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Pope Francis Caused A Global Outrage With These Awful Comments

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  1. Palmer says:

    The Pope needs to clean his own house. let the parents decide what is best for their child if other help is available

    1. astrojohn says:

      It’s the EU COURT that’s stopping the parents, not the Pope, but he could have used his position to sway the court.

  2. Janice Marler says:

    The pope is wrong. He, simply and plainly, is wrong. It is up to the parents alone since they are the ones that brought him into this world and love him. This pope is a Socialist and promotes their agenda. He is trying, in his own way, to change the Church. Hopefully, we’ll get a new one soon ( not likely, though).

    1. brbg says:

      Janice, Unfortunately, Francis has promoted all heretic clergy to higher offices. He is packing the Cardinate with heretic Bishops who will elect the next Pope.

      1. granny_forUSA says:


      2. Rosech Levy says:

        But God rules, so don’t put a bet on another like Francis. God does work in strange ways always.

      3. Janice Marler says:

        This is true and its all part of the Illuminati. Satan, of course, heads it all. I am very confused at this time. I’m 69 years old, Catholic since birth, and love the real Catholic Church. In the future I don’t know if I’ll be able to follow the Pope’s teachings. I might elect to go to Mass in order to receive the Holy Eucharist but not be believing what the Church teaches at that time. I’m just confused.

  3. Anne Latella says:

    Pope Francis is really not a Catholic. He does not even profess o believe in any Catholic Doctrine. The only thing Papal about him is his wearing the papal Robes. I never cease to wonder if he was truly elected by the college of Cardinals? One has to wonder If George Soros made a huge donation to the Catholic Church in order to get a Socialist-Communist Pope elected?

    1. Marilyn Speakman says:

      I like the way you think …. I know he is not a Catholic and I question if he is a Christian ???

    2. I totally agree….. Sadly, we live ( at least in liberal-damaged America ) where for too many years, many Catholics go with the ‘feel good’ ( I’m saved ) just because I occasionally attend Church.. ( What? ME go to confession?? etc )
      shell of what was once a domineering force in the moral upbringing of many generations. Here in Communisticut, ( oops! I mean Connecticut ) they recently ‘closed’ many Churches ( because of a downturn in attendance, lack of ‘true vocations’ etc ). For years now anyway, as a Catholic- I was no longer able to ‘pop into Church’ morning, noon or night- to pray! Because for years, they’ve all been locked up 90% of the time.. NO ‘good’ Pope would’ve allowed that..

      1. brbg says:

        That was one of the reasons we left CT for NC. We Catholics may be a minority here but many of the Parishes are orthodox. It is the orthodox Catholic Parishes which are producing the vocations, not the “church of nice”. Our Parish is open all day for us to visit. Our priest is wonderfully orthodox and even faces east for the Mass.

        1. Janice Marler says:

          Live in CT, also. We have a small but very Catholic parish until a few days ago. Now we’re merged with a larger, but okay I guess, parish. Time will tell how this goes. We have a new pastor and a new name for our parish, also.

      2. Rosech Levy says:

        Churches locked because of rising crime and if you allow in invaders on our soil, we all suffer from their stealing and/or destruction which we experienced in our parish so everything locked and it is sad. Churches closing because for almost 6 decades of school systems being owned by the democrat feds in the early 60’s with our tax monies, today’s people have no clue about America let alone a true religion. I don’t think we even still have a truly “Catholic” university any more because of hiring leftists/socialists, etc. and allowing what we used to call “mortal sins” to be seen as good.

        1. Janice Marler says:

          I agree with everything you said. Our church is open whenever I stop by for a visit, however, It will probably be closed now that it merged with a neighboring church. We’ll see.

        2. Observator14 says:

          Too much truth about the “Catholic” universities, tragically.

    3. walter77777 says:

      My goodness! Is the Pope Catholic? The fact of he matter is that Charlie Gard is having constant seizures which make his every waking moment painful. I would not want to live this way, and I am certain Charlie Gard feels the same way.

      1. granny_forUSA says:


        1. arco says:

          you dear woman are incorrect or have been mis-informed so stop spreading the falsehood. How do I know? My grandfather was a trustee of the local parish, my youngest brother is a priest. 80% does NOT go to the Vatican. Monies collected are used for the parishes upkeep, and functioning expenses. The parish does send money to the archdiocese NOT the Vatican.

        2. Observator14 says:

          Your ranting is that of some crazy Sectarian led by some false prophet or false teacher of the Last Days.
          The Catholic Church has lasted through the centuries, and yes even with some bad popes, just as ancient Israel had some bad kings and high priests but still was the Israel of God.

      2. pdgossage says:

        The child is brain dead and has no hope of surviving regardless of further medical intervention. This is not living. Yes, the parents have a “right” to prolong his dying…but is it moral?

        1. sharon says:

          Is it any less moral for a pregnant woman to KILL her baby just because it is temporarily in her womb and inconvenient?? Why are we so quick to destroy Life, but seem to drag our feet when trying to save it? And No, Charlie is NOT brain dead, however due to the degenerative nature of the affliction, the prognosis is very poor for any recovery. However, the parents want to give him one last chance with experimental testing in the United States. They deserve that opportunity!!and and so does Charlie. If your child had cancer and was told it wasn’t curable, would you not try ANY treatment to try and save your child? I know I would. Again, we seem to have more of a problem helping to save lives than to end them. GOD is weeping!

          1. Observator14 says:

            I agree, Sharon. Most parents would.

        2. Rosech Levy says:

          Of course, it is moral and more so as if he can be brought here and although will not survive long, his parents are permitting that he be used to find a possible cure or way to avoid this condition. But then England is a socialist EU country, so don’t expect much in the way of niceties and directing what the parents can or cannot do.

          1. Observator14 says:

            I agree, But our courts have become too often directed by Crazy judges and tyrants also.

    4. brbg says:

      Now we know why that lightning hit the vatican when Francis was elected.God is not pleased. I’m sure the Masonic cabal conspired to get him elected.

    5. Moe says:

      Look he was a bouncer in a Topless go go bar who worked his way up to Pope. He demands the USA has open borders, but he does not offer to accept ten or twenty million Central Americans to live at the church’s expense in the Holy City?

    6. granny_forUSA says:

      Lets just call him “Francis” the mortal man with a big mouth.

      What really irritates me about the Vatican is that the Cardinals that live in Rome in homes that are 3, 250 sq.ft to 4,800 sf…………..they have people come in to clean, and have concubines that live there…..that was told by the Rome News……….looks like that collection plate is used for them to enjoy the life they tell the congregations that goes against the teachings of GOD/JESUS………….

      1. Observator14 says:

        What you say about the cardinals is false. There may be some who live too comfortably, but even Pope Benedict rented a room from a lady that never knew he was anything other than a poor priest, until she found our he had become Pope.

    7. goodwater says:

      All one has to do is read “School of Darkness” by Bella Dodd. It is
      available on line for download or from Amazon. In addition to
      substantiate read “AA-1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration into
      the Church” by Marie Carre, It was available via Amazon.

    8. Bill Volz says:

      GREAT question!

    9. Rosech Levy says:

      Don’t think Soros paid it to the Church but perhaps a number of cardinals, you know like the Italians in particular and others. That is more credible than paying/buying the Church.

    10. Observator14 says:

      You have lived in cattle country too long and in the barn where they keep the bulls, so you are used to smelling stuff elsewhere that is Not there. Change your manner of being or your location so you will not be so full of that smell.

    11. nocbsfan says:

      Hi Anne, we have met before, You are right about the Pope. Only don’t forget the previous Pope resigned his position, so that Francis could be made Pope. This goes along with your analysis

  4. PLANET says:

    Pope Francis is an arm of the Globalists agenda elected to destroy the Catholic Church and lead the faithful astray. He’s a jesuit priest and according to prophecy, the cardinals were to NEVER elect a jesuit priest to the papacy because they are socialist and the last pope that will bring down the Catholic church will be a jesuit.

    1. Observator14 says:

      You are so pitifully ignorant of your faith that any Phony “prophecy” will do to get you down the bunny hole. Pope Francis has BACKED the Parents’ rights like Trump has.

      1. Sharon Windus says:

        Doesn’t sound that way to me! If he did it is in some convoluted round about way that doesn’t make sense.

        1. Observator14 says:

          It is out in the Media. Both the Pope and Trump publicly came out Backing the Parents. Geez, get informed instead of reading Rags like this crap sheet written by an anti-Catholic ignoramus

          1. Cheryl Detar says:

            He ONLY came out with that, after the outrage.

          2. Observator14 says:

            No, the pope came out First, and the following day Trump came out. What outrage? You are uninformed and speak ignorance. The Pope was the First international leader to speak for Charlie Gard.

      2. PLANET says:

        I will say the same to you as I said to ExGOP; I don’t question anyone’s faith and what I believe is between me and the Lord. All I can say is that I feel that you have been duped but only time will tell who’s correct. I pray that you open your eyes in time. Go in peace

    2. ExGOP says:

      There is no such “prophesy”. And Christ is a socialist. And Francis is the first “Christian” pope in a long time. We have had a lot of “Catholic” popes, and are not used to a Christian pope. It is not obvious that there was anything wrong with “doing what is best for the patient”. REALLY desperate to attack a great pope.

      1. PLANET says:

        I don’t question anyone’s faith and what I believe is between me and the Lord. All I can say is that I feel that you have been duped but only time will tell who’s correct. I pray that you open your eyes in time. Go in peace.

        1. ExGOP says:

          How have we been duped? Is it REALLY wrong for the Pope to want what is best for the patient? This article says so, but I don’t think it is bad at all.

          1. PLANET says:

            But actually I do not disagree with what he’s doing for this child and his parents at all. What I was addressing is the part this pope is playing in the globalists agenda. And I am suspect of whatever he does because his motives are to lead people astray. You do remember what the bible says about being aware of false prophets and that the antichrist is capable of doing miracles in order to dupe the faithful? Obviously you haven’t read the bible concerning this prophecy. It’s not a fake prophecy and it’s you who are pitifully ignorant of your faith.

          2. ExGOP says:

            But this Pope is the first in a long time to be concerned with God. He is concerned with “the least of My people”. Most Popes have been concerned with making the Church rich. This Pope is doing Christ’s ministry. An important change in the Church. He is a far cry from a false prophet. Anyone who wants to help “the least of my people” (Matthew 25-34 et seq.) is a true Christian and follower of the One True God. Those who oppose Him (cutting food stamps for the hungry; cutting health care for the sick; ignoring the stranger) are false.

