swore on a Bible that they know nothing about!! This country became great because of (in many areas) Judeo-Christian beliefs! If you know your Bible you’ll find that GOD was not too keen on “Immigration” OR allowing His people to worship other gods! I sense another civil war brewing if this influx of immigrants is not put to an end. Or wake up one day worshipping allah or some other foreign (dear leader obummer?) person….Better help make America Great again…

  93. Larry Cowden says:

    If brains were gunpowder, Obamass couldn’t blow the back end out of a paper bag!

  94. laurig says:

    I guess I would be p****d too if everything I did for 8 years is being overturned or flatout done away with–too bad–so sad–but it is true he said he would change America and he did–he just didn’t say he would change it for the better and he didn’t–wish he would just go away–sick of looking at him–

  95. Harold Sammons says:

    It’s to bad the house and senate is full of a bunch of ass kissers, in my opinion, Obama should be charged with direlection of duty, actions unbecoming the office of president, ignoring his secretaries illegal actions causing the release of classified information in to foreign hands, by use of an unsecured server!

    1. Arizona Don says:

      Well yes that is a point worth noting. However, those people who kissed up to obama are at least among the ones now fighting President Trump. So I suspect even though they may claim to be republicans they are not conservative.

      We should note the name progressive is a disguise to hide communists. Furthermore, we should be aware the communists have infiltrated the democratic party so why should we not think they may have also infiltrated the republican party as well just not to the same degree? It seems to me they have. If we would like to know who they are just look who is fighting the Trump policies. There is no other reason, as I see it, for them to fight back against someone who has demonstrated he wants to Make America Great Again. Cut taxes, stop the giveaways and get America back on track should be the by-word of any and all conservatives. Stop sharing the wealth is one really big step to getting things back on track. Communal living (in other words communism) does not work. Never has never will no matter who says or thinks it does. Ask anyone in Venezuela right now.

  96. Harold Sammons says:

    Maybe i’m wrong, but isn’t there a part of Africa named Niger, that could account for the slang term?

  97. Barformer says:

    The evil punk thug kenyan and his mooch are as classless as any of his two bit ghetto homies.
    His only mission now is to save his miserable legacy and try to destroy Trump. He’s one evil POS.
    This country is the worse for it.

  98. bearone7777 says:

    If that douche—bag said anything about you—You are doing a he– of a lot better than he did!! Because no where is it more known than in WACKO D.C.—BUT THAN IN THE HEARTLAND OF AMERICA–That O-DUMBO will go down in history as the worst President ever!!

  99. searchtruthnow says:

    Well what can you expect from a piece of shat? Nothing but the stench proceeds out from his Holiness Sir Anus.

    1. mrpoohead says:

      Trump or Obama – I presume the former. By comparison latter squeaky clean.

  100. The duck says:

    My Pappy done told me”It takes abullsh–er to know one.” An to complain Trump is going ahead with his agenda is plain dumb a**.Well Mr Obama you went ahead with yourn when you was POTUS. so whats the difference anyway with you,Mr BSer?

  101. Nana07 says:

    Way to go President Obama!! 45 is an ignorant, draft dodging, bankruptcy filing, pu$$y grabbing, cheats on wives, cheats people who work on projects with him, a bully, and Putin’s manchild boyfriend…. LOL, 45 is a joke all around the world…….

    1. nicholsda says:

      Guess you didn’t watch TV today. No bowing to a Muslim and the Muslim King meets Trump at the plane unlike 0bama having to wait to meet him. Guess which one is better liked. Bozo the clown it isn’t.

  102. Palmer says:

    He’s pissed because Trump is showing him up. Things Obummer said couldn’t be done are being taken care of. Obummer didn’t do a thing to improve the middle of America. His EPA strangled small business. He gave the enemy (The Brotherhood) 1.6 Billion of our tax dollars. Did nothing to stop ISIS. What a loser. Lousey excuse for a President. Good Riddance.

  103. Robert Walters says:

    I have never seen such appalling behavior from any President but, I expect nothing less from a racist. The DEMONCRATIC Party went crazy with the loss of Hillary. They were so sure it was in the bag.
    They overlooked the American Middle Class, the working people. “WE THE PEOPLE”, we have had enough and now we are taking the Dems/Libs out of office state by state. This new investigation might just put most of the Dem Party in jail. Who is to blame, just look into the mirror Mr. Obama, YOU ARE! You, your lies, your links, your parties criminal behavior, your BLM, your Muslim Brotherhood are your own parties destruction. God Forgives, WE NEVER WILL.

  104. sarge says:

    I think it time for this illegal ex president to go back to where he was born and stay their for ever and never let him back in the united states again besides he has warrants for his arrest in out country for drug charges

  105. Honorary says:

    This mongrel (dog of no definable type or breed) Buck Ofama showed off his real ugly personal. His envy of President Trump, who is a billionaire, with perfect life style and good family. While Obama not even know who is his real father because his mother was a non-prejudice woman, anything that moves she will screw. Obama was poor, lie all his life, drug user, gay prostitute, Muslim and was elected by fraud, etc. Obama is an illegal president, a traitor and treason and the shoes fit. He is an egocentric, Imposter, liar, low life, devil, Jihadist with nukes. Socialist Obama is envy of rich people, he hates President Trump because Obama wants to destroy America and Trump did stop his evil deeds.

  106. roboteq says:

    Obama doesn’t so much hate Trump as he hates what Trump stands for because Trump stands for the American citizens and not some elitist one world order that Obama preached and fought to achieve.

  107. Dennis Anderson says:

    Its interesting Obamas take on Trump not being prepared for the job of president? What the hell is he still waiting on? He didnt do a god dhamed thing except do opology tours and spend our money? Porch monkey logic?

