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Poll Results: Should Trump Investigate Loretta Lynch?

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  1. cdansreau says:

    She should be investigated, prosecuted and interred.

    1. hearmetalking says:

      She will always be a TURD

      1. Rodger K. Shull says:

        an you can not pick up a TURD, on the clean side, there is no clean side

    2. Jeronimo Dan says:

      That’s a given, none of those will ever happen.

  2. Gardener8 says:

    Loretta Lynch should, of course, be investigated. The Democrats and the media will see to it that nothing happens to her or any other Democrat if they can help it.

  3. glenn davis says:

    Along with Holder and Obama for colluding with Black Lives Matter to break the law by rioting, arson, and espousing murder.

    1. kassa1 says:

      Please do not forget Obama and Holder ran guns in Mexico to get people killed to go against the Second Amendment. And let’s not forget that Obama and Holder both are supposed to be lawyers tried and convicted that cop in Ferguson right on the scene before the investigation was ever put forward. Holder and Obama are both guilty of murder of all these cops and no one on the right talks about it

      1. capa760 says:

        Oh, we talk about it, and asked when will the Judicial Courts catch up on the crimes
        by Obama, Holder, Clinton, and the mysterious unsolved dead persons count of
        60+ and Scalia’s murder? And we can ask a half dozen times in the comments,
        as the BIG powers that be, will delete our questions, and our answers. When will
        the congress stop taking the taxpayers’ $$$ for ‘sick excuses for teaching monkeys
        to gamble, or teach brine shrimp to synchronize swim together. Billions of dollars+ each year to drain the Social Security private citizen/employer’s deposits? The Congressional Senate & the House, need a proper procedure to sign off on dollars requisitioned for State repairs, WITH ACCOUNTABILITY. And why do ten different groups have to repeat their objections to the Social Security IOU’s, and needing donations. We have signed multiple petitions to Congress to fix Social Security
        now. I cannot donate any more $$’s to bribe Congress. Just replace the IOU’s
        now and lock the account to Congress. Our COLA computations need correcting
        for all of our years of deposits, with interest.

        1. mark says:

          make sure the pay hike for Obama and congress are the same as Cola with is .0007% this year which is close to nothing nada zip zero

        2. Jeronimo Dan says:

          Social Security has had nothing in its coffer’s since LBJ replaced all of our money with IOU’s, for the Viet Nam War. LBJ, needs to be dug up and hung from a gnarly limb on his ranch…the SOB.

      2. glenn davis says:

        Not forgotten. But the gunrunning scheme had some correlation to Iran-Contra. Although the latter was prosecuted and the former, ah well, I guess that there was no INTENT. As far as Holder and Obama convicting cops in the media, didn’t that really start in Cambridge wit Professor Henry Louis Gates and a Cambridge Police Sargent very early in Obama’s reign of terror?

    2. Susan Lindauer says:

      What is Trump waiting for??? He’s got the power & a totally righteous cause. Democrats are seizing on his reluctance as weakness. Pull the plug on Democrats’ tyranny & corruption! DRAIN THE SWAMP!

  4. Kurt Hanssen says:

    Out of 635, there is only 5 idiots that don’t know right from wrong since we all know that she is a criminal and a part of the Clinton Mafia.

  5. Mark Plenn says:

    Waters is a racist of the highest order, she’s a race baiter and has a habit of lying. Lynch is a person of the same order.

    1. Mike W says:

      “Mad Max” is an affirmative action failure – her husband sat on the board of a bank that went belly up to – until she was able to get some government bailout money to them. I do believe that is being investigated as well. Loretta Lynch is better educated and knew damned well better. But she couldn’t keep politics out of her job.

      1. Retired says:

        She let her outer shell influence her decisions just like Obozo .

  6. Darlene F. Donston says:

    She should be HUNG OUT TO DRY! NO Pension either!

    1. Retired says:

      She needs a swinging party big time along with the ones she covered for .

    2. Rodger K. Shull says:

      ABSOLUTELY, I agree 100 & 50 % , make and a few others, BUSTED an DISGUSTED

  7. badass says:

    Mr. President, DOJ, nobody is above the law.

  8. ronniecanoli says:

    Forget the INVESTIGATION.. ARREST HER IMMEDIATELY.. ALL these INVESTIGATIONS ,tend to amount to ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.. There is too much time for these scumbags to find many ways to WEASEL OUT of their GUILT… Let the AMERICAN CITIZENS be shown that they ARE NOT ABOVE the , ” LAW “.

  9. Sam Hale says:

    If they don’t investigate, shame on them. They had better investigate the Clinton foundation and reopen the lost or deleted mishandled classified emails. Come on now, are we going down the same alley??

  10. Mike W says:

    She doesn’t need to be investigated – we know she did it – She needs to be CHARGED and PROSECUTED.

  11. Jim Kellely says:

    First off! Lets put the race card away. The entire cabinet (from Obama down) appears highly suspicious of many crimes. Note, I said suspicious. Some much more than others. This alone warrants further investigation! Let the cards fall where they may but, lets be honest and up front with everything. If an honest investigation occurs, be prepared for some heads to roll. Wake up America! You can’t honestly overlook whats being fed to us anymore.

  12. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    Of course she should, the poll is a little bit biased. Unfortunately it will never happen in our lifetime, it will go the way of Clinton’s emails, graft, corruption and Obama’s school records and birth certificate.

  13. vinny says:

    Should be investigated. That NIGGER should be locked up already.