          3. PLANET says:

            Again I say he may appear to do great things in God’s name, but do not be led astray because Lucifer has given his minions the power to do miracles and even quote the bible in order to deceive the faithful. He may seem Christ like in that he adheres to the peoples needs, but that is what his order is all about. The Jesuits from their inception have been labeled by the Church as socialists and it’s true that according to the hierarchy in the Catholic Church that the bishops were told never to elect a Jesuit pope. Now I grow weary of this conversation because you are going to believe what you want to believe and the same goes for me. As it is, even though I went to Catholic school my whole life and was raised a Catholic, I really do not believe that we require the pope or any priest to have a relationship with Jesus Christ. I believe that no man cometh to Father except through the Son. I read Scripture and the Holy Spirit is who interprets it to me. So my life goes on with God the Father, Son and Holy Spirit leading me. God is great and He is good and I’m grateful for all he’s given me. PEACE.

          4. ExGOP says:

            Where did you get the idea that “according to the hierarchy in the Catholic Church that the bishops were told never to elect a Jesuit pope.” I can find no accurate reference to that at all.
            It may be (and should be) that Jesuits and all Christians are socialist. Christ was, so it is the right thing.

          5. Observator14 says:

            What crazy things you say in your sectarian ignorance. The Jesuits were founded in the 1500s and Socialism started in the 1800s ! Ignorance and Pretention will lead you to Satan’s goal.

          6. Observator14 says:

            What are you saying that the other popes have been thinking about making the Church rich. How absurd and ignorant.
            Pius X pleaded for peace before WW I and Benedict XV worked for refugees during the war. Pius XI denounced the Nazis and Fascism. Pius XII set up a network that saved hundreds of thousands of Jews and denounced race and ethnic hatred. John XXIII reached out to non-Catholics and pleaded for social justice. Paul VI traveled to various parts to plead for peace. John Paul II urged people to resist Communism. Benedict XVI fought clergy abuse. Three of those popes have been canonized, one beatified, and one is considered for beatification. People of diverse beliefs have praised the, so you are a lone dog backing at a parade.

          7. Observator14 says:

            The only “globalist agenda” that the pope has is that of Christ, “go preach to all nations making them disciples” of Matthew 28: 18.
            What Proof do you have of a Political agenda?

  5. grammysam says:

    Pope Francis makes a mockery of Catholicism.. He is an admitted socialist.. a political pope… not fit for the office. I’m sure he was voted in because of some kind of politics going on at Vatican City.

    1. He is ILLUMINATI PERSONIFIED!!!! HE MUST BE REMOVED BEFORE HE DESTROYS RELIGION Altogether!!! HE had NO RIGHT to stop the baby from receiving ANY help he can get!!!! IT’
      S AWFUL!!!

      1. Observator14 says:


    2. Tom Cook says:

      He is mentioned in the bible(endtime prophecies), as the “false prophet). He is a tool of the devil.

      1. Jan says:

        I am so glad, someone else “gets this”. And I totally agree!

        1. Observator14 says:

          Because you do not “get” the Truth.

          1. Cheryl Detar says:

            Exactly, what is the truth?

          2. Observator14 says:

            That there is no mention of this pope as “the false prophet”. The NT speaks of False prophets (plural), but there is No specific, except for this self-proclaimed interpreter who says whatever he wants to.
            There Are many sects that teach different doctrines and split up Christians, against the prayer of Jesus in John 17. They are Certainly false prophets and false teachers who seek to create hatred and division among Christians.
            Moreover, Jesus founded a Church in Matthew 16: 17–19 and changed the name of Simon bar Jona (Shimon bar Yona) to “Kepha”, meaning Rock, to be a Rock on Earth to His Church for Unity and Teaching Truth. Kepha’s name was translated as Petros for Greek speakers, who were the majority of converts in the Mediterranean world of that time. Irenaeus of Lyons wrote about the local church of Rome as “founded by the glorious apostles Peter and Paul, and with which church all others must agree” in his book Adversus Haereses Bk III around 180 AD, and he named 12 successor of Peter in Rome up to his time in the second century.
            The successors of Peter have been around from 1967 years or so to promote the Unity of the faithful and Truth in Official teaching since that time, even though some of the successors have not always been worthy, just as there were some unworthy leaders of Israel old without ceasing to be People of God.

          3. Tom Cook says:

            I will address your misinterpretation. There will be one main false prophet, who will team up with the anti-christ. He is mentioned in rev.19:20. He will be a well known religious leader. This pope has sided with muslims over christians at every possible opportunity. Since most people that are believers agree that the endtimes are very close, it stands to reason that all of the main characters involved are already here and waiting to take on their roles in the endtime events. As far as Peter’s other name, petra or cephas,it does mean rock, which goes along with petra the refuge where people will flee to in the time of trouble.

          4. Observator14 says:

            The pope “has sided with muslims over Christians” you say, which is a Lie, therefore you are a LIAR and a son of the father of lies, Satan You brain is boiling like your entire body and soul will be if you do not REPENT !

      2. Observator14 says:

        Another crackpot sectarian with their stupid rantings.

      3. Frank says:

        Yes. False prophet ….. but do faithful actually listen and respect this pope ….. I do not know.

        One thing for sure he’s not a very convincing false prophet.

        Obvious just a fricken commie

        1. Observator14 says:

          This is for Catholics to decide, not politically inspired and confused people like you, since the pope is by No means a Communist.

          1. Frank says:

            Everyone knows Pope Francis is an open borders communist …. you confuse me with someone who wants to debate you.

          2. Observator14 says:

            No, I do not confuse you, but Satan confuses you with your ignorant claim of Communist. Communism is Not open borders. Get an education, so as not to be a Fool of Satan.

          3. Tom Cook says:

            neither is he a christian.

      4. Observator14 says:

        So many ignoramuses like you speak of “prophecies” that are not even there, but Satan looks Suckers like you. Lie mongers like you help him out.

        1. Cheryl Detar says:

          I’m guessing GOD would not agree with YOUR, “name calling.”

          1. Observator14 says:

            Cheryl —- I call out the Phonies and the Credulous “suckers” who are so easily led astray by minions of Satan with lies

      5. PLANET says:

        Thank you, that’s exactly what I was saying, but I was attacked by ExGOP and Observator14. They said there are no prophesies.They obviously don’t read the bible. I was raised Catholic who are Christians, but they don’t encourage the believers to read the Bible, they say that it takes someone who is a theologin to understand it and interpret it for us, you know like the priests and hierarchy in the church. But I don’t believe that. you know, no man comes to the Father but thru the Son, so I read the Bible and the Holy Spirit interprets it to me. These guys are involved in “churchianity” and not having a personal relationship with Jesus. The prophesy concerning this pope is that he will be THE last pope that will end Catholicism and it will be the end times.

        1. ExGOP says:

          You seem unable to point out these “prophesies” that you “read” in the Bible. They don’t seem to exist. This Pope is a Christian Pope, not involved in the “churchianity” we had when I was an altar boy.

          1. Tom Cook says:

            were you one of the alter boys that got raped ?

        2. Ruth Hammons says:

          Planet….Sadly there is good and bad in all ranks from the highest to the lowest of humanity be they in high offices or none at all. This Pope seems to be on a rampage to destroy the good that is done instead of standing against the bad. Beware of anyone who does that, no matter his or her title these days, for the devil is hard at work to claim as many for hell as possible…This is why we, who believe and are of God’s children, must ask for even more forgiveness and able to to share His Word, the Bible and our faith with others so they will believe in the truth too and can go home when the end comes. The Bible IS the inherent Word of God and the very way to learn about The Father and Jesus, our Saviour and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit!

          1. PLANET says:

            Yes, finally an educated person of faith. Thank you Ruth.

          2. Tom Cook says:

            false teachers teaching false doctrine

        3. Observator14 says:

          You MISinterpret prophecies of scriptures, as Falso Prophets do. YOU are the phony.
          Did Jesus found a bible distributing Church, or one which was to Preach and Teach with Authority to all nations? Read Matthew 16: 17-19 and 28:18-20, if you wish to Really understand. The New Testament books are those that were chosen by the bishops of the Catholic Church in the fourth century out of all the various writings that were circulating as Christian at that time. They had the Authority from the Apostles, and You do Not. If you Presume, then you will be led by Satan.

          1. PLANET says:


        4. Tom Cook says:

          All it takes to interpret the bible is the leading of the Holy Spirit.

      6. Observator14 says:

        You are a child of the father of lies. You interpret prophecy? You are a False Prophet. Beware, since your Salvation is in danger for your Lies.

      7. Observator14 says:

        Tom Cook =—-You are a False Prophet. Second Peter said that prophecies are Not of private interpretation, yet You try your Satanic presumption . Beware and REPENT.

    3. Doris Will says:

      There sure is: Washington Democrats, and Hollywood Liberals have finally found a way to approve abortion and divorce, and still be Good Catholics.

    4. Observator14 says:

      What tripe. He is Not an “admitted socialist”. How many simpletons voted you up. Pathetic. Get informed. The pope and Trump both expressed Solidarity with the Parents. Read.

      1. daledor says:

        He needs solidarity with God, else he is a heretic.

        1. Observator14 says:

          He HAS solidarity with God, unless Satan has informed you otherwise. Are you his judge? Do you even know what a “heretic” is?

          1. daledor says:

            Romans 3:10-18 ““There is no one righteous, not even one; 11there is NO ONE who understands; there is no one who seeks God. 12 ALL have turned away, they have together become worthless;
            THERE IS NO ONE who does good, NOT EVEN ONE.”
            13“Their throats are open graves; their tongues practice deceit.” “The poison of vipers is on their lips.”
            14“Their mouths are full of cursing and bitterness.” 15“Their feet are swift to shed blood; 16ruin and misery mark their ways,
            17and the way of peace they do not know.” 18“There is no fear of God before their eyes.”


            The ONLY GOODNESS in any man/woman comes from God. We are not saved by works so we can not boast and bypass Jesus as the ONLY Savior.
            The Disciples wrote this recognizing their own natural depravity due to the sins they were born into and bred by upon entry in the world.
            There is no contest – “I am closer to God than you”. No person is above God’s law and ONLY God’s mercy and forgiveness raises us up to higher standards than the world.

            All are just as accountable as others, no exceptions. The higher one is with God the more accountable over others to Glorify God vs self.

            If you want to place the Pope on such a pedestal to ignore what he has said and has done you might consider that truth will always win out eventually, especially when ALL stand before Jesus. Jesus will only say “MY CHURCH I DIED FOR NOT YOURS”. If we put others or self or ANYTHING higher than God we create gods that are an abomination to God. “YOU WILL HAVE NO OTHER god BEFORE ME.”

  6. Larry Lewis says:

    Remember that Francis is first and foremost a leftist communist.

    1. Irene Elizabeth Grooms says:


    2. Observator14 says:

      Larry, and you are a rightist Communist. LOL, What ignorant Tripe you spout.

    3. Frank says:

      Everyone knows this is true by Francis’ own actions …. it’s not an opinion or politically motivated smear campaign.

