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Trey Gowdy Just Destroyed One Of Nancy Pelosi’s Biggest Lies

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  1. cathylovesyou says:

    The Crazy lady from Libby town U.S.A. has got to go,before she implodes all over the House’s floor. She is vile, hateful,crooked and an out an out liar. Strong message to follow.

    1. John Somers says:

      I AGREE !!
      Now she’s saying that President Trump has commited NO CRIMES that would warrant impeachment!!The LING idiot is trying to play both ends against the middle, and in NO WAY will either fly.

      1. cathylovesyou says:

        The odd thing about her is she went to good schools was raised in a Catholic family but is al out for abortion has 6 r 7 children, her father was the mayor of Baltimore,and she was Miss Baltimore. She winds up nuts, a crook a liar, but she is a good dresser. What happened?

          1. Jim says:

            My wife had Dementia and Pelosi is showing ALL the signs of it herself. I lived through that nightmare so I know what I am talking about. She is in the early stages of the disease…stage 2 or 3 I would estimate.

          2. fartpossum says:

            How many stages are there?

          3. Jim says:

            There are 7 stages of Dementia and I would say that she is in the mild stage which is stage 3 but I am NO doctor, I am only going by my experience with my wife

        1. ChicagoThunder1 says:

          It’s what happens when you come in contact with brainwashing Community Organizers or the Non P.C. term Soviet KBG spies.

        2. Debby says:

          She got OLD……. maybe not in years….. but she’s obviously “brain dead” at this point. Needs to retire somewhere………. , but in the meantime, can’t she be banned from being on tv?

          1. Brenda Harrell says:

            We could only hope, but, we have the liberal braindead news organizations that pander to this krap.

          2. Sally murphy says:

            As they pander to Mitch McConnell.

          3. Brenda Harrell says:

            Sally, there are some republicans I don’t like either.

        3. James says:

          Too many drugs; too much booze; too much liberal kool-aid!

        4. Wmichaelmic says:

          She moved to San Francisco.

          1. cathylovesyou says:

            Short but on the mark

          2. Granny Filec says:

            Thats because she knew the illegals/mooslums would vote for her……….

        5. Elizabeth Davis says:

          Ya she is a good dresser you would be too if you could afford $1000 and up shoes and your security could park in a non parking area so you could run in purchase those shoes with out a fine

          1. Granny Filec says:

            Her sugar daddy makes good money………..however, you can put expensive shoes & a $50,000 dress on a PIG………….BUT its still a pig………….

          2. Sally murphy says:

            Granny, hope your grandchildren were not allowed to spend too much time with you.

        6. Granny Filec says:

          Nancy Patricia D’Alesandro Pelosi…………yep, her mommy came from Italy from a mafia family that were great Catholics………Went to schools in NY, which explains her lack of intelligence & her BIG MOUTH………

        7. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

          She was given a lobotomy along with her face lift.
          A liberal came upon a genie and said, “You’re a genie. Can you grant me three wishes?” The genie replied, “Yes, but only if you’re feeling generous enough to share your good fortune.” The liberal said, “I’m a liberal. I’m always happy to share.” The genie said, “O.K., then, whatever you wish for, I’ll give every conservative in the country two of it. What’s your first wish?” “I would like a new sports car.” “O.K., you’ve got it, and every conservative in the country gets two sports cars. What’s your second wish?” “I’d like a million dollars.” “O.K., you get a million dollars, every conservative gets two million dollars. What’s your third and final wish?” “Well, I’ve always wanted to donate a kidney…”

        8. Bob N says:

          She moved to California and became a Democrat

        9. auntjjc says:

          Compared to Melanie she looks like a frump which is what she is. she needs to spend her time doing what she was Sent to Washington to do and that isn’t to make up a lot of B S pointing fingers at others. she needs to get her head out of her butt and stop being a lying trouble maker reminds me of Hillary in the middle of Bill and Monica’s mess telling the world “it is a right wing conspiracy” Hillary needs to have a grand jury indict her and put her crooked ass in jail!!! Let the Pres and his crew do what they have set out to do to wit” PUT AMERICA BACK ON TRACT!!! and Nancy and her cronies need to help him or get the devil out of DC


      2. Don says:

        She is incompetent to make anymore senatorial decisions definitely has a problem

        1. Wmichaelmic says:

          She’s not in the Senate, she’s in the House of Representatives, but still should not hold any position of authority for certain. She is crazy at least, demented at best. I watched her speak a few days ago, it was ridiculous.