  14. harpo49 says:

    not just any and everyone that worked for the lying ba***rd obama

  15. Gretta says:

    What in the world is the GOP and Sessions waiting on- hell to freeze over?! Maybe if Lynch, Holder, Hussein Obama, Valarie Jarrett, both Clinton’s, Mueller for his obstruction of justice, Comey, Podesta, Susan Rice, and heck, the whole entire demonRAT party for that matter.

    Until Sessions and the entire GOP grows a backbone where their yellow streak is, and takes charge of the dems and gives them an object lesson they desperately need, President Trump will forever be obstructed and the swamp will continue their attack on our Constitution, on our way of life, flood us with muslims that are determined to kill us and take over our country like they are doing in Europe. This is why they are here, to exterminate Christians, Jews, and conservatives, this is why Hussein brought them here.

    Wake up folks, we are being taken down as the muslims out birth us, keep on flooding our land with their pagan hatred for our people and our culture and the demonRATs keep protecting and coddling them, and the liberal ignorant loony tunes obama lovers don’t have the IQ to tie their shoes, much less use their one brain cell to think with. That one brain cell is in over load trying to keep up with their hateful mouth.

  16. Jaron Gant Joyner says:

    Yes Lynch-OBama-Hillary and Bill-All Guilty of Crimes-They all would be in Jail-But they’re above the Law-Then there’s Susan Rice also-Heck-There’s probably others.!!!

  17. Doris Will says:

    Lock them all in jail!

  18. draftinging says:


  19. Jim says:

    Don’t know why you people waste our time on this. Nothing will happen.
    Hillary got away. Waters should be tried and hung. The list keeps getting bigger and yet nothing is done. But from jumpstreet they want to oust Trump. This nation is beyond sick anymore.

  20. Rodger K. Shull says:

    YEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for sure, investigate her, an holder an clinton an soros an barry, they are stinking dirty, AG Sessions, needs to get on the stick, this crap been going on way to long,

  21. myrtonwoolen says:

    why investgate any democrat ;nothing will ever change any they spend time and money and forget the whole thing ever took place

  22. mark says:

    I wonder how many women he banged as president

  23. Vince says:


  24. Jeronimo Dan says:

    It’s hard to say, but she can be investigated, charges can be filed, she can be tried and she will still go free. Folks, she’s one of the ELITE, of which we now have a two tier system of justice and you and I are on the second tier and she on the 1st, so nothing will become of any wrong doing.

  25. Dean Moore says:

    The people who serve in public office representing the people should have a higher accountability then those they serve because they are supposed to be trustworthy and responsible to those whom they serve or not even bother trying to hold public office. We pay them to serve the people and that is just exactly what they should do rather than their own selfish selves. To whom much is given much is required.

    1. denphi16 says:

      Term limits would help greatly. Nobody should ever spend more than 10-15 years in any office.
      The job of public office/politician is too often not held to a performance standard as most
      of American workers are. There should be a performance review every 2 years to weed out
      the slackers or criminals in public office.
      We should use the elections as a form of interview and hiring process Just like real Life Jobs.

  26. MES says:

    NOTHING is EVER going to happen to Lynch – nor to ANY of her corrupt “DC FRIENDS” – until PRESIDENT TRUMP STARTS MASSIVE ‘RE-ORG’S’ and TERMINATIONS (e.g., DRAINING THE DC SWAMPS – as HE SAID HE WAS GOING TO DO – and has NOT EVEN STARTED!!!). ‘DC Politicians’ are STILL NOT taking President Trump SERIOUSLY – yet!!
    If HE does NOT TERMINATE/ REMOVE ALL 4 ‘Leaders’ in Congress NOW (with GOP & DNC Sr Leadership!) over the “Healthcare Bill” FAILER, (that is: Ryan, Pelosi, Schumer AND McConnell), then he himself will be enabling “EVERYONE in DC to CONTINUE ‘BUSINESS as USUAL’ – or LACK of!!!! And, he will be HURTING HIMSELF AND HIS ‘TEAM’S!!
    NO ONE IN DC WILL EVER BE INVESTIGATED (for REAL CRIMES – as has been the case in DC for 8+ YEARS and counting!) – and THIS will continue as long as corrupt Mueller (and his ‘Deep State’ FRIENDS) are ‘in charge’ of ‘FAKE Investigations’ against Trump (with ZERO Evidence of ANY wrong-doing!!!!!!)! Mueller is being ALLOWED to do this by the DOJ (JEFF SESSIONS!!!) AND ALL Members of CONGRESS!!, with the end GOAL of getting Trump OUT – legally or illegally! Whatever it takes for them!!
    Everyone in DC is now totally corrupt – including the ENTIRE U.S. Justice System – many of whom are even ‘IN’ ON LYNCH’S CRIMES (PROVEN, CONFIRMED!)!! AND THAT is who will be ‘investigating Lynch (if it EVER HAPPENS!!) – HER FRIENDS!!. To END this, it is up to President Trump!!!!!!!!

    1. denphi16 says:

      Sadly or maybe not sad is that so many people in the country are tuned in to what you are saying
      and coming to the same conclusions. My only real concern is that somehow Trump is either
      being poorly advised or is just not worried as if he feels that all good things will happen in due time.
      Remember when he was running for office how he weathered the storm even when many of
      his supporters voiced concerns? The frustration is that his supporters don’t have direct access
      to communicate directly to him and tell him what things look like from our side of the window.
      All we can do now is ride out the storm and hope the swamp gets drained as promised.
      That is the real key to success for Trump. No president has ever faced the resistance from
      all sides as much as Trump has since Jan, 2017.
      Obama is a big factor of resistance and must be eliminated somehow. Surely there’s
      some dirt on him that will send him away such that we never hear from him again.

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