    4. Observator14 says:

      You do not know what you are talking about. You accuse and insult out of ignorance of what Communism (Marxism-Leninism) is. Or are you an agent of Satan?

  7. 1937shirley says:

    A liberal pope just like a liberal president. The Catholic Church is about to make a Left turn!

    1. astrojohn says:

      …not “about” to, has done many years ago…and this from a cradle Catholic

    2. Rodger K. Shull says:

      he an obama an soros, all brothers from the same mother.

  8. John G says:

    The Vatican has amassed perhaps one of the largest pools of wealth the world has ever known. Blackmale from the central bankers could explain much. Forensic research into capitol flows is child’s play in the modern world. I believe the Vatican sold out to the ONE WORLD ORDER in an attempt to hold on to their wealth. I can just imagine the grotesque financial crimes the Vatican has carried out through the millennia. Pope Fransic is a controlled parrot for the elite. The dark ages are again upon us.

    1. astrojohn says:


      1. mary ann says:

        I think he meant black-mail.

        1. granny_forUSA says:

          Asstro, is just another liberal big mouth…..

      2. granny_forUSA says:

        SORRY Asstro…………we the intelligent knew what he meant…………..

        1. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

          “Knowing what he meant” is no substitute for intelligent grammar.

          1. Barb Hamill says:

            But you understood what he was trying to say……get off your soapbox…you’re NOT PERFECT….

          2. Observator14 says:

            Learn to spell correctly is what he meant. We should know more about English.

    2. granny_forUSA says:

      Did you know John, that all catholic churches have to send 80% of their collections to the Vatican… …??………..that was told to me via a family priest…….Then if a church wants to do a renovation or repair, they have to ask the Vatican for the $$$ and pay interest on that amount……Then the Vatican are the ones that decide (along with visiting Priests to that Church), decide whether that Church has enough followers to be worth giving $$$ to, or closing down that Church……….

      Its all about the $$$$ to the Vatican, not about the Catholics that still go to that Church.

      1. Jarhead says:

        Sounds like baloney…….I was on a Catholic Church Board so long I begged folks to run for my slot on the Board at elections……. and never heard this fairy-tale

      2. richardscholl says:

        you are very much mistaken, granny for USA. I checked and found that all money stays in a diocese unless a specific collection, such as “peter’s pence”, is earmarked for the Vatican. also, the Vatican statement plainly says that the rights of charlie gard’s parents are being interfered with by the European court. it appears that most of the comments here are way off base.

        1. Murph68 says:

          You’d better read that statement by the Vatican again. Nowhere does it say that the parents rights are being interfered with, on the contrary, the Vatican is making a case for allowing the baby to die.

          1. richardscholl says:

            the Vatican document says that “the relationship between doctor and patient (or parents as in charlies’ case) is interfered with”. later, the document also refers to the parents’ primacy to decide. unfortunately many people seem not able to read this, but have an anti-pope agenda. the bishop’s statement (and the encyclical) also say we should never act with deliberate intention of ending human life. pope francis has always backed this up in other statements.

          2. Observator14 says:

            YES, and also in other Media, Pope Francis called for the respecting of the Rights of the Parents as did Trump.
            This article came out against the pope from the Beginning as if with some Agenda.

          3. sharon says:

            Murph68-isn’t it amazing how this Pope and members of the Vatican rush to make a case for government to allow this baby to die, thereby removing the parental rights to take Charlie, THEIR BABY to the US for experimental treatment -something that adults with cancer are ALLOWED to do! Yet this same Pope when it comes to abortion (elective killing of an innocent life in the womb), he is not nearly so Vocal, why?? Are Charlie’s parents somehow Less entitled to SAVE their child than pregnant women are to KILL theirs?? GOD is surely upset and disappointed in this Pope and the Vatican as ALL Life is worthy of taking ANY steps necessary to SAVE, Not Destroying life.

          4. Murph68 says:

            Well it’s typical of these progressives….their hypocrisy knows no bounds.

          5. Phoebe Isley says:

            BRAVO sharon you nailed it! That is what you call COMMON SENSE and you did it brilliantly! This Pope’s agenda is backasswards so to speak and very globalistic in all manners. Since the day he was Pope I had a bad feeling and he has proven by his words and actions time and time again “something ain’t right” with this one. I am NOT a Catholic and I have my reasons yet I am a Christian by Faith and find his words are very misleading to the True Faith of our Lord Jesus. Just my take and thank you once again for your great comment sharon.

          6. Observator14 says:

            do more Reading. The Pope came out in Favor of the Parents ! So did Trump. This document is by the Pontifical Academy for Life who spoke very generically about the Complications (politically, mostly) of the parts, and they eventually respect the right of the Parents.

          7. Observator14 says:

            Sharon. — The pope came out publicly in Favor of the Parents as did Trump. It is in the Media, although this rag does not know about it. Why? They seem to rant against him from a political or ideological Prejudice, which is not justified.
            Kelly writes about this document of the Pontifical Academy of Life, which is truly very circumspect, probably to avoid the fury of the Left in Europe, but it does advocate at last for the rights of the parents not to be muddied by politics and ideology.

          8. Observator14 says:

            Take up a course on reading with understanding. The document does pussyfoot around in order to avoid the Lefties raising hell in Europe, but if you Re-Read the document, you will see that they do get around to that.
            Pope Francis and President Trump clearly came out in favor of the Parents’ rights. This document is Not by the pope.

      3. goodwater says:

        granny_forUSA – that’s a bunch of bull – 80%. The Local Bishop is responsible for it’s churches in each Diocese – including the parish property. There is an annual special collection for the Charitable works of the Vatican. See also my response to John G. above.

      4. Joseph Nicholas Toth Jr. says:

        That has a ring of true to it. There were 4 Catholic churches in and around a small town of Steelton, Pa. Now there is one. ????. At nearby Harrisburg, there is Saint Patrick’s Cathedral, and next to it was the Bishops residents. Which was said rivaled anything at the Vatican. Well all of a sudden, it wasn’t good enough, so he built a new Palace I guess with the sale of the three churches. And by the way, those three churches had their own schools . He lives high off the hog at the expense of their parishioners. I’m sure you’ll get a big song and dance if you ask questions about it !

    3. goodwater says:

      The Church buildings and property of every community world wide are built with the contributions of its parishioners. Yes, the land title and its buildings (schools and churches) are in the name of the local Diocese. And yes, there are Catholics that bequeath their wealth to the Church and there is an annual collection in all parishes that support the Vatican’s operations.. In other words, the Vatican books include all these assets. But to have access to this property wealth a parish property would have to be sold to provide the CASH you imagine the Vatican has in its vault.

    4. I AGREE!!!! Even with misspelling!

    5. Rosech Levy says:

      Actually the wealth is in art works and items. Usually, but who knows with Francis, any monies are spent on the poor and needy, so no real wealth as you would like to think. Also a lot of employees and guards to pay as well.

      1. John T. Koszalka says:

        You go to the Mother, and she says, to the son “DO WHAT HE ASKED.” The most direct route to the SON.

    6. Observator14 says:

      What junk have you been snorting, John G>? Hysterical rantings. Jesus is the True One World Order.

  9. John T. Koszalka says:

    Have you notice that Pope Francis seems to need help getting up, and walking. The question is——– has the FAKE MEDIA INFILTRATED THE VATICAN, and who is really behind all these questionable statements. Have you asked your local Priest what his thoughts are on these issues.
    We need to pray, and let the Blessed Mother take care of the issues with Pope Francis.

    1. Malachi says:

      AMEN and AMEN

    2. Rosech Levy says:

      Love Mary, but it is God who takes care and she only works as praying for and being a conduit to God.

  10. Nick Byrne says:

    What would you expect from any organization that would (under the table) condone molesting children, attempt to cover it up, then promote the perpetrator to a higher position to get him out of the lime light???? And, people don’t see anything wrong with that? Why would anyone who would agree with that thinking be against what he is doing now? Looks like a pattern of evil to me.

    1. brbg says:

      Those are sinful people. 87% of them are part of the Homosexual mafia in the church. They are not living the faith but it is still Jesus’ Bride and He promised “the gates of Hell shall not prevail over her”. He didn’t say Satan wouldn’t put everything he has into destroying the church, especially through her clergy. Even all heresies have come from clergy.

    2. Rosech Levy says:

      Nick, think about all those TV preachers and others who violated children and youths while preaching otherwise. So, not all some Catholic priests, my dear.

      1. Nick Byrne says:

        I’m sorry, I do not recall any TV preachers violating children or anyone else for that matter. All I see them doing is begging for money. The Catholic Church extorts money from their parisheners.

  11. GrouchyJohn says:

    I’m rapidly becoming an old fart, mid 60’s. I’ve been on an operating table more times than I care to count. I have artificial joints, note the “s” on the end of the word. This info to show that I am not against the use of medical knowledge and services.

    At the same time, I am not above saying that there comes a time to die. I love kids, they are the second greatest thing in my life. I have a number of grandkids and I would do anything up to and including organ donation or taking a bullet for any of them. But I still say that there comes a time to die. There comes a time when using medical science to extend life is way above the point of being excessive.

    These poor parents with a baby with unfortunate problems have a number of choices to make. I don’t envy them their efforts and decisions. But it comes back to there being a time to die. My sympathies to the parents.

    1. Rosech Levy says:

      This medicine here is not to prolong the infant’s life but to see if they can find something from the disease and its source(s) so as to be able to help others. That is all as the infant’s life is taking its life as we speak. I applaud Trump and the doctors who want to learn how this infant’s condition can be helped and/or avoided in others no matter where.

  12. OldWoolfy says:

    This Pope is NOT a Pope. He is a Globalist !

    1. astrojohn says:

      ..which is why Benedict “abdicated.” Or was forced out??

      1. OldWoolfy says:

        You are correct, astrojohn!!

      2. PLANET says:

        Yep, that’s exactly right. both you and OldWoolfy that is.

    2. Gen11American says:

      Since he was elected by the Cardinals of the Catholic Church, technically he is the Pope, but you’re absolutely right about him being a Globalist. That means he’s the first (that we know of) and hopefully the last Globalist Pope. If he doesn’t succeed in destroying the Catholic Church, all the sex scandals within the priesthood likely will. Decent Catholics are turning away in droves, and will continue to do so as long as Liberal views on such things as homosexuality keep being promoted by Pope Francis.

      1. Jay Foley says:

        Count me in

    3. Observator14 says:

      Jesus was the first Real Globalist, because He sent His apostles to All Nations to preach the Truth with Authority. The Church is Catholic, which translates as Universal, from the Greek “katholike”.

      1. OldWoolfy says:

        Jesus wasn’t Catholic. Jesus would never condone homosexuality, abortion, or letting a child die that could be saved. He also would NEVER worship the virgin Mary. And you can bet your bippy that if any of his Apostles molested male students he’d rip them apart. Don’t confuse Catholicism with the Christianity that Jesus promoted. Jesus regularly went against authority when they were wrong. He never caved to “peer pressure” on any issue.