          1. Don says:

            Thank you for the correctioN

          2. Don says:

            She is so distractive in a rhetoric

          3. Don says:

            She has been after President Trump from day one very disrespectful almost treasonous

          4. Granny Filec says:

            She wants to be faithful to BOjangles……………

          5. Don says:

            Maxine Waters is more than crazy she’s dangerous in her speech

          6. Granny Filec says:

            WATERS is a racist……….bigoted……..

      3. Don says:

        She should not be interfering with the president of the United States Donald Trump

        1. Granny Filec says:

          It takes brains to realize that……….she is negative in that department…….

    2. Brad Fisher says:

      With an IQ of less than 50.

      1. disqus_0MR38PDl1u says:

        A chicken is a nuclear scientist compared to her ! Haaaaa Haaaaaaaa !

      2. Dave T. says:

        The actual IQ result was a score of “13”. Poor old and UGLY Nancy went around bragging she got a “B”. All the global warming believers high fived her!!

        1. Bob N says:

          Just think of the IQ of the people that keep re-electing her.

      3. Granny Filec says:

        I didn’t think it was over 35………….

      4. jg collins says:

        Pelosi’s IQ is more like √(-50). She’s into imaginary number territory.

    3. BUSCEDGUE says:

      I say, let her implode, there is no one, in the country, who deserves to do so more. I used to live in CA. What an embarrassment to have to acknowledge that she supposedly represented me in DC

    4. disqus_kfieT5umNU says:

      All the Botox has gone to her pea brain…

  2. Jack Langley says:

    Democrats are an ignorant breed that should be headed for extinction.

    1. Granny Filec says:

      The entire government is an ignorant breed..


  3. barbarakelly says:

    Pelosi —go stick your finger in a light socket. —-You may get your brains back.!!!!!! There has been nothing done by TRUMP. Y lib dems are caring a dog bone around your neck —- Hillary lost by her own actions–FACE IT IDIOTS.!!!

    1. Doris Will says:

      Thanks to the American Tax Payer Nancy got free transportation in a goverment plane, judging by the list of liquors stocked on the plane (again taxpayer money) I don’t know if old Nancy or the plane was more gassed up. I don’t think she has enough brain matter left to be charged by a light socket.

      1. Stephen says:

        Well how bout a cattle prod in the nether land, although she might enjoy that to much.

        1. Doris Will says:

          Old Nancy has had so many face lifts that her nether land is now sitting on her shoulders. Thus explaining the crap that keeps emanating from her lying mouth. Just think of a female J. Edgar Hoover, She must have dirt on every Democrat in the house, that’s why they keep voting her into leadership positions.

    2. Debby says:

      Light socket…….. LOL…. that’s a good one

      1. nicholsda says:

        Most people would lose a few grey cells if they grabbed a 240 volt line. In Nancy’s case, it might make her a bit brighter.

  4. Eldjr says:

    Where is the article? All I see is a headline and a picture of Gowdy.

    1. nicholsda says:

      It is there. Just close the ads that cover it.

      1. Eldjr says:

        Hm. I use adblockers. That explains it: “View the ads or don’t get to see the article.”

  5. Juanito Ibañez says:

    The Democrat Party’s dilemma:

    IF there is no “vote fraud” in U.S. elections, as they constantly claim in their fight against Voter ID laws, just HOW did the Russians “rig” the election for president?!?

    1. Sue says:

      Simple, excellent point.

    2. Dan Murphey says:

      Awesome point!

    3. Granny Filec says:

      They rented SOROS voting machines….??………..

    4. jg collins says:

      The Russians are guilty of finding out what the Dimocrats were doing to sabotage Trump’s campaign and leaking the information to voters.

  6. Martin Welt says:

    Trump promised us that Hillary would go to jail for her admitted criminal behavior. What’s taking so long? Either we have equal justice under our Constitution or our criminal justice system is no fairer than non-criminal court cases. The Constitution does not specify that Judges be lawyers which might indicate that our founding fathers knew what was best for the citizens of our new nation.

    1. Cheryl Detar says:

      Trump has been in office for less than 2 months. Would you not agree, he has done more, to date, than obozo did in 8 years, already? Isn’t building the wall to keep out illegals and terrorists out, dealing with NK and China and rebuilding our military a little more important, at this time? Hildabeast’s crimes are being worked on. Give him a little time, to get his cabinet and the Supreme Court complete. Undoing 8 years of destruction will not happen over night.