  108. jim jones says:

    osama a nigger!

  109. Carolyn Swann Swanson says:

    Obama was and still is trying to ruin American culture especially for white America, he thinks because we hold tight to history it is all racist so he gets states to destroy our history. we needed a president that would stand for all Americans rights and liberties and religions and I do believe Donald Trump is proving to be that man.

  110. Elad says:

    Speaking of Bullshitters……..

  111. Dave Adler says:

    Oscuma is a flaky moslem jihadist loser! He’s afraid Trump is going to erase his legacy which was nothing more than a grossly failed health plan (TAX) and attempt to destroy our American way of life by bringing in millions of illegal jihadist moslem maggots!

  112. jerry bouchet says:

    Obummer is a lying worthless POS who needs to be in prison.

  113. Gerald A. Reason says:

    Obama has done nothing new. He has just added to the evidence that he is a racist, leftist who is out to divide the American people and, therefore, provide the wedge needed by radical Islam and other enemies of the state, to push us over the edge. Unfortunately, we, as a people, have asked for it by our support for those policies and practices which are totally contrary to foundation upon which we were formed, as a nation.

  114. C K Johnson says:

    Barack H Obama & Michelle both hate the United States of America.The Obama’s think they are Blue Blood and better than the American people. Barack is an illegitimate with no hope of becoming a blue blood. They were both bared from practicing law.

  115. Bill Gebhart says:

    The fact that the nObama’s, and the clinton’s are still alive is an INSULT to humanity.

  116. Scarlett Ronwood says:

    As always BO missed the true and came out yelling lies..so glad he’s gone hope to never hear his whinny voice …ever!!!

  117. J. Ernst says:

    This ILLEGAL ALIEN, bi-sexual, bastard muslim needs to stifle and GO AWAY.
    I suggest acquiring him and his handler SOROS for a trip to the ________________________desert. (you fill in the blank)
    And give them a chance to map out their NEXT financial strategy to continue destroying this ONCE sovereign nation!

  118. Arizona Don says:

    I doubt very much President Trump can be insulted by obama. In order for obama to insult the President, President Trump would have to value obama’s opinion and I’m reasonably certain he does NOT. And likely never will!

  119. granny_forUSA says:


  120. JC Hoot says:

    Figured what this thin skinned narcissistic RACIST would do would you expect any less.

  121. Janelle says:

    Apparently this joker didn’t get the memo that when Presidents leave the office, they get involved with a worthwhile project or endeavor. Although that might interfere with his endless strings of I,I,I,I and me, me, me, me…………

  122. Joni says:

    Between the news casters and the resist movement they are trying to destroy this country.

  123. barbarakelly says:

    I want to see obama in prison –period. He gave us 8yrs of crime in so many ways. He doesn’t deserve to be out and about. and he doesn’t deserve to talk about others when he couldn’t do better then they are doing now.!!!!!!! He was here for one purpose and one purpose only. He deserves nothing.!!

  124. harpo49 says:

    Obama once a p***k always a p***k

  125. tugger76 says:

    Wonder why Obama was never questioned about his friend Larry Sinclair ? Research him.

  126. Cletus B Neckbeard says:

    How is this an insult? Projection, maybe.

    Besides, for it to be insulting, shouldn’t the issuer of the insult be someone respectable?

  127. mpdMD1965 says:

    Obama should know bullshit. He and his miz resemble flushed matter. He is so arrogant and for no
    reason. If not for black angst that mental midget would not even qualify for garbage collection duty. Has not the class for other than what he does best: BS. He should
    have a special tribute to Black Angst, the only reason folks tolerate his and his miz’ BS .

  128. Dumasophobic says:

    This is the first time I’ve seen this site and it’s shocking to me to read the comments. It’s incredible to believe that there are so many ignorant folks read and believe this BS. You guys need to wake up and read, everything you’re talking about Trump and other people have turned out to be false. Well, I cannot waste my time with morons and losers like you.

  129. b davis says:

    the obama’s are trailer trash—-remember when obama at a funeral in africa was trying to get some white meat and muchelle was evil eying old barrack hussein obama

  130. gotcha1 says:

    Obama is an immature, jealous, liitle man. He is also not of this country and should have been disqualified to run for president. His legacy is one of complete distruction of the United States! Trump is aggressively moving to repair the damage and little Obama is upset! What a complete wimp! I am still amazed at how this loser got elected. It is obvious his popularity came from CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC. If we quit watching their garbage they will wither on the vine and go away just like that little wimp Obama did. There is much work ahead to clean up Obama’s mess. Trump needs all our help to fix it!

  131. David in MA says:

    Obama is still breaking laws.

  132. Nancy Stephens-king says:

    Obama is a traitor to OUR Country! He needs to go back where he comes from. He was the worst Prez ever–maybe not even American. His jealousy is very telling as the majority of Americans finally got a worthy President. HE hates America and tried his hardest to destroy our country–Thank You, Jesus for stunting his ability to do that! HE is VERY evil so keep your eyes on him as he may just be part of the antichrist team.

  133. sox83cubs84 says:

    Ovomit is a POS sissy. I hope Trump finds an excuse to lock him up.

  134. Azreal says:

    Obama needs to save that mouth for whats it’s best at: chugging muzzie cock

  135. rose528 says:

    who cares? Drumpf is a traitor, the worse president ever a bully, narcissistic, rude and ignorant

  136. Chandler says:

    Barack Hussein Obama is illegal trash that is trying to turn this country into a Communist/Muslim Country. Wake up America before your Country is a World Country instead of America the land of the FREE.

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