        1. Donald Brayer says:

          And neither does Pope Francis. Get a life!

        2. Sharon Windus says:

          The original Catholic church that Jesus promoted has changed drastically since Christ walked this earth last. Too many have “changed” things to match the times and try to swing in more bodies to the church, Instead of keeping with the edicts of Christ Jesus and what he preached. And Yes, Jesus was born a Jew.

        3. Observator14 says:

          Jesus FOUNDED the Catholic (Universal) Church 1987 years ago and promised He would be with it to the End of Time. He sent His apostles to all nations.

          1. PLANET says:

            No, He is the founder of the Christian church. The title of Catholic was only added when the Roman Empire claimed Christianity as the faith of that empire. Jesus did NOT label HIS church. In fact HE still considered what he was teaching as another sect of the Jewish faith and they all use to worship in the Jewish Temple. It was the Jews that labeled the sect as Christians and no longer wanted them to worship in their temple and that’s when the Apostles went into the world to preach and it was usually done in open air venues. You all need to really read the bible.

          2. Observator14 says:

            You are right: He founded the Christian Church, which, because it was all around the nations of that time was called Catholic from Greek “katholike” or universal, as it was first called by St. Ignatius of Antioch around 112 AD..
            As for Jesus founding a Jewish Sect, you are proven wrong by Jesus’ command to the apostles to go to All Nations, as in Matthew 28: 18. That was in fulfillment of the promise to Abraham that in him All Nations would be blessed as well as though Abraham’s own family, as Jesus was of Abraham’s line through Joseph by adoption, and we are of God’s paternal line by adoption through Jesus Christ.
            As Jesus promised, the Church has lasted through 1,987 years through all kinds of tempests by bad leaders in the Church as well as by the terrible attacks from the world which hates Jesus and His Church.. Why do you think the world hates the Catholic Church so much? It is Satan using the evil as well as the confused people and powers of this world.

    4. Observator14 says:

      The only “globalist” position of the pope is that of Christ who sent the Apostles to All Nations to preach, as in Matthew 28: 18.

  13. doug9694 says:

    Where is the out rage at Obama when he signed some bill to withhold food love and comfort to babies in Chicago. In the Amazon the parent would leave a sick or deformed child were the cougars could return it to nature. China had the cliff. The parent decided. In this case the parents have funds. Let them decide.

  14. Donald Evans says:

    I am a converted Catholic and this pseudo-Pope is not my Pope. Imo he is a very poor excuse for Popel.

    1. brbg says:

      Donald, I am a convert too. Perhaps because converts have studied the faith, we realize how heretical this pope is. Just like so many of our clergy today. We still know that the Catholic Church is the Bride of Christ. The two are longer two but one. We can trust that He is in control.

  15. LookingUp7 says:

    Pope: “Let him die” …. President Trump: “Let me Help.” Enough said!!

  16. oncemorearound says:

    A fool with a pointed hat…..

  17. suerobb says:

    This Pope wants to change God’s laws because sinful people do not like them. Same as Democrats want to do to US laws

    1. kate777 says:

      The Catholic Church is not the only Church in trouble, so are many Protestant Churches., just for the same reason you gave. I agree with both your statements.

  18. ArmyMP6975 says:

    Jorge Mario Bergoglio (Pope Francis) fits the profile in the Bible of the End of Times False Prophet. The apostate Roman Catholic church continues its journey away from the Word of God, Sola Fide, Sola Gratia, Sola Scriptura, and Sola Christos under the dictatorship of the evil pope. Nothing new except this Pope has completely abandoned the faith. In past times, they at least pretended to be men of God.

    1. ter334 says:

      Nonsense! Nobody will burn in hell for anything any pope says except the pope himself if it is judged hellish by Jesus. We are all responsible for our own actions, Mt 7:1-5. Stop judging so you may not be judged………… Remove the plank from your eye before worrying about the splinter in the pope’s eye. In retrospect. One of the biggest judgments by man of all time was, IMO, by Martin Luther who judged that the catholic church was wrong, apostate. Or in legal terms he posted a list of indictments on the door of his church. Does anyone really think he created a better church than the one Jesus established? We are all humans, even St Peter. Did Luther only make a Christian “golden calf”?

    2. Rosech Levy says:

      End times? No one knows what the end time is and when it will happen, but inventive minds love to make suggestions without a base of information.

  19. samnigromd says:

    The Church must be Divine to survive its leadership …including Peter…ROMAN CATHOLIC PHYSICS….
    The Church…Scientifically Understood…Ancient Secrets…A Loveolution…a touch of the pre-Big Bang pre-Universe Eternity Statimuum–messages from God to wake up because THERE IS MORE THAN THIS earthly CRAZINESS…The Church gives a touch of the “other” world–a “new covenant” and “not only belonging to this creation”–a living touch of the pre-BigBang Eternity…”you are there in all the Transcendence you have lived–and to which we will return at the recompression called “death”. The Church links humanity to the universe by Natural Law. (If you do not know the Catholic Church, you do not know the basic physics of “reality” and “being”.)
    By Dr. Samuel A. Nigro copyright c Samuel Nigro,MD 2017.
    (deplorable ad hominem pamphleteer)

    The Church seems to be the only organization committed to “Nature and Nature’s God” which gives it life and synchrony with the universe, so much so, that it is the only group which professes linkage with the pre-BigBang Eternity of a Loving Transcendent God waiting for our return enabled by Jesus if freely followed by each of us. The Church has not lasted over two millennia because it has done all the bad which the anti-s accuse. Even though criticisms are usually uncharitable and magnified, the Church rebutts all criticisms, but the complainers have proven so deaf that the Church rarely bothers with the same old stale attacks any more. (Bearing False Witness: Debunking Centuries of Anti-Catholic History by Rodney Stark, is an excellent recommendation for those who perpetrate hate speech and crimes against the Church. Because of this book, United Nations condemnation and legal action should be undertaken against all anti-Catholic hate speech.) And sometimes, the rebuttals fall flat, because the leaders are human and imperfect. And those who criticize have closed minds and do not want the truth. In general, those who bad-mouth the Church are self-inflated wanna-be pseudo leaders jealous of the real Church which they must try to degrade so they can “lead” you their way. Regardless, the Church somehow stays afloat with a big rudder and bumbling crew. As my father would always say, “The Church must be divine to survive even 50 years with the leadership it always has.” It does not help being filled with sinners trying to be healed by mercy and forgiveness. Maybe it has to do with Jesus creating it: Mathew 16:18 properly translated from Aramaic (to Simon Peter, “You are Kephas, and on the kephas I will build my church.”) or from Greek, “You are Petros (male word needed for Peter), and on this petras (“rock” is grammatically feminine in Greek), I will build my church.” There is no reasonable questioning the creation of the Church by Jesus, nor its identification with the Body of Christ from about 22 other verses. Anyway, Peter was kind of a wimpy jerk at times even as “leader”.
    A major characteristic of the Church is that it is the oldest organization routinely antagonizing all because it says there are “sins”, which means that one must assume responsibility for wrongdoing (which is always against “being”). It will speak up; it must speak up; it should speak up. It does so by a discrete clarity and gets condemned for both, i.e., trying to being too discrete and being too clear, depending on who is hearing—the Church is always “not enough” or “too much”. No one wants to hear such, so, not surprisingly, they attack the Church any way possible—it is sort of a “how dare you tell me I am wrong or right” kind of automatic reaction. Also, it is the oldest group doing this by synchrony with the environment, the animal kingdom, the earth, and the universe by commitments to Nature and Natural Law morality—and, again, people have an almost automatic tendency to pollute physically and behaviorally (original sin again), so they do not like to be told they are out of synchrony with the planet either (original sin as usual) especially by legitimate authority trying to overcome original sin. Also, the Church is the oldest organization promoting Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness, metaphorically at least as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It is the oldest Transcendental organization ever which promotes its trivium of Being, Matter, Identity, and its quadrivium of Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty. It is the oldest organization promoting Liberty and Love for all. It is the oldest democracy in the world electing its leader. It brings a touch of “another World” (all personalized Transcendence outside of space/time) which is why it is sometimes difficult to understand, embrace and actively participate in–One can “feel” it at times at Mass and other spiritual events–likely, most common without realizing it, in the elation of Sport–the univium of the Church, and ancient Greece if you think about it).
    From contemporary science which it created, the Church is committed to the physics of the Big Bang and to the pre- and post- Big Bang called “the Statimuum” (or traditionally the “Beautific Vision” which is all Transcendence outside of space/time). It believes in the “Big Bust-up” of Adam and Eve’s freedom to choose against biology and biochemistry, and thereby began the potential to sin in every human. The Church originated from and is committed to the “Big Bailout” of Jesus as Incarnation, at the Last Supper, on the Cross, and Resurrection. By the Sacraments, it brings a touch of the Pre-Big Bang (the Statimuum, in physics) into the world and avers that the miracles are examples of the Statimuum also. The Church tries to be transcendentally identical to Jesus as the Body of Christ by Grace and by the Seven Sacraments as “2 X 4s up side the head” trying to wake everyone up (and no one likes that either) in a peaceful and merciful way. The Church incorporates elementary physics giving metaphors to understand basic physics: spectrum–Reconciliation-unity; dimension–Holy Orders-life; event–Baptism-dignity; field–Holy Communion-integrity; uncertainty–Matrimony-liberty; singularity–Extreme Unction-spirituality; quantum–Confirmation-identity; force–Grace-transcendental pursuit. The job is impossible given original sin, but it is the only organization so committed. The Church is a LOVEOLUTION…unique, ancient, mysterious–that there is more. The Church is an ongoing “touch” of the pre-Universe by divinely given metaphors about “why you are you” and your “ultimate human purpose.”
    Also beyond brief salutary exclamations are the other Church activities, all in communion with Holy Eucharist and Grace, all of which can likewise be experienced as Truth, Oneness, Good and Beauty with the Trinity, all of which are the Image and Likeness of God. Again, to live and participate in the depth of the Sacraments is to almost levitate in Transcendence. The Mass, and the Church, is to be in the Eternity–brief moments of Transcendent Solidarity in the Statimuum–the immediacy of all Transcendence of the universe (“You are there!”)–that BEING is more than life, that life is more than bewildering physics, that being is more than bewildering metaphysics, that the Church is to be there–Unrestricted Infinite Being–“UIB” in Eternity-like Tranquility.
    To reject ancient messages of ancient languages in ancient words (not contemporary science) is incredibly unfair, ignorant and arrogant. What do atheists want from God (an UnRestricted Act of Thinking–“UR-AT” [by Fr. Robert Spitzer]) -sounded as “you are at”. I like an UnRestricted Act of Being –“UR-AB”–sounded “you are a being”). Better yet, God is an Infinite Act of Being (the Father); God is an Infinite Act of Transcendence (the Son–Jesus the Christ); and God is an Infinite Act of Love (the Holy Spirit)–as one: “IABTL”–Infinite Act of Being Transcendence Love. What do atheists want: No creation? A Big Bang with a beginning point of space/time continuum containing 18 billion years of our universe? Wave/particle attraction/interaction as the material universe based mathematics/physics/chemistry of “Love” yet to be personalized? Scientists are studying “love” (particle attraction from gravity to strings/circles) without realizing it? Scientific probabilities? Goedel’s Theorems? Entropy without Synthesis? A planet with all the 118 elements of the periodic table instead of one or two elements as on other astral bodies? A planet with water and elements warmed nicely for eons between freezing and boiling protected from all anti-life bombardments? A planet with a molten core creating a geomagnetic field protecting all life from lethal rays of the universe? A planet with toxic elements secluded so life can be? The ideas of Being, Transcendence and Love? The Catholic Mass Mantra of ultimate human purpose: LifeSacrificeVirtueLoveHumanityPeaceFreedomDeathwithoutFear? A Statimuum–what used to be called Eternity–all of all immediately–I AM WHO AM–an UnRestricted Act of Being, Transcendence, Love (UR-A-BTL for all)? More to life than physics? More to BEING than life? Need someone more startling than a man rising from the dead preaching “love”?
    In summary, the Church is an always sinking barque ponderously floating to a pre-Big Bang world advertised as “There is unbelievably more than this craziness in which we are living.” One-third of the Church crew is always in blundering mutiny (one in 12 is a traitor); one-third confused; and one-third paddling (with 8 oars—Baptism, Penance, Holy Communion, Confirmation, Extreme Unction, Holy Orders, Matrimony, and Grace) like their lives depend on it, because it does for all including millions of passengers, of whom one-third are unwittingly or arrogantly poking holes in the hull; one-third are plugging holes; and one-third are savoring the ride by reliving the Last Supper, by Sacramental living, and by living the Last Words of Christ. In a way, the leaders of the Church do not really count and certainly celebrities are almost irrelevant no matter who they are—especially if they are non-believing teachers of “there is nothing but biology, biochemistry, and matter” (but they contradict themselves whenever they celebrate birthdays among other events beyond the capacity of subhuman matter-confined non-spiritual animals). Basically, the Spiritual messages are what count, especially the Mass Mantra participated in by actively phrasing 2000 year old WORDS of ancient secrets, which somehow seem suppressed by the contemporary electronic-celluloid-ink culture of celebrity, violence, unNaturalness, disgust and selfish arrogance. For the Church, words are angels–matter/form compounds which should, properly used, spiritualize the world enabling return to the pre-BigBang Eternity with an unimaginable Statimuum (a word meaning “Catholic” in transcendental understanding) with God (The best imagery for Statimuum is one’s “life flashing before you” people have reported, only it will be even moreso). And the Church has believed in and promoted for millenia the “multiverses” recently popular with some scientists–the universe of space/time in which we live; the universe of Heaven in which we will eternally experience the Statimuum of all the love we have experienced and lived; the universe of hell in which we will eternally experience, justice served, all the mortal evil we have done; and the universe of Purgatory in which we will find reconciliation for all the venial evil we have done.
    Its most effective message is the Mass Mantra of: “Break the bread and bless the wine and join Jesus and all others so sanctified in a Statimuum of all with all and for all, Incarnated by Life, Sacrifice, Virtue, Love, Humanity, Peace, Freedom, and Death without Fear, in the universe received and receiving one time for all time praising God in unlimited Spirituality of Consubstantiation Transubstantiation. Amen.” Just listen and understand the words of the songs of the Church. Provided are “reality metaphors enabling the good life by knowing who you are and why” better than those from any other person or group. Without Christian virtues, overt or covert, as part of any culture, nothing will work because too many people will be no good and there will be insufficient traditional “family” love for civilized and pro-social living. “Laws” will be needed instead.
    Thus, somehow, criticisms of the Church fall flat over time, because the criticisms are from those who do not want to understand or have other agenda, usually fiendishly selfish and self-righteously denying of wrongdoing, while they encourage others to commit acts of varying degrees of evil (understood in physics as willful entropy). Usually attacking the Church is to distract from evil seductively promoted by the person attacking the Church–What lies have you heard about the Church? Was not the anti-Catholic bigotry learned from someone who wants to control you–by self-promoting rationalizing and deliberately dishonest bravado turning you into a robot-like mindless lie-driven promoter of entropy if not hate, and hardened your heart against the good and holy ancient secrets of good humanity at the same time?