      1. Jim says:

        Trump has done more; however congress has not. They need to get onboard and start doing something!

        1. kbmiller says:

          Congress is too busy pouting over being called out by Pres. Trump. Thy’re trying to save their own jobs now.

          1. Granny Filec says:


        2. Granny Filec says:


        3. Doris Will says:

          Now holding majorities in the House and Senate. If our Republicans want to keep it that way they better get things going. THE MIDTERMS will be here before you know it.

      2. Granny Filec says:


    2. Barbara Boulris says:

      judicial watch is doing the investigation and they are still looking at more emails involving even more people. Be patient I am confidant trey Gowdy and judicial watch wont let us down.

    3. Granny Filec says:

      Lets see…………he just got through having one of the main ISIS guys blown up, he is building the fence, and there are 6 States now that are gathering up their illegals/mooslums and are being shipped back where they came from, along with some States have stopped any money going to their illegal sanction cities………..He has made sure our military have all the fighting gear they need to get rid of the terrorists, etc……….He has given the Border Patrol the authority to use any method necessary to stop the illegals from flowing into the USA………

      Hildabeast lives in the USA, he has her address, so he can have the authorities grab her at any time………however, he is making sure that all the illegals/mooslums are shipped OUT OF THE USA, so there will be no more hispanic/mooslum idiots that feel the need to riot, burn, and try to exterminate the supporters that voted for President Trump.

    4. jg collins says:

      I think PRESIDENT Trump is waiting for Hillary’s condition to worsen enough that he can close all the cases against her and let her slowly fade away in peace without having to agitate her supporters. He’s not without compassion nor ignorant of political expediency.

  7. Freedom says:

    The crazy idiot lady is at it again. Hope Dem’s keep her their. They just voted in a racist to lead their party.
    Should be an excellent year for the Republic going into 2018…The Dem’s must love pain…..

  8. Lloyd B Patterson says:

    Leave Nancy alone!!! After all, the Democrat’s have lost the house,senate the Presidency and thousands of seats all over the nation every seen this babbling,pant suit wearing loon has become the house leader for the Democrat’s!!! GOOD JOB NANCY!!!!!

  9. SED says:

    Go on the offense. Take the battle to their front door. Press hard for prosecution of Hillary, Nanci, O and many many many others

  10. ChicagoThunder1 says:

    Lets get something straight about Trump and the Russians. When President Trump first came out and told us that he was running for President the very first thing that he said that he was against was Political Correctness right? Well it just so happens that the Soviet Russians are in fact the creators of Political Correctness and it wasn’t created in 1985 when they introduced it here in the States.
    Fact is they first used it against China to install a Communist regime in that country! Now I ask you who is it that so adamantly supports Political Correctness? RINO’s and Democrats right? Case closed…

    1. RightStuff44 says:

      Yup. See “New Lies for Old” and “Perestroika Deception”, both by Anatoliy Golytzen.

      1. ChicagoThunder1 says:

        I found it on YouTube “Perestroika Deception” confirms everything that I have been saying and more. I finally see how everything fits together all of my suspicions have been proven. One more book it’s called “Red Cocaine” seems to explain the link between CIA Black bag operations and the KGB to further the one world government. Thank you

    2. Tony bellotte says:

      You are very confused and now that I have read you piece I am confused. What are you saying?

      1. ChicagoThunder1 says:

        No, I read a book back in 1968 that I got from Bill Ayers by a Soviet who explained how P.C. was used against China. My questioning of what Political Correctness was had led to his arrest in the bombing of the Chicago Police statue and other things that the weathermen had done.

        1. Tony bellotte says:

          Thank you for the clarification.

  11. melinda gladstone says:

    Nancy Pelosi is such a deplorable person. The world will be a MUCH better place when she, Harry Reid Hillary and George soros die.

    1. kbmiller says:

      Don’t forget ex pres. OHOMO , Holder and Lynch.

  12. ter334 says:

    The dims will be much netter off in future elections by focusing on doing their job, and placing America first instead of “the party” first. They are acting like communists with their party first attitude and by promoting political violence, terrorism, they are acting like muslims. Is their new slogan. The peaceful party that has been hijacked by HRC and Obama? Akbar democrat party??