    To get a better understanding of the scientific basis for all this may be found in my books, Everybody for Everybody and Soul of the Earth. The Theogeocalculus on the Web should help too. Checking out Matthew 26, 26-30; Mark 14, 22-25; Luke 22, 19-20; John 6, 41 -59; and 1 Corinthians 11, 23-26 will help. Also check PeaceMercy.com for semi-secular version. Joining the Church is like having your cataracts removed–all of a sudden you can see clearly and precisely like never before.

    ADDENDUM: If you look for it, you will find “words are angels (or demons)” in many places, especially in the Bible. You will also find the Statimuum many places in which we are there in a timeless spaceless existence of IMMEDIACY of all Transcendence which we overlook. One of the best: “Death is nothing at all. It does not count. I have only slipped away into the next room. Nothing has happened. Everything remains exactly as it was. I am I, and you are you and the old life that we lived so fondly together is untouched, unchanged. Whatever we were to each other, that we are still. Call me by the old familiar name. Speak of me in the easy way which you always used. Put no difference into your tone. Wear no air of forced solemnity or sorrow. Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together. Play, smile, think of me, pray for me. Let my name be every the household word that it always was. Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it. Life means all that it ever meant. It is the same as it ever was. There is absolute and unbroken continuity. What is this death but a negligible accident? Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight. I am but waiting for you, for an interval, somewhere very near, just around the corner. All is well. All is well.” –from the novel “September” by Rosamunde Pilcher

    1. ter334 says:

      My question is. Where did the stuff that went bang come from? Seems there has to be creation in there? Can nothing go bang?

  20. geneww1938 says:

    Francis is the “high Priest” for clandestine meetings within the New World Order. More important is that you must invest 90 minutes of passive “youtube” listening to thoroughly understand Trump’s political problems, what has happened to USA, what is currently happening and what is planned by the “Establishment” to ruin our freedoms. Go to v=D4zMVZ8HnFI and save the link for others to hear and read. The Senator’s aide was murdered within a month after giving this interview.

  21. Marge D. Hoskins says:

    I am not too fond of this new Pope Francis, BUT, it has not changed or altered my faith…

    1. astrojohn says:

      Good for you, but the current state of the Church has altered mine – after 73 years of Catholic Guilt…and Catholic school.

  22. Sam Hale says:

    The Pope is top Pastor of the church however when the church teaching or the Pope’s ideas are contrary to the bible, the written word of God, his words mean nothing!

    1. Rosech Levy says:

      We Catholics know that but those not Catholic or perhaps anything else think we have to believe and follow whatever a pope tosses out. Just think ex cathedra and then we must, but that has happened very few times in our Church’s history. Francis spouts but it is falling on many deaf ears, THANK GOD!

  23. jzandensky says:

    Not a fan of the pope.
    What do you expect?
    He is a communist.

  24. artalem says:

    This Pope is Dope!

    1. astrojohn says:

      …you mean, Rope-a-Pope??

  25. Margaret Heller says:

    Pope Francisco should stick to religion and saving souls. The Vatican is not South America.

  26. Bill Harney says:

    My heart goes out to the parents knowing that there is a chance to better there son’s life but the courts order there child to death as if he was a hardened criminal. At least in America it’s up to the legal guardian to make the decision to remove life support. The parents raised over a million pounds for the trip and treatment in America.

  27. Charlie says:

    Marxist Dope Francis is disrupting the Catholic Church like his homey brother Marxist Mope Obama did to the United States of America. Help American Culture Return To Its’ Protestant Christian Roots! Vote Republican In 2018 – TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

    1. Rosech Levy says:

      Sorry, but return to protestant christian roots? You have to be kidding because all Christian religion has its roots in Catholicism as much as they hurts your little heart!

  28. Wayne says:

    He’s clearly sympathetic to the gay lifestyle. As they say, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck.
    His comments regarding abortion and church doctrine are at odds.

  29. Rose Weleski says:

    Reading and understanding the Bible (God’s Word) is very important – especially so for church leadership. Being true to His Word is vital for guidance and direction….so much for the Catholic church. I pray they will see the error of their ways.

  30. Beatriz Alford says:

    That pope is just a piece of human feces

  31. leviathan says:

    Actually Catholicism makes a mockery of fundamental Christianity.Jesus said call no man “Father/Papa/Pope.” No where are we told to worship Mary or pray to her.Peter was married,and what the Roman so called missionaries did in the conquest of this continent,was to convert pagan temples into Roman places of worship.People really need to do some serious study of the Roman church and its billions as ell as the history of the Popes.

  32. disqus_D87XRi0Gy7 says:

    Yes indeed just what we need here in America “Death Panels” only ours should be for sedition and Tyranny. I have to admit I think Europe has allowed this to happen and they have no say so in their lives now and are truly no more than slaves who work for tyrants, They are trying so hard to control the entire world population by doling out health care and forced taxation when in fact the same slugs are living it up on everyone Else’s dime. These are the very same reasons there was a WWII, not going to happen here we’re wise to all the scheming by these latest crime families like clinton and others. I just hope I live long enough to see them as maggot food.

  33. leviathan says:

    Do Catholics actually believe the Bible or Papal garbage? The reason the scriptures were kept from the laity for ages,was the same reason that slave owners were worried about slaves becoming Christians.It brings true freedom.”The truth will set you free.the Roman church will enslave you.

  34. Moe says:

    I am a faithful catholic, he is a nut case.

  35. granny_forUSA says:

    “Francis” is nothing but a mere mortal male………….he seems to not value life or feelings…………..his words are something that would come from a muslim, as muslims do not value life either…..Too bad that Francis has not learned to keep his left wing mouth closed………..Sounds like he has dementia or alzheimers because of his point of views.

    1. SGirl says:

      Have you ever known a liberal with their mouth closed? (no such animal)

  36. Fatima says:


  37. Fatima says:

    The New World Order of the Globalists-Jews the Synagogue of Satan COUP D’ETAT Pope Benedict XVI and put in their puppet Anti-Christ Jewish Kabbalah Freemason FRANCIS to destroy the church and the world for their Greater Israel Project. The Project of the Masonic Lodge of Lucifer. The Jews/Israel is the chosen one of
    their father SATAN.

    1. Ethel Wilkes says:

      Fatima you seem to be very radical and very “Anti-Jew”…perhaps you need to study the Bible a bit more. You will find that the Jewish are God’s chosen people and if they go down…we all go down! Fortunately He will step in before that happens.

  38. Dan Menard says:

    As concerns issues of the Catholic faith, church history and tradition hold that the pope’s decisions are infallible. Any decisions or opinions outside that “faith parameter” is his human opinion and nothing else.
    The belief that bringing this child to the US for as yet an undisclosed medical treatment will resolve its
    medical needs successfully is pure speculation at this time. Such cases of incurable/operable treatment
    are not uncommon. The end result is often the same with many tears and a feeling of profound loss with
    the passing of this loved one.
    For those left behind, life will eventually start anew in one way or another as it always does. For the parents,
    it just must be time to face reality. This little soul needs to be back in the arms of its creator! In its current condition, it is not ever going to be viable in this worlds existence/culture.

    1. Ethel Wilkes says:

      Talk about a heartless post! The baby is not an “IT”! He has a name “CHARLIE”! I’ll bet if that was your child laying there with the possibility of having life saving treatment being withheld from him, you would be singing a different tune. May GOD have mercy on your soul and all the rest just like “YOU”!

      1. Dan Menard says:

        Ethel; Thank you for your concerned reply concerning Charlie. There just may be a fine line between what you identify as “heartless” and what is dealing with reality. It is a certain fact that parents will always do what they can to accommodate their ill child. Surgeries and medications when necessary. But, in Charlie’s case there are no medications nor developed or proven surgeries to fall back on. There is not even a proven protocol that would seemingly apply to his circumstance. The medical world is at a loss as to just where to start let alone what they should do in the first place.
        As for God and my relationship with Him, as a Chaplain I have had to deal with many deaths for young and old. It is hard to see them go yet, in the end each one of us has a set time to be in this existence. In Charlie’s case it seems to be a very brief one. At funeral services I have often heard the statement, “They have gone on to a far better place!!” In Charlie’s case this will prove to be a sure reality.

  39. Old Salt says:

    Someone’s always out there challenging our scruples with one scenario or another and rights get caught in the political vacuum. Doesn’t matter what a pope thinks. Personally, I don’t believe because we can sustain human tissue with machines, that we should stop what would be the normal course of life and death. Cure with machines, fine but, keeping someone artificially alive in the off chance there’s a miracle cure on the horizon can be unknowingly cruel…how do you know the one on support isn’t screaming in silence to let them go. On the other hand, the government has no business invading the sovereignty of parents. One caveat though, who’s paying for this? If it’s the parents money, leave them alone, if not…let nature take its course.

  40. monongahela says:

    Where is this popes faith, it seems it has left him, sad!

  41. bornagain710 says:

    This False prophet must go!!!!!

  42. I am amazed how readily the editor of this blog and other commentators here would condemn Pope Francis after his sympathetic message about the dire medical state of Charlie Gard without obviously reading the Pope’s sympathetic tweet @Pontifex : “To defend human life, above all when it is wounded by illness, is a duty of love that God entrusts to all” and the Pontifical Academy For Life’s statement that “Charlie Gard and his parents has [brought] both pain and hope for all of us.” Then to compound such self-righteous judgments of some who without consulting the Church’s defense of human life cited by the bishops of England and Wales in Pope Saint John Paul’s document on human life, Evangelium Vitae ( The Good News of Life ), paragraph 65 is incomprehensible.

    Here and always the Church has held that all natural means for preserving human life such as nutrition and hydration should always be provided the ill and the infirm including the preservation the conscious state of every person in preparation for death should that occur which will some day befall all of us. Before anyone would reply to my comment here –- read Evangelium Vitae and judge not. “Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you, for God will judge you in the same way you judge others, and he will apply to you the same rules you apply to others. Why, then, do you look at the speck in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the log in your own eye?”, said Jesus. ( Matthew 7:1-3 ).

    Fr. Tom Bartolomeo, Families For Families House

  43. Jarhead says:

    Sick old man….needs to be told to shut up & sit down…….he should only talk about Holy Roman Catholic Church matters = PERIOD…….NO MORE socialist garbage. If he cannot be made to be quiet on politics than replace him ASAP. Signed by a KofC.

  44. Raymond Miller says:

    This Pope not a man of Jesus. He is a white Obama.

  45. goodwater says:

    All one has to do is read “School of Darkness” by Bella Dodd. It is available on line for download or from Amazon. In addition to substantiate read “AA-1025 Memoirs of the Communist Infiltration into the Church” by Marie Carre, It was available via Amazon.

  46. Ray Eldridge says:

    So what do you expect? The MURDERING Jesuits where the lapdogs of the pagan catholic so-called church during the Spanish Inquisition…And just look at what this bunch of wolves-in-sheep’s-clothing [The Jesuit’s] are doing for [NOT TO] the Catholic so-called church today!!! Murdering BUTCHERS!!!

  47. Patricia Traeger says:

    Pope Francis has been cozying up to the left for a long time and condoning their socialist agenda. He is part of the problems we have in the world. Why is he allowed to continue as a leader (and I say that very loosely) in the Catholic Church. I am not a Catholic but I cannot believe that the majority of Catholics align themselves to his words and actions which do not seem, to me, to be in harmony with conventional church principles and practices. I have nothing against the Catholic religion but I do think they need Pope Francis to be replaced with someone who stands for their religious principles.

  48. Marijane Ambrogi says:

    I pray for Pope Francis everyday, but, I am starting to wonder if he is the anti-Christ. I had thought that title belonged to Hitler, but I’m beginning to question that. I know there have been horrific popes throughout Catholc history, and we have always survived…so, I am confident that the Catholic Church will survive this pathetic person who claims to be Catholic, but, actions speak louder than words. God have mercy on his soul.

    1. Marijane, if you have not seen or read my comment here I made a few minutes ago would you read my comment and email me if you wish. I may be able to allay your concerns and don’t be fooled by the many who rush to judgment relying on such blogs which seem to relish fomenting controversy. Apparently, most commentators here only read headlines and want to see their names online. Email: [email protected].

      1. Marijane Ambrogi says:

        Unfortunately, I am unable to find your post…so…I emailed you.

  49. SouthernPatriot says:

    Pope Francis has friendship with and support for socialism and Liberation Theology which is anti-capitalism and free market, which is socialism in political/theological clothing. He still has numerous homosexuals surrounding him in his Curia. His own treasurer was indicted for child abuse and pedophilia-related charges days ago. A leftist pope who neither represents traditional Catholic doctrine nor the Bible.

  50. Ah nutz says:

    poop. not pope…POOP.

  51. Jerry Schwartz says:


    1. ronniecanoli says:

      & let that black smoke be “o”scummer.. Taking care of two LOBOTOMIZED LIBERAL LUNATICS with one STOKE…

  52. fordfool says:

    ….maybe…I thnk for myself, Im an American,fully armed Militarily,Im free,Catholic for 79 yrs and I (in the end analysis) answr to GOD and Jesus alone…Iv neglectively,true…missed Sunday mass worship less than 5times (due to xtensive surgery…) That don’t make me GOODER, it makes me tough
    and when judged,it will be by God alone. Life is sometimes a lonely battle, if we let it.

  53. kassa1 says:

    Paul Francis is the last and evil pope will be no water and he will help usher for world into a global one world order, and will just try to destroy the Catholic faith, as he has done a pretty good job so far with destroying the Catholic faith.

  54. GardenRich says:

    What has Happened to the sanctity of human life in the Catholic Church as a whole? Is it better to save a life or just kill them? According to Pope Francis Life is not worth saving!!!

  55. Malachi says:

    And Now WE enter into the Great Falling Away and the 7yrs of Tribulation and the coming of the anti-christ

  56. Bill Volz says:

    What does an asshole know about life? Raised to be a priest (RELIGION FIRST), and no real idea what people heve to face in their every day lives! Catholism is on the decline and should be!

    1. Rosech Levy says:

      Francis was an engineer long before entering the priesthood. So, yes, he had long exposure to others and suffering, but since then has lost his way.

  57. Bill Volz says:

    For all you disgruntled Catholics, there is the “Protestants” Every Protestant church has only one objection to Catholicism! We Lutherans do not believe that you don’t need to BUY indulgences to enter “HEAVEN” .
    ONLY ONE THING SEPARATES the Catholic Church from reality! Too many people swallow these beliefs without questioning!

    1. XenophiliusFetzenschadel says:

      Good grief, what century are you in? No one BUYS “indulgences”.

  58. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

    Francis is an apostate papal prelate, possibly the last to hold the office in this degenerate world.

  59. virgiliodecarvalho says:

    WHERE IS THE CHRISTIANISM ???????????????????????

  60. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

    really now! the world, that claims can save everybody that has never saved anyone. everybody claims your false g-ds can do anything don’t even pray to them to intervene. like atheists, who pray to themselves to justify their sinning ways. well hitler, stalin, and mao tse dung, tried to save you all too. now you worship baal hamolech, to justify your murder of unborn and corrupt sexual relations. you even pray to hamavreek, to justify sexual perversions. giving aid and comfort, to every sin ELOHEEM and THEIR Son hates closing the gates of Heaven on earth to all. you pray to your courts, and your governments for salvation yet never truly receive any at all. hypocrites, who claim they are in charge of all life, death, pestilence, plague, and famine tragedies their sinning causes. you think you know it all truly knowing nothing about what you say and do.

  61. Kaye Swiftney says:

    Why does the government think they know what is best for your or my child. This is up to the parents, not them. They are in our lives too much as it is.

  62. Joseph C Moore USN Ret says:

    I’ll stand on my soapbox and say that I am sick and tired of having to decipher ungrammatical phrases of people who do not take the time to continue their education beyond their meager grade school impressions, from equally uneducated elementary “educators”. Thank you anyway, Barb for your patriotic, conservatism in this asinine milieu of politics.

  63. Tim Wilde says:

    Nothing surprises me with this political activist pope!! He will endorse suicide and every other mortal sin we’ve been taught for centuries! Because he is wiser than the written word of our father!! NOT!!!

  64. michael aijlman says:

    I have no doubt that the false prophet, spoken of in Revelation, is this Pope. He along with the anti-christ, will cause the world to worship the anti-christ, & will cause total world destruction. Jesus Christ is our only hope for salvation.

  65. Jimmie Cooper Boswell says:

    well guess what o-world again, your sins has caused this tragedy in your self make believe world.

  66. dennodog says:

    I don’t see any “outrage” with that comment. I’ve read that the Pope has joined with Trump to do all that can be done to save the baby’s life. His missive is a request to “do the right thing”. I’ve disagreed with a lot of his statements and ideas, but not this one. The true shame is the pettiness of the government officials in UK that don’t want to do anything that may embarrass their socialist medical care “utopia”.