    Regarding the oscar fiasco. These elites can’t even manage their award show so why would anyone vote for them or listen to them run their mouths parroting Obama’s anti-American rhetoric! They obviously are acting like they know what they are doing/saying.

    IMO they are cooking their own goose with all their whining and complaining after voting 100%, 100% of the time for how the party boss says to vote. It must be in the democratic party genes of socialism. Their addiction to patronage instead of patriotism, is the same as the essential ingredient of socialism practiced by islam, the mother of all socialism, communists and the Nazis. Islam keeps it’s real political face, religious apartheid socialism, hidden behind their political mask/burqa, religion.

  13. stephen1337 says:

    WHEN, OH WHEN are we going to get TERM LIMITATIONS IN STONE!!!!!!pelosi is an embarrassment to california, , congress ….humanity itself!! She is a total whacko. We got rid of the hate-filled, anti-patriot reid so who is next to flush. From the eyes of a FORMER democrat….that party is absolutely nutso and I am still shocked I stayed with them….I have my sanity and intelligence back!!!

  14. TPS12 says:

    nancy no brain and the idiots keep electing her.

    1. Debby says:

      Only because they are familiar with the name of “Pelosi”…. not because of what she has done…. obviously… when voters see a name they recognize, the think, well they must be ok to keep in office. sad…… just saying……..

      1. kbmiller says:

        She’s given the store away to the freaks and idle bloodsucking drug addled leaches in her city.

  15. John T. Koszalka says:

    How do they allow her to represent them????? She sold her soul a long time ago. She unable to put two words together, but you know what let her stay it’s only a plus for opposition. Also keep the other spoke person for the Democrats foul mouth Maxine Waters.

  16. Rick Staylor says:

    Why would they want Trump to win, Killary GOT $500,000 from Russia in speaking fees, for letting thm get 33% plus uramium mines of USA to them, Are they some kind of Special STUPID

  17. oldk says:

    If the press was not biased for the left, they would have discovered what was brought out about the democrats underhanded manipulation of their primary. I would even bet that many of the press knew but did not bring it to light. In any case, our proud press was scooped by wikileaks.

  18. Debby says:

    Pelosi needs to visit a psychiatrist. She is du loo sional…or just plain NUTZ !!!!! Can’t she just GO AWAY and if not away, then somebody just “SHUT HER UP”. PLEEEEEZZZZZZZZZZ

  19. Larry Cowden says:

    Maybe if she continues spouting off hard enough she’ll blow a brain aneurysm and end her life that way.

    1. xhawkx says:

      Well she is close to doing so, she is nothing more than a Fully Baked Hag…. Remember, “Oh look at that moon,it’s a New moon” and then “Hey want to sing “This Land Is Your Land” a LOL moment.

  20. 1loyalamerican74 says:

    Someone needs to investigate the Pelosi family businesses regarding the wages paid to the workers in her factories. She is what we call as a “Lying Bitch”. Even the Catholic Church considers her as a Lying Sinner!!!
    It is certain that the DNC was in contact with Putin to attempt to swing votes to Hillarious. Hillarious provided
    millions of dollars of nuclear weaponry to Puttin as pay to help her win the election. The entire Clinton family should be incarcerated in Gitmo for life.

  21. Richard Bagenstose says:

    all these democrat women belong in the syco ward, they don’t only talk insane they look insane

  22. 4USA2 says:

    LOVE TREY GOWDY!!! Pelosi is so loony that she said in a speech the other day that “she couldn’t work with Bush”. Yup, that’s what she said! She doesn’t even know who is president now. And when she said it, the Democrats standing behind her never poked her or nudged her or corrected her…. but you should have seen their faces and their eyes roll. Find the video and watch for yourselves; it’s floating around out there. And, it’s a whole lot funny!

    1. nicholsda says:

      And she didn’t do it just once, she did it twice. 😀

  23. Jean Gray says:

    I saw something a few days ago about tampering coming from the WH and the FBI

    1. nicholsda says:

      DHS tried to hack Georgia’s voting system. The Dems keep yelling Russians when I bet that most of it was backed by the Dems. And it got away from them when WikiLeaks got hold of it. They never have been able to refute a thing WL published.

  24. Richard Gieser says:

    Does the California DMV still allow her to drive?