  67. Jacky says:

    My bible states that the end times are near– when good is perceived as evil and evil perceived as good– We now accept abortion–same sex unions being called marriage (which has only been defined in the bible as a covenant between a man and a woman and GOD) –recognition of an ideology as a religion of peace (which accepts killing all who can not be converted —child sex trafficking and molestation)–and pornography —ALL the while a distorted version of the word of GOD is preached to millions asking for a donation; to preachers who have millions of dollars in a corrupt banking system while children die of starvation all over the world—Now lets all bow our heads and ask– GOD Bless America– me first, me first, me first

  68. Albert L Biele says:

    If Pope Francis in not a sign of the end times, nothing is!! He is, without a doubt, the last Pope! We are at the very cusp of the rapture. I urge all to accept the grace of God—before it’s too late. The criminal on the cross, crucified beside Jesus, was assured that he would be in paradise that day, just for believing that Jesus was who he claimed to be, and had the power to forgive his sins. In this world you are born with noting and leave with nothing, making those who rich and famous, not hopelessly lost, but at a disadvantage of ever seeing the Kingdom of Heaven. And because Jesus said “Ask, and you shall receive, knock, and door shall be open, there remains hope for everyone—but then again, He said; “The road in narrow and few will find it.” So the eternity of your sole and spirit at your demise will be determined by you!

  69. GrumpyGrandpa says:

    The culture of death, homosexuality and pedophilia is now in the Vatican. This is sad news. Expect cleansing.

  70. 1lifecounts says:

    Sensational headlines that suck in the” scandal addicted “every time constitutes fake news, news that is designed to undermine its subject while throwing stale meat to the vultures who prefer it that way. Hence we hear from all those who are hell bent on maligning Pope Francis. The term’s nothing burger or there is no there there have entered on the media scene because of the tendency of the media and their holyier than thou readership, to search relentlessly for anything that they might embellish. Pope Francis made no awful comments, on the contrary he supported all those suffering over their roles in saving or ending Charlie’s life. Would that those who are verbalizing such vehement opposition to Pope Francis might instead pray that we recognize that all life is precious womb to tomb. Each of us are here as part of God’s loving design until our death. Charlie Gard’s life and death are up to God ,our role is to love God and others as we love ourselves. Pope Francis is doing just that, lets join him in that prayer of Compassion for all those who suffer in this life.

    1. 1lifecounts, you and I and one other who is troubled by the affronts leveled against Pope Francis are the only ones who are not vehemently condemning Pope Francis here of the 128 who commented. What is most troubling is their gullibility to blatant lies and ill will. If interested see my Facebook page at /FrTomBartolomeo.

  71. Leo P says:

    This is called ‘gobbledegook’, or plain BS from the Vatican..

  72. Sharon Jeanguenat says:

    Yes, he’s destroying Catholicism. Which doesn’t really surprise me. Theologians have thought, for years, that the Catholic church will be the apostate church in Revelations. So he has to destroy what their church teaches. I think that secretly he isn’t against abortion, or homosexuality either. I’m a Pentecostal Christian, & have always disagreed with a lot of their teachings. But, some of them I DO agree with, such being against abortions, & against homosexuality. But, it looks like he’s changing the teachings as fast as he can. Sad! And, ANYBODY can give their hearts to Jesus, & be forgiven. But, that’s a ‘go and sin no more’ one. To stay close to Jesus, & renounce your sin, is available to anybody. But, you have to stop the sin. Back when the early church got started, the elders in Jerusalem, sent a letter to some of the Gentiles, & told them that ‘it seemed good to the Holy Ghost, and to us, to place no other obligations on you, than to not commit fornication, or eat meat that has been offered in sacrifice.’ Then man came along & laid all kinds of rules down for followers. And some were just so they could get rich. And, it worked too. The Vatican is sitting on millions, or maybe even billions, of

  73. Mike says:

    I hope that some day we find out the truth of how this Pope and his supporters were able to seize power….the Roman Catholic church appears to have been hijacked!

  74. FAITH47 says:


  75. Mil Berry says:

    This Pope I find is totally unfit for service and unless he plans to help the situation he should keep his mouth closed the Pope is supposed to be the vicar of Christ meaning you are putting a mortal man between you and GOD which is like putting another obstacle in your way to reaching GOD we don’t need the Pope and honestly neither do the Catholics.

  76. Pope Francis (Jorge Mario Bergoglio) carries too much baggage. Ever since Peron was ousted in the 1950’s, Argentina has been riffed by Socialists seeking and gaining political power. Bergoglio was ordained as a Catholic priest in 1969. The Catholic church has always been dominant in Argentina. Bergoglio rode Socialist coattails to gain power, to the point where the Vatican chose him. Bad Choice.

  77. MarcJ says:

    That former street preacher is a Marxist revolutionary now sitting in Vatican dispensing communist wisdom. It is like electing Hitler as the UN chief.

  78. He is the anti-pope of the end times

  79. Michael Zerbee says:

    I cannot get a handle on this Pope’s real ideas or his agenda. Certainly not what the Catholic Church has been use to for centuries.He mixes his global beliefs with the teachings of the church and spins it into something he thinks fits the new world values. Not that this has not happened before. I believe Jesus taught some things the Scribes and Pharicees thought was blasphemy which led to his crucifixion. All in all I think he intentions are good while his political thoughts are questionable. I pray he can reconcile his personal battle of the two concepts.

  80. Pattie Kelly says:

    I am a practicing Roman Catholic and recognize he is he Peter of our faith. But to be truthful I can’t in good conscience defend him anymore. I know it’s not my place to judge, but if this is true then the Catholic faith has a real problem on our hands. It’s sad but true. He is right on one thing. WE NEED TO PRAY FOR CHARLIE.

  81. Rosech Levy says:

    Please be aware that for we, the real Catholics, Francis is NOT our pope but a communist idiot and a friend of Obama! He needs to go and many of us feel, like Obama, he is merely a puppet. Even the Italians are getting fed up with him and that says a lot! He is NOT remaking our Church, thank God, but like so many saying and thinking he can. We have had several nasty criminal popes but the Church is still here after 2000 years and Francis is a nothing compared to a few of the previous. He is blowing in the wind and it is coming back on him.

    1. ter334 says:

      ;Jesus ate with the Obama’s of His day. Tax collectors. St Paul persecuted Christians like muslim’s and commentators. St Paul changed. Maybe today’s persecutors will also?

  82. Millionmileman says:

    This article is BULL because the Vatican Children’s Hospital offered to take in little Charlie!

  83. CaptTurbo says:

    Pope Marxist needs to be removed.<~Period.

  84. Alice Roberts says:

    People tend to read into things what they want to hear, or what the writer of the article wants you to hear. This has happened in this article. Get your facts straight! Pope Francis has not changed Church beliefs or teachings in regard to young Charlie Gard. He continually speaks to protecting and guiding life to its “natural end”. No where in his statement does he endorse the decision to remove life support. Pope Francis supports the family and acknowledges it is their decision offers prayers for them as they face the complexity of the issue and make the decision they feel best for Charlie and for the the family. Pope Francis’s statement at the end says it all: “If the relationship between the doctor and patient (Charlie’s parents) is interferred with, everything becomes more difficult and legal action becomes a last resort, with the accompanying risk of ideology and political manipulation, which is always to be avoided, or of media sensationalism, which can be sadly superficial.”
    The courts have interferred with the parents and the doctor (ones the parents are working with in America to try other options for Charlie), Political manipulation has occurred, and media sensationalism (including this site now) is making the family’s pain in dealing with their son’s condition even harder.
    Now is a time for prayers for Charlie, the family, and let our Lord guide them in His will for Charlie!.

    I used to think “The American Patriot” was more objective, Now I see it is just another bigoted site able to bash anyone and everyone they want without really looking for the truth…

    1. XenophiliusFetzenschadel says:

      Thank you for the only rational comment I have seen here. This is obviously not the place for intelligent discussion.

  85. Brad Tipton says:

    I am a Christian, and find it fortunate to not be Catholic with this coming to light. I do not blame all Catholics, just their leader in this situation. This child needs a chance to live, however slim, and given that chance may surprise us all in the future.

  86. John Espinosa says:

    Francis was not ordained in the legitimate Roman Catholic Church of old but in the New church called the ‘Novus Ordo’ or ‘New Order’ in Latin which replaced the original one almost 50 years ago. So contrary to what most people believe, he in fact is not a real pope but an anti-pope prophesied to come in the last days. This is why when he spoke before the United Nations he never mentioned the name of Jesus at all.

  87. ter334 says:

    The reality of modern medicine is life support can make a person’s “life” be like a refrigerator, etc.. They have to be plugged in to keep running. This creates a difficult decision sometimes. There is also the possibility in some situations that treatment can and does get denied because a family can’t “afford it”. High tech medical, scientific advances can create moral issues that didn’t exist decades ago.

  88. 4Pip says:

    Why has Britain decided to take away the parent’s rights? It should be up to them especially when it won’t cost anyone else. As parents it should be only their right to decide,God gave him to them not the country they live in.

  89. Tom says:

    Though on most points I have not found agreement with this POPE, but to this point I find complete agreement. Did you not read that this child is being kept alive by life support, we had a court fight back a few years ago of the husband who’s wife was clinically brain dead and on life support . Her parents wanted to maintain this support and the husband wanted to disconnect. Courts sided to disconnect and she died God’s WILL BE DONE. This does not mean that ABORTION is inevitable just common sense and faith. Stop trying to do GOD”S will People die it’s a part of life. I am not as cold as this may appear just logical. I Grieve for the decision that these parents must face,and pray for their comfort.

  90. meadowlands says:

    I am a cradle Catholic and I dispise this Pope. He is evil. I don’t know what the Cardinals were thinking when they elected him.

  91. Paul Kalmanek says:

    Jesus, hurry back. We are waiting but not our will but the creators.

  92. Ernest_T says:

    This is what happens when Governments take over health care. They decide what treatment is justifiable and how much it can cost. The family collected 1.6 million dollars to fund the trip so is that not enough? The public health care did say they will pay for female parts transplants for their transvestite patents so they can be more female. Go figure!

  93. E. Bolen says:

    I disagree with your statement saying the Pope “…attacked the faith’s traditional stance on abortion and marriage”. These are not “traditions” but rather Church Doctrine. They are based in the Commandments (5) You shall not kill and (6) You shall not commit adultery. Which leaves many Roman Catholic wondering “Is this a change to the teachings of the Church or is it simply a suggestion that violation of these commandments can be absolved under certain circumstances determined by your Parish Priest. The Pope was questioned on this by several Cardinals and he refused to respond. Therefore confusion among the laity exists at this point in time.

  94. Barbara Ferraro says:

    I also have heard the prophecies about the current pope, and they cite that he will be the last pope. Several times he has made different comments in different situations, that give a hint of who he really is. I do not believe removing him is part of God’s plan, we must all go through what is prophesized in the book of Revelation. I truly believe that Pope Francis is exactly where he needs to be for the End Times to come to fruition.
    Whether you believe in Pre-Trib, Mid-Trib or Post-Trib, all events will have to happen in order to complete God’s plans for this world. The time is getting closer and closer. and instead of worrying about the Pope we must all be trying to reach as many people as we can with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, or the Good News as some people call it. It is our main purpose for being in this world in this particular era and in our particular location.

  95. sox83cubs84 says:

    Pope Francis is a Socialist at best, a Communist at worst, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility that he is the Antichrist

  96. myfordtruck says:

    Francis is trying tear down this church he is a worker of the devil and he needs to be removed from his position I refuse to call him Pope and I am not even Catholic

    1. ExGOP says:

      Francis is doing God’s work (finally). How can you say otherwise?

      1. myfordtruck says:

        because he wants to change the church’s stand on abortion and homosexuals and other that is strictly against Gods word

        1. ExGOP says:

          That is your opinion. Christ didn’t talk about EITHER of those subjects. Notwithstanding that, where did you get the idea he was changing the position on abortion? He hasn’t mentioned that.

  97. Charlie says:

    In the book he wrote entitled “Without Roots copyrighted 2006, Pope Benedict XVI wrote that America owes its foundational essence to the ethics of the various Protestant Religions. Anyone who believes Catholicism had anything to do with the founding of America should read that book. Help American Culture Return To Its’ Protestant Christian Roots!
    Vote Republican in 2018 – TRUMP/PENCE 2020!!!

  98. allmhuran says:

    The statement was issued by The Catholic Bishops of England. Not the Vatican. I am no fan of the Pope, but these are not his words.

  99. James R. Currier says:

    You have been informed and warned, DEAL WITH IT!

    1. ExGOP says:

      Where did you get such blasphemous ideas? From your “prophet” Limburger?

  100. Ruth Hammons says:

    Well the Pope is going down the road of so many these days that have just lost their minds, hearts, sense and faith in anything that is real or good. These are terrible times for the world with all of this evil. I have never thought that the Pope was a person that should hold himself so high but certainly should be adhering to the Word he is to represent. This one’s a doozie so far. I don’t even like the look in his eyes…he is making a mockery of what they are supposed to stand for.

    1. ExGOP says:

      He is standing for what Christ stood for. That isn’t the same as what the Republican owners (Koch, etc.) want. So they castigate him. The Pope is looking out for everyone, not just the rich. Conservatives are the other way around and wishing it were Christian. Remember, Christ was a socialist long before it was a common word.

  101. NanaMary says:

    “The crisis in the Church is not owing to a lack of joy and evangelization but a lack of catechesis.”
    A must-read column about problems in the Church. Latest of many.

  102. Observator14 says:

    This was Not Pope Francis speaking. it is the Pontifical Academy for Life. Pope Francis called for the Parents’ wishes to be Respected.. That has appeared in several reports. President Trump also expressed his own solidarity with the parents’ wishes.
    Unfortunately, this article Begins by Attacking the pope and then Misinterprets the Academy’s expressions to fuel negativism towards him in a Political and ideological manner. This is either Ignorant or Malicious on the part of Kelly. What are her Aims?

    1. ExGOP says:

      This is a malicious act by conservative radicals who want to destroy the Catholic Church and America and attack anyone who wants the government to be Christian and do Christian works.

  103. Alleged Comment says:

    Phony religion, phony Pope.

    This man, yes, he is just a man, that poops and farts, is a very MEAN communist and leftist. Did you see how ANGRY he got when a man pulled at him and he almost lost his balance?

    Did you see the look in his eyes?? He looked like he wanted to kill the man, or at least PUNCH HIM ONE.

  104. Bluemoon5654 says:

    If this was.the queen’s grandchild, would the courts decision be the same? I rather seriously doubt it!!!

  105. Audry Marsalis says:

    Several (more than 20) years ago I attended a seminar on Bible prophecy lead by one of this countries leading authorities on the subject. I remember one of the signs of the end days being a Pope who did not represent Christianity, but who would be appointed by Satan himself to destroy the morality of the Church. At the time I could not imagine such a thing, but here we are in the new millennium seeing that very thing happening. As we approach the time of total distruction this Pope would turn his back on the Christian beliefs of the church and disguised as a world leader of Christianity would be instrumental in the distruction of the family unit as appointed by God and in making evil have the appearance of good. I have to wonder if Pope Francis is that Pope. He certainly gives the appearance of, it not an atheist, one who seeks to limit God and His power.
    The real question here, however, is not about the Pope but rather it is a question of whether or not baby Charlie’s parents have the right to seek treatment elsewhere.
    So far in America parents have that right but apparently in Great Britain it is the court that decides if Charlie lives or dies. In Great Britain, you see in practice the ultimate outcome of a national health system. Here, in this one case you can see why so many Americans are fighting against a government controlled health care system, Even those of us who actually benefit from our present system do not want our health care decisions being made by strangers who do not know us and certainly do not care if we live or die. We do not want strangers telling us we can or cannot seek other options. Maybe those who are not emotionally connected to the patient can make a better decision but, just maybe they are influenced by factors other than what’s best. In this particular case concerning Charlie, his parents have been offered the opportunity to try other treatments in the United States that offer some degree of hope, but his parents will not be given the opportunity to bring him here. The question here is whether or not the courts have the right to decide.

  106. Old Salt says:

    Couple things…Peter was not the “rock” and was not the first pope. One at a time, first, remember when Jesus said, John 2:19 “Jesus answered and said unto them, Destroy this temple, and in three days I will raise it up.” The Greek word for ‘this’ is Tou ton [too ton] or this person, meaning himself. The Jews, of course, trying to make him out to be some kind of mad man took the word ‘this’ to mean a pronoun referring to the Jewish temple, completely missing the idea that his body [temple] will be destroyed and he will raise it [his body] up in three days. Later Jesus calls Peter [Petros = pebble] and informs Peter that “upon this rock” meaning himself, the Rock of Ages, he will build his church upon the “Rock” that is Christ and certainly not upon a man who would later thrice deny him. Now let’s move up to Constantine who was the first historical Pope. I know you thought it was Peter. Peter was commissioned to preach to the circumcised (Jews), not Rome, (Galatians 2:8), he was buried in Jerusalem, there is no historical record of him ever having set foot in Rome, plus he had a wife, (Mark 1:30 / Matthew 8:14). The apostle Paul wrote letters to the Christians in Rome and his letters normally started with a salutation to the main or central leaders of the believers in the area to which he was writing but never once mentioned Peter (See Paul’s salutation in Romans 16). Odd, you’d think a Pope would rate at least a “howdy!” This being understood, for anyone to hold any of these sinners called “popes” in such high regard, is not only un-scriptural, but will cause you to promulgate error. Sometimes the truth hurts…sorry…but doesn’t it kind of ease the desire to reject what you believe to be a faith and say…”there’s something wrong here.”

  107. John Savell says:

    What does he care about the life of a child? He supports abortion, this is just abortion in the 9th trimester as far as he is concerned. The real matter at hand is whose decision is it to decide what is best for the baby? The parents? Or some bureaucratic pencil pusher? Or some robed activist sitting on the bench?
    This is the issues Republicans talked about with Obamacare and the death panels, where a panel of bureaucrats with no real knowledge of a patient and his or her needs would decide whether he or she could get the coverage they needed to survive.

  108. Wynette Atkins says:

    So the Court in England has agreed with the Doctor and Hospital to disconnect this 10 month old baby from oxygen, food, and liquids; so he will die gasping for air, or parish from lack of hydration or nourishment. I could not watch anyone I loved, die that slow, painful death. Let alone a baby. Hell, we put to sleep our pets and criminals in a more humane way than that. And they say they want to end his suffering.

    Has any baby had his life continue with oxygen and tubular feeding and hydration; to see if the brain can heal itself with time. Are do they just always put to death with removal from life support? I know they say he cannot see or hear, but don’t we have children overcome both of those handicaps already.

    God does work miracles, and if there is a Doctor in America that wants to try a treatment to heal him, and his parents want to make it possible for him to at least get that attempt; then who is it that can stop them in all good judgment. Courts should not interfere in parents’ decisions to help their children. They need only worry about the parents that don’t take care of their children or don’t want to get them the needed treatments to save their children’s lives. Courts are not meant to hand down death sentences to babies. They need only concern themselves with sentencing criminals to death. Otherwise they are taking an innocent life in my estimation. They just need to put themselves in these parent’s shoes, when making their rulings; instead of considering the cost.

  109. 3Curmudgeon3 says:

    A lot of shallow people on here….most, are uniformed, and tend to interpret things as they want to see them.

  110. “tot homines quot sententiae”, latin for there are as many opinions as there people. I have noticed, too, that many here do not read other opinions posted here, most of which are statements without specific evidence and arguments. For Catholics who read this I encourage you to remember that Pope Francis holds “the keys of the kingdom of heaven” as Jesus told the first pope, Peter and his successors down through the centuries these keys are held in the hands of Pope Francis.

  111. Old Salt says:

    Papal worship is un-scriptural, always has been…this debating about whether he’s good or bad is a specious one. He’s a man, which makes him a sinner…don’t know about anyone else…I don’t venerate before sinners, no matter what label some illustrious potentate has put on him.

  112. Anne Latella says:

    You have been living with the stench for so long, it is now attached to you.

  113. Old Salt says:

    All this business about how a childs welfare is handled and the papal remarks surrounding it, is a smokescreen as to what he’s about. Here’s what Mr. Frances has said to an Italian newspaper, quote…”The United States of America has a distorted vision of the world and Americans must be ruled by a world government as soon as possible, for their own good.”…close quote. That’s as clear as a shiny new dime in a sun lit rain barrel. Here’s what he said…We Americans are wrong on our world view by embracing our national sovereignty and should, for our own good [who decides what our “own good” consists of, I wonder] be ruled by a single world government [is that the village Hillary talks about] and throw that constitution in the trash while you’re at it! I’m just spit-ballin’ here, but that sounds an awful lot like the kind system the Anti-Christ will be instituting…but, I ain’t sayin’…I’m just sayin’ I ain’t sayin’. Was he speaking “ex-cathedra” when he said that? How do you square that with, “…one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.” Not one world government…”one nation”, maybe he ought to read the bible as it refers to several nations, unless, of course, the bible isn’t his guide, again, just sayin’.

  114. Tom Cook says:

    I guess that I need to remind some of you that the catholic church teamed up with, and supported Adolph Hitler in WW2. Not too sure I would be seeking spiritual guidance from them. I am a christian, but not a catholic.

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