  25. kbmiller says:

    If the election was hacked, it was hacked for her. I’d say that Pelosi was bat $hit crazy, but that would insult others who are. If anyone saw this bo toxed, face lifted freak talk for over a minute they could never understand how she could lead her party in the US House. It is the Dumb A$$ oc RATS so ……..I get it.

  26. Queenchallenger says:

    Is there an investigation regarding the 2 US Uranium mine leases sold to Russia brokered by secretary of state Hlllary Clinton and the millions in kickbacks to the Clinton Foundation? Why isn’t Pelosi and the rest of the members of Congress concerned with this relationship with Russia under the Obama administration?

  27. jim jones says:

    Trump wants to investigate the media, Pelosi wants to investigate Trump, and I want a clean healthy environment.

  28. Brenda Harrell says:

    Piglosi and Waterbrain are both brain dead and need to be put out to pasture, or put in an insane asylum!

  29. Joey says:

    I think those that keep voting for her are confusing the words Pepsi and Pelosi! Both are fizzy and tasteles.

  30. John Savell says:

    She is the poster child for term limits. She and McCain.

  31. Granny Filec says:

    Mexifornia was the only place she could get any votes to be a corrupt and evil politician…….

    She knew when BO became a senator that he was illegal…………..She stated “isnt it wonderful that a person that was born in Kenya could come here and become a Senator”…………

  32. Dave Nettles says:

    The solution is to recall this liberal nut-job, but that can’t be done until another problem is taken care of, that being the millions of illegal aliens who have been voting in California. For insight on this growing problem, please read my “California Vote Fraud” article, @ This illegal voting is why Pelosi is still in office and what actually had an influence on our election, allowing Hillary to claim she won the popular vote, when in fact she won nothing.

  33. curmudgeon VN Veteran says:

    A man was washed up on a beach after a shipwreck. Only a sheep and a

    sheepdog were washed up with him. After looking around, he realized they

    were stranded on a deserted island.

    After being there awhile, he got into the habit of taking his two animal

    companions to the beach every evening to watch the sunset. One particular

    evening, the sky was a fiery red with beautiful cirrus clouds. The breeze

    was warm and gentle – a perfect night for romance.

    As they sat there, the sheep started looking better and better to the

    lonely man. Soon, he leaned over to the sheep and put his arm around it.

    But the sheepdog, ever protective of the sheep, growled fiercely until the

    man took his arm from around the sheep. After that, the three of them

    continued to enjoy the sunsets together, but there was no more cuddling.

    A few weeks passed by and lo and behold, there was another shipwreck. The

    only survivor was Nancy Pelosi. That evening, the man brought Nancy to the

    evening beach ritual. It was another beautiful evening – red sky, cirrus

    clouds, a warm and gentle breeze. Perfect for a night of romance. Pretty

    soon, the man started to get those “feelings” again. He fought the urges as

    long as he could but he finally gave in and leaned over to Nancy and told

    her he hadn’t had sex for months.

    Nancy batted her eyelashes and asked if there was anything she could do for


    He said, “take the dog for a walk.”

  34. MarcJ says:

    La Pelosi married into a Cleveland Mafia family; she owns a textile factory in Guam where she pays her workers $3/hour.

  35. Mark says:

    CNN just had a Big Shot Russian Politician or worked for 1, like Putin. He said they never ever spoke with Trump. If word got out that they were dealing with him, it would have been political suicide for Putin, & that administration.

  36. Barbara Lewis says:

    TWO things, Pelosi why don’t you just go away and number two: JUST STOP BASHING PRESIDENT TRUMP or don’t you know how. All you want to do is stir and look for trouble and the more trouble you can cause you are soo happy. The news media is one of the biggest joke there is, especially cnn.

  37. John Bails says:

    nazi piglosi needs to be hung for treason and the massive fraud cover she has gotten away with by putting obum on the ticket knowing he was not natural born and then obum having fake records all sealed by his first executive order, piglosi is a sticking pig in a sewer and the media and all the scum who covered for the biggest fraud in history need to be hanged or life in jail they are disgusting. nad piglosi knows all about it, that’s why she looks like hell warmed over.

  38. J. Ernst says:

    I often plied the Trump campaign to place Trey in the VP spot BUT, the parties ALWAYS get to pick the VP! I would also “like” to see him placed into the Supreme Court but that might be too slow for this man’s intellect. I believe the UNIPARTY (demorat’s & rino’s) fear this guy more than the newsertainment industry